A-tisket a-tasket, a green and yellow basket, I wrote a letter to my love, and on the way I dropped it. Songbirds, how many May baskets did you receive last week, and how many people did you catch for a quick kiss? I wonder, as I do about so many things from my past, does anyone still make lilac-filled May baskets that appear on the porch after a ring of the doorbell and the sound of retreating footsteps? Or does today’s home-security camera immediately identify the intruder, thereby eliminating all further romantic endeavors? Cupcakes, everything has got-ten so much more complicated, hasn’t it?

Less complicated but still fun was last Friday’s national celebration, Cinco de Mayo. It has become a day to celebrate the colorful Mexican-American culture, its rich heritage, tasty cuisine and lively music. Sugar Pops, it has also assured our very own Santa Fe Margarita Trail a permanent place in Santa Fe’s annual events. Now in its sixth year, the Margarita Trail helps us discover and visit all the participating restaurants. Love Bugs, one more tequila sunrise, please, before José Cuervo and I kick out the lights. (Would that be considered cultural appropriation??)

Out and about: Riemann

Steve Riemann and his wife joyously explore an ice cave in the Alps. Brrrr.

Out and About: Lois Sury

 Lois Sury, a lifetime achievement of immersion in the world of real estate.

The many many lives of Santa Fe’s many many realtors

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