For members of the Class of 2020 — whether graduating from high school or college — this spring’s celebrations are certainly not what they expected or planned. But as with so much in life, it’s not what happens but how you react that matters.

These graduates, their families and the community, are rising to the occasion. In the weeks since students across New Mexico were sent home, seniors got their work done and made it to graduation. For the past few weeks, parades of friends and family, along with community support from police and firefighters, have made drive-by parties the safest, most fun way to celebrate. We are adapting (although, yes, spectators at these events should wear face masks.)

For college graduates particularly, the prospect of entering a job market in the biggest economic downturn since the Depression is daunting. The state of New Mexico, for example, will be hiring some 200 contact tracers to keep track of COVID-19 infections. Recent graduates might qualify for some of those positions.

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