There were Legos (at the Lego contest for kids). There were acrobats from Clan Tynker. There were the vendors who’ve been coming since the whole expo started back in 1990. There was “Water Alley” (water conservation companies and Christine Chavez from the City’s water department). There were wood recyclers, wood reclaimers, woodworkers and the gang from Source Verified Good Wood. The Blind Lady was there. And the Home Construction Doctor and the Tree Doctor, as well as roofers, floorers, remodelers and remortgagers. There were first-time homeowners, second-home homeowners, Santa Feans, Texans, Californians, New Yorkers and more solid leads for the vendors at the recent Santa Fe Home Show than there have been in years.

HomeShow Legos

From left, Liam Adams,10 and his brother, Finn, 6 participate in the annual Lego Creations Contest at the 34th annual Santa Fe Home Show & Remodelers Showcase

“This Home Show has been a big part of our success,” says Bill Deuschle, founder and owner of Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions and a trustee for the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association (SFAHBA) Remodeler’s Council. This 34th Annual Santa Fe Home Show, put on by the SFAHBA, was Deuschle’s 17th. “One of the greatest things about [the Home Show] is that it’s an opportunity to have a targeted audience that comes here with real a purpose in mind. It’s one of the most targeted shows out there. People come here wanting to do something with their homes. There’s also not a lot of foofaraw,” he said, referring to the absence of unnecessary frills.

Credit Miles Conway, SFAHBA’s executive director, for the low foofaraw quotient — and for the Home Show’s continued success. “The Home Show would not have survived without Miles’ energy and creativity,” Deuschle says. “We needed his youth and his fantastic abilities, especially when it comes to technologies. Miles is great at blending all those possibilities with the older generations.”

Home Show Conway

Miles D. Conway of Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association and Laura Gallegos of Washington Federal have fun at the 34th annual Santa Fe Home Show & Remodelers Showcase

Home Show Segura

Owner Matt Segura of Southwest Spray Foam speaks with contractor Mark Bundy at the 34th annual Santa Fe Home Show & Remodelers Showcase

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