Unlike in E.M. Forster’s novel A Room with a View, where Lucy Honeychurch longs for a metaphorical “room” that will afford her a constantly changing landscape, the property at 318 Vistoso Place isn’t merely two rooms but two separate and distinct homes. And the view seen from either isn’t just symbolic and full of possibility but is very real and endlessly impressive.

The main house consists of 1,768 square feet while the attached guest house measures 1,335 square feet. Each has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, fireplaces and open floor plans. And, in the words of Keller Williams Realtor Anna Vanderlaan, “These are two completely different worlds, but each offering the same spectacular view.”

Vistoso main house

The living room of Vistoso's main house

Located on a cul de sac and within walking distance of the Plaza and downtown Santa Fe, these Vistoso homes appear as one from the outside. Inside, however, it becomes clear that, as Vanderlaan observed, the two possess entirely distinct — though also entirely compatible — sensibilities. (And really, to designate one the main house and the other the casita is almost beside the point; it’s like saying a taco is only ever an appetizer or always an entrée.)

Vistoso entrance

318 Vistoso--the approach

Vistoso casita

The Vistoso casita open-air living room

Two rooms with a view: 318 Vistoso Place

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