As a Spanish Market artist for 21 years, I want to give a thousand thank-yous to The Santa Fe New Mexican for its coverage of this year’s Traditional Spanish Market. We appreciate all your support. Thank you to Jessica Rael Thirloway, market director, hired a month ago who worked very hard to pull it together. She picked up tables and carried them across the lawn. She helped put up the tents that were in the wrong place. She checked if artists needed help. Jessica is terrific!

Thank you to the Basilica Cathedral of St. Francis of Assissi choir, which filled the church with music at our Spanish Market Mass. Thanks to all who made it possible. Love to all the volunteers who worked all week for the market and the preview. I believe it was Anjelica who was in charge of preview. It was wonderful to be back at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. Kisses to Miquela, Lorna and everyone who lead the children’s section. Hugs to Chuy, Vickie and music committee for the terrific music on the Plaza bandstand. Of course, thanks to the Spanish Colonial Arts Society for making it all happen and appreciation to all the Spanish Market artists who participated. The market was great. Thank you to all the beloved people who attended this event. The crowds were large, consistent and generous. No one complained about sales.

Julia Gomez

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