The third time is the charm for Española Humane’s longest resident, Anna Belle, who was adopted last week. Anna Belle arrived at the shelter in February after being bred over and over again.

“At 6 years old, we don’t know how many litters she had through the years, but by the looks of her, she had been pregnant and nursing her entire life,” said Mattie Allen of Española Humane. “She wasn’t an easy dog to find a perfect home for — she was anxious in the kennels and deteriorated quickly; she was dog selective at the shelter; she had separation anxiety; she was an untrained big dog with a big head, and she had giant flaps of mammary skin. But there was always something so endearing about her, and we wanted to give her the best second chance possible.”

One of the shelter’s most active fosters of adult dogs stepped in to give her that chance. Platon Karpov, formerly of Los Alamos, trained Anna Belle to walk quietly on a leash, helped her learn how to live inside a home and with other dogs, and she was crate trained to help with her separation anxiety. Allen said, “She learned how to enjoy life without constant breeding, that people could be kind, and that the world was a giant playground of adventures. Most importantly, Anna Belle learned how to love and be loved.”

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