The financial health of our school districts is foundational to the health of our state and the state economy. But this is a two-way street: Sound state government and the overall financial health of New Mexico are also critical to how well we can serve students, teachers and staff.

That’s why I believe it is important to direct more attention to our state government and its role in the financial health of New Mexico’s school districts. Meaningful progress can be made in our education system but only through consistent engagement with our legislators and by taking things into our own hands to help push for the funding and policy changes that will help our students thrive.

We all have thoughts about public education and how we’d like to see our kids improve educational attainment. Perhaps these sentiments are felt more acutely after seeing the sobering reading and math proficiency results for New Mexico’s fourth- and eighth-grade students, published by the National Center for Education Statistics this past fall. New Mexico ranked last, with less than a fifth of students at grade level.

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