I thank Rick Ruggles for the sensitive story (“The faith of ‘Father Anne,’ ” Oct. 16). My denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA), was a 1983 merger. One side began ordaining women in 1956, the other in 1965. Women in ministry have become invaluable colleagues. Anne Tropeano would teach her church the value of feminine ministry, as you point out.

However, I was disappointed by the reference to nearly 250 Catholic women as “illicitly ordained,” a designation from the pope’s point of view that The New Mexican and its readers need not hold. Why not reserve “illicit” for law-breakers? It has been some time since any church’s laws had the force “illicit” conveys.

Words carry values: Many now refer to Santa Fe neighbors as “undocumented” rather than “illegal aliens.” The tenor of the article might be better served by mitigating the descriptor for Tropeano and her colleagues. Perhaps use “unauthorized,” or “officially unrecognized,” or some other less judgmental designation.

The Rev. James E. Roghair

Santa Fe

Back in person

Though last year’s virtual STEM Pathways for Girls conference was a success, there’s nothing quite like gathering girls for hands-on science, technology, engineering and math activities in small groups of like-minded peers and role models. We are especially thrilled that we can hold the workshop portion of the conference in person under pandemic-safe practices Oct. 30 at Santa Fe Community College. The keynote speeches will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 29 and Oct. 30, and all are welcome to watch.

It is vital for girls to connect with relatable STEM role models to nurture their interest in STEM, so workshops are presented by local Northern New Mexico women at different stages of their STEM careers. This year’s conference theme is Earth Stewardship Through STEM, and workshop topics range from glaciers to aquaponics to wildfires.

Space is limited and registration closes Sunday, so if you know a girl in fifth through eighth grade, encourage her family to register her. To make it accessible to any girl in Northern New Mexico, the STEM Pathways for Girls program is practically free to families, with only a nominal enrollment fee of $25 waived upon request, thanks to all our conference sponsors and generous donors. All conference information is at www.stemsantafe.org, and the registration form is in English and Spanish.

Lina Germann

Santa Fe

Money to be made

Santa Fe, the City Different? Or just like any other? Big-box stores. Homeless panhandlers at every major intersection. Cardboard cut-out housing and apartment “developments” with the density of ant farms that will all fall to ruin like so many other tenements within five to 10 years.

These and more are overwhelming what used to be the Santa Fe charm and mystique of not so long ago. And which of the mayoral candidates is discussing the rampant overdevelopment, ignored key infrastructure needs, and the loss of the blended community of yore? Certainly not Mayor Alan Webber and his out-of-state cronies. After all, there is money to be made.

Tommy Thompson

Santa Fe


I recently went to the post office branch at Santa Fe Place mall to mail a small package. While waiting in line, I overheard several people ask to buy stamps, a common request in the post office. The answer to requests was that they had no stamps to sell.

What? The post office has no stamps! I recently received a booklet of dated material marked to be received no later than Sept. 25.

I received it Oct. 15. When did we move to a banana republic? This lack of service is unacceptable. The reasons for this deplorable situation can be summed up like this: former President Donald Trump and the postmaster he appointed, Louis DeJoy. And maybe a third: the Republican Party.

Ken Earle

Santa Fe

(6) comments

Khal Spencer

The definition of illicit is "not permitted" (Merriam-Webster) and that is exactly what ordination of women is in the Catholic Church--not permitted. If Rev. James E. Roghair doesn't like it, he doesn't have to be a Catholic. Come to think of it, he's not.

I think the Church's position is silly, but no one has to be a Catholic.

Richard Reinders

Ken, you have a Democrat President, Democrat held House and a Democrat held Senate, and it only got this bad since Jan. We have to stop blaming all the failures of this administration on Republicans. Republicans joined the Democrats to sign the Infrastructure Bill and the Democrats still couldn't get it done, it shows real disfunction in DC.

Jim Klukkert

Ah Richard Reinders, do you really need to be reminded that the Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, is a Trump appointee? Do you need to be reminded that defunding/bankrupting the USPS is a Republican scheme going back to George W.?

Your political agenda seems to be driving your understanding of simple facts right off the rails. Please calm down and compose yourself before going to the keyboard.

Richard Reinders

Biden unraveled every other thing Trump did like energy independence, secure border, strong stance with China and Russia how come he didn’t replace Dejoy, he appointed every other cabinet position he could have replaced him with the snap of his fingers. We have to recognize there is disfunction in DC.

Jim Klukkert

Richard Reinders– Biden cannot dismissed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy as the that post is appointed by the Board of Governors. Biden could never " have replaced him with the snap of his fingers."

As one who frequently razzes Biden for everything you find wrong, it might be nice if you were up to speed on the facts.

I wonder if you deliberately paint with a very, very broad brush, Richard Reinders, making discussion almost impossible as you raise so many issues. Please calm down before you approach the keyboard, and perhaps not every comment of yours will be a clueless rant free of facts.

"Disfunction," by the way, is actually spelled correctly as "dysfunction."

Stefanie Beninato

Tommy Thompson You forgot to recognize Joanne Vigil-Coppler as the developer nonpareil. Look at her voting record on city council. I do not think you will find a big box development that V-C OPPOSED. She certainly does not support historic preservation which is a big reason visitors come to Santa Fe. Let's call the kettle and pot black--not just one or the other.

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