Push notifications from the New Mexican

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The Santa Fe New Mexican provides breaking local news updates through browser push notifications, allowing readers to view stories as soon as they go live online.

When a user has a web browser open and has accepted push notifications from the New Mexican, notifications will appear in the corner of the user’s screen when an important story is posted on the New Mexican website. Users can click the link to be taken to the breaking news story.

To receive push notifications from the New Mexican, select “Allow” when presented with the following prompt:

If you don’t remember selecting “Allow” or “Block,” go to your browser’s settings and search for notifications or permissions, which should present a list of sites you have allowed or blocked from sending notifications. Find www.santafenewmexican.com to verify it’s in the correct list. You can change whether to allow or block notifications from the New Mexican here.

If you do not see the New Mexican in either the allowed sites or blocked sites lists, and haven’t seen the initial prompt, delete the cookies from your browser, close and reopen your browser, then visit www.santafenewmexican.com again. You should then be provided with the prompt.

Apple does not support web push notification technology on iPhones.