Keeping the public business out in the open is often not the preferred way of doing business in the New Mexico Legislature. From the days of smoke-filled rooms and secret deals made at the Bull Ring after hours, to the more recent reluctance of lawmakers to allow webcasting of proceedings, too many legislators seem to kick and scream all the way into the sunlight.

A bill with the potential to be a bright spot in 2019 — House Bill 262, which would make the process of funding infrastructure transparent — actually made its way to the full Senate, only to be pulled late Saturday by sponsors. As is the habit in the Senate, the bill was being gutted so as to lose its potency. It likely won’t get to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. Of course, constituents could call senators before noon on Saturday to ask for its revival. Just think: an ethics bill left alone by senators seemingly afraid to have citizens know what is going on.

Why is this important? New Mexico will spend a billion dollars on capital outlay after the session concludes. Yet taxpayers — whose money this is — don’t know how projects were selected or why.