Once again, a proposed housing project is controversial for all the same reasons: traffic, height, density, affordability and water. Always the water. Where’s it coming from?

Kudos to Santa Fe County commissioners for their recent unanimous decision to align county energy efficiency building codes with the city’s. Builders have needed that …

This year’s virtual St. Patrick’s Day should be a fitting end to a tired old “holiday.”

Putting a shovel in the ground in Santa Fe can be an adventure in history, especially if the guys who do it count their generations of local earth-touching in the hundreds.

The Santa Fe City Council will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. Wednesday on the 2022 fiscal year budget that begins July 1. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes i…

Last week's column created a flood of calls to fill 50 vacancies for age- and income-restricted one-bedroom apartments.

Building Santa Fe

Show us the money

A state bank is both feasible and could be very practical in the complex solutions of solving a housing crisis.

Last week’s column concentrated on moves afoot among Santa Fe County commissioners to align the county’s energy codes with the city’s, which are one of the most string…

Santa Fe County should pass the ordinance requiring a Home Energy Rating System score of 61 on all new homes to roughly match the city’s 60. 

For the first time, Santa Fe County saw as many homes sold in October, November and December as in the prime home buying months of July, August and September, according to the Santa Fe Association of Realtors.

Ironically, because of the historic unpredictability of the onslaught of COVID-19, many of my predictions from 2020 are still on the table for 2021. 

The institutions and bureaucracies can take their own sweet time. The building permits will be issued eventually. The bank loans will come. Things will get back on pace. In the meantime, relax and savor the sweetness that is Santa Fe.

In the never-ending hunt to create more affordable housing in Santa Fe, developers are beginning to look closely at the possibility of retail strip centers and hotels becoming the latest iteration of the commercial-to-residential concept.

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People looking to flee crowded urban areas in the pandemic are increasingly drawn to smaller homes with room to socially distance.

When it comes to housing and energy efficiency issues, the congressman has been solid. It'll be interesting to watch what's next as he begins a new career in the Senate.

Albuquerque asks voters every two years if they would approve a general obligation bond for its housing trust. The voters have never said no.

Paseo del Sol in Tierra Contenta needs to be extended. It has been on the eligible list for a decade but gets passed over every time the city spends its money.

Many a thoughtful voter, and I am one, has been struggling with Constitutional Amendment 1 on the ballot.

If you picked up or were delivered a copy of The New Mexican on Oct. 11, perhaps you saw the Haciendas magazine promoting the annual Parade of Homes sponsored by the S…

New fees approved the Santa Fe City Council could generate  $500,000 a year for the city, but there's no guarantee what's added to the general fund will go back to the Land Use Department.

Spray-foaming genius Larry Wilson's legacy lives on in the industry he pioneered and some massive beasts along Interstate 25.

    When I began building homes in Santa Fe more than 30 years ago, locally sourced logs were used for roofs as they had been for a thousand years. Then the 2006 Internati…

    Habitat for Humanity builds great houses, some of the best in Santa Fe, but it also is building great lives through hard work and positive examples of service.

    With its commitment to zero interest mortgages, more people should be contacting Habitat for Humanity, both homebuyers and developers.

    Traveling to see extensive acreage of historic or thematically designed gardens elsewhere is complicated during the coronavirus pandemic. Enter the virtual garden tour.

    "The goal today is to lavish just as much love and attention on your outdoor setup as you do your indoor rooms. Even if it's just a fire escape in the city," says interior designer Elaine Griffin, based in St. Simons Island, Ga.

    Developers like John Reeder should be applauded for their fortitude and vision. Instead, we put them through the wringer.

    For many millennial children of boomer contractors in Santa Fe, building houses, even stunning mega-homes, held no appeal. The pandemic changed things.

    Yes, bring land use and affordable housing together with economic development. But create a Quality of Life Department with tourism, recreation, arts and culture.

    Got some favorite flavors? Chances are you're already inclined to decorate with those tasty hues.

    New Mexico is operating on an amended version of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code and is now contemplating adoption of an amended 2018 model code.

    Building Santa Fe

    A radio show falls silent

    The greatest gift from the show was the opportunity to do over 500 interviews with anybody I could think of. 

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