Lilly, a 19-month-old female husky, is currently at a boarding facility in Santa Fe. However, Dew Paws Rescue, the rescue group that originally rescued Lilly, can no longer afford the boarding fees.

Dew Paws Rescue rescued Lilly in July, after Lilly spent two weeks in a holding area at Santa Rosa animal control. At the time Lilly was rescued, Dew Paws Rescue also rescued a litter of six puppies and four adult dogs, one being a pregnant pit bull that later gave birth to 10 puppies.

Lilly has not had an easy life. At 4 months old, she was adopted from a breeder. Unfortunately, inbreeding produces genetic abnormalities that can result in physical and/or behavioral issues. In Lilly’s case, she began presenting signs of a neurological/muscular condition that affects her back end. The owners could not afford to pay for the medical intervention and care she needed, so they gave her away. The new owners were advised to put Lilly down. Unable to make the decision, Lilly was taken home, and in typical husky fashion, Lilly escaped and was picked up by Santa Rosa animal control. Two weeks later, Lilly was rescued by Dew Paws Rescue and brought to Gruda Veterinary Hospital for an orthopedic evaluation and then to the Animal Neurology & Imaging Center for a neurological evaluation.

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