The outpouring of assistance for residents of Northern New Mexico who suffered through wildfire earlier this year, then floods, was incredible. It’s easy, once the flames die down and the smoke lifts, to forget that recovery continues — and that our neighbors still could use help.

One effort worth supporting is an effort of the state of New Mexico and The Food Depot. The governor’s office and the Department of Game and Fish are teaming up with the Food Depot to help people restock their freezers with meat.

When the fires came and people lost electric power, their freezers went dead. And that meant the loss of tens of thousands of pounds of beef, chicken, trout, elk and deer. In rural New Mexico, people stock up to make it through the winter. A frozen steak or roast provides several meals, especially during those weeks when snow makes roads impassable. Folks who live in the country can’t run to the store for a forgotten ingredient. Instead, they raid the freezer. Now those freezers are empty.

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