COP27 Outcomes

Mitzi Jonelle Tan, center, of the Philippines participates in a demonstration Friday at the COP27 U.N. Climate Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt — For the first time, the nations of the world decided to help pay for the damage an overheating world is inflicting on poor countries, but they finished marathon climate talks Sunday without further addressing the root cause of those disasters — the burning of fossil fuels.

The deal, gaveled around dawn in this Egyptian Red Sea resort city, established a fund for what negotiators call loss and damage.

It was a big win for poorer nations which have long called for money — sometimes viewed as reparations — because they are often the victims of climate-worsened floods, droughts, heat waves, famines and storms despite having contributed little to the pollution that heats up the globe.