I love Santa Fe summers. Lollipops, that is hardly news. We all love Santa Fe summers — low humidity, high sunshine, cool evenings, music on the Plaza, open air operas, what’s not to love? Mosquitoes?

All of the above, and then some, are the things that have kept Justin Svetnicka (Barker Realty) here all his life. The “then some” naturally includes his wife, Kristin Sargent (Barker Realty), and their son, Ayden.Cream Puffs, it seems family has a way of centering a person, which can lead to looking to the future, which can lead to goal-setting, which can lead to making a business plan, which can end up being much bigger than just getting a new puppy. Justin’s business broker’s eye led him to dream of owning a family business. Hello, Barton’s Flowers.

thumbnail_JustinKristin 822.jpg

Justin, Kristin, Barton’s Flowers. 

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Gordon, on his own.

New businesses, new owners, in town

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