Santa Fe’s green building codes have been around so long they might seem institutionalized. But they are fragile. 

An old joke in construction asks if there’s a guarantee on concrete cracks. The answer is yes, it’s guaranteed to crack. 

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Whether you’re wishing you were at a wilderness cabin, the beach or an exotic passport destination, designers and retailers are offering clever ways to bring the world into your quarantined home space.

Gross receipts taxes start to be paid within 30 days of a project breaking ground. The ramp-up curve is fast and steep.

Mortgage Matters

Progress still possible

Mortgage lenders can take steps in these unusual times to expedite the successful closing of a loan.

Artful Living By Design

Assess your space

When our homes are free of clutter, organized, functional, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and reflect our unique personalities, home can offer us a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Spouses Selling Houses

A local market update

The Santa Fe real estate market is still experiencing record-low levels of inventory, which is only exacerbated by the pandemic.

“They are going down and down because more people are buying and sellers are more resistant to list,” said Santa Fe Association of Realtors President Susan Orth. 

Around this time 15 years ago, I decided to build a tiny house on property purchased on the banks of Cow Creek, midway between Lower Colonias and North San Ysidro.

Steve Hardy is just one of about 900 Realtors working in the Santa Fe area, but he has a different way of doing business. He calls it “flat-fee listing.” You’ll also h…

Get a good start at the new McCumber Garden Shop, which is selling pots and planters, houseplants, flowering plants and a good selection of cacti and succulents.

One surprise from a year of column writing is the absence of immediate feedback like one gets on a construction site or fielding the concerns of more than 400 members.

There are more than 900 members of the Santa Fe Association of Realtors. Most are busy helping people to buy and sell houses in the greater county area. But virtually …

Unfortunately, we humans are now in a position to declare victory in our long war on insects. The United Nations’ Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosyste…

Nobody wants a roof leak to find out it’s suddenly time to spend thousands of dollars.

The dry world of building codes recently experienced something akin to the space object smacking Earth and wiping out dinosaurs.

Are you looking for a real bargain in real estate? Unfortunately, this is not exactly bargain-hunting time. We heard the same thing from three experienced Realtors.

If you've arrived at the point where you want to build a house, the first thing you need to do is focus on your budget.

A recent column patted Jack Milarch, longtime CEO of the New Mexico Home Builders Association, on the back for his years of service and ability to read the changing po…

I’ll admit to former snobbery about cooking with gas. Fancying myself an accomplished home chef, I toed the party line. But moving into a home 10 years ago with an ele…

A pipeline to carry treated effluent from the wastewater treatment plant to the Buckman area near the Rio Grande could be just the ticket to ensure Santa Fe has water to serve future growth without adding demands for new water supplies.

"People are amazed when I drive them around to the neighborhoods and they see Santa Cruz, Ranchitos, La Mesilla or San Pedro. There are all these cute neighborhoods and old houses," says Beth Sultemeier, owner of Sultemeier Properties.

Only 4.56 percent of New Mexico's electricity comes from photovoltaic panels, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Nevertheless, local interest is up.

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