John Paul LeDoux, a longtime Spanish professor at Santa Fe Community College and Nambé resident, died Oct. 19 at age 51, less than five years after his amyotrophic lateral sclerosis diagnosis.

Beneranda Razatos, 1934-2021

Matriarch of Plaza Café dies at 87

Beneranda “Bene” Razatos ran the restaurant with her husband, Dan Razatos, for decades. And everyone loved her, said her friend Rosalina Grace.

When Bill Worrell sold a piece of art, he'd tip his cowboy hat to the buyer and say, "I am honored that you have chosen a piece of my artwork. Thank you for keeping me off the streets and out of the classrooms, allowing me to do what I love — making art."

“He was really imaginative from the beginning,” said Marc Neikrug, artistic director of the festival. “He understood enough about the essence of Santa Fe that he connected to the art world.”

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