Santa Fe police officers on Friday issued a citation to Republican congressional candidate Alexis Martinez Johnson, who refused to wear a mask while campaigning on the Plaza.

“It is not the government’s right to tell me I have to put something on my body,” Johnson said while waiting for the ticket. “I believe in personal choice and personal responsibility. No edicts.”

Should someone who favors personal responsibility be courteous enough to wear a mask while in public during the novel coronavirus pandemic?

Johnson didn’t answer my question, but she mentioned the U.S. Constitution as her shield from government orders. What part was she referencing?

“I don’t see it in there where it says I have to wear a mask,” she replied.

Johnson accepted the ticket from the officers and signed it. This was not an admission of guilt, only acknowledgement that she stands accused of violating the mask ordinance.

Johnson was the second person of the day the officers ticketed for failing to wear a face covering. The other defendant was in a different park.

The officers left but Johnson remained on the Plaza, unbowed and her face still uncovered.

A storm brewed, and it was about to rain, too.

A masked man with gray hair kept a safe social distance as he walked by Johnson, but he made his disgust with her known. He had the build of a linebacker and his booming voice oozed anger.

“Think about what you’re doing,” the man yelled at Johnson. “The mask is to save us from you.”

He jawed at Johnson for a couple more seconds before going on his way. Johnson classified the encounter as hostile, a rarity, she said.

She estimated her defiance of the recently approved city mask ordinance had drawn complaints from 20 percent of the people she encountered on the Plaza.

I asked her if she would ever wear a mask. Maybe if she were in a hospital, she said.

Johnson must be forgetful. The New Mexican on April 21 ran a striking photo of Johnson and her four small children. She and the kids all wore masks or long handkerchiefs fashioned into V-shaped face coverings.

Johnson had the kids in tow as she protested outside the state Capitol along with some 20 other adults. Johnson had donned the mask while criticizing Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s quarantine order.

Now Johnson’s unhappiness is with the governor and the City Council ordering people to wear masks in public places.

Johnson established a small campaign station near the obelisk on the Plaza. A table with her campaign flyers was adorned with American flags.

Johnson criticized vandals who defaced the obelisk last month. She said the flag is under attack, too. Unpatriotic people would like to fling this symbol of pride and freedom to the ground, she said.

No one made any move against Johnson’s flags. She handed me her flyers. They contained biographical information but made no mention of her age.

I asked how old she is, a standard question for every defendant and every candidate for public office. On this day, Johnson was both.

“I don’t tell anyone my age,” she said.

I mentioned two-time presidential candidate Gary Hart, who also would duck the question because some claimed he had shaved a year off his age. Johnson didn’t seem to know who Hart was.

But she had plenty to say about Democrat Teresa Leger Fernandez, her opponent for the open seat in New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District.

Covering Northern New Mexico, the district is a Democratic stronghold. Leger Fernandez defeated six opponents in the Democratic primary and is an overwhelming favorite to rout Johnson in the November election.

Johnson said she is flipping registered Democrats to her side by highlighting Leger Fernandez’s alliance with big-money groups favoring abortion rights.

Johnson praised President Donald Trump for speaking against abortion. Johnson, though, said she didn’t vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

She said she cast her ballot for former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, no relation, who was the Libertarian candidate for president.

“My loyalty is to New Mexicans,” she said.

This does not extend to Lujan Grisham and other New Mexico Democrats ordering people to wear masks.

Was Johnson as critical of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a fellow Republican who just ordered people in most of his vast state to wear face coverings in public?

“I’m not going to wear a mask in Texas, and I’m not going to wear a mask in New Mexico,” Johnson said.

She can tell it to the judge. Johnson is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on July 29.

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Tom Hyland

Dr. Kelly Victory has been a certified doctor of immunology for over 20 years. She lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This is a straightforward message of scientific reality in which the doctor reminds everyone that you have an immune system and you are compromising its efficiency by wearing a mask. Only infected patients should be isolated and masked. The real disease is called "ignoramus" and this effects people who refuse real information and choose to remain ignorant of the reality surrounding themselves. This is a highly informative video and answers every question you've got pertaining to the surreal predicament this world has been suffering through. I will be insulted and called names by people who refuse to watch the video. What else is new? This is for people who want to relax their anxieties and improve their lives.

Laurie Buffer

great video!


Wearing a mask has been PROVEN to reduce the spread. Those of us who wear the masks for your safety would appreciate you bowing to the world pandemic over your callous self-centerness.

Tom Hyland

Wearing a mask has been PROVEN to stifle your oxygen intake, instantly, it retards your physical reflexes, and weakens your immune system, thus, increasing the likelihood of contracting this flu. You are wearing a mask not for MY safety, you are wearing a mask for your fear of a flu very VERY few will ever contract. Your mask is not protecting you from the covid19 because these masks have been PROVEN ineffective to protect wearers from airborne viral pathogens. I am going to stand upright, breathing freely, and I am not bowing to anyone.

Donald Apodaca

Scary. Have you been tested yet?

Janet Eduardo

Yeah, the physician that did my heart surgery and wore one for more than EIGHT HOURS in surgery told me that. LOL

Joan Conrow

Classic. She supposedly believes in personal freedom but wants to deny women the right to decide whether to bear a child. Typical cognitive dissonance of the far right.

Brad Doubles

Joan, you have evry right to not bear a child. Just not the right to kill one after you refuse your duty of due diligence, self respect and personal responsibility to use non lethal birth control.

Janet Eduardo

Men do not get to comment about abortion rights until they have the right to be raped and forced to carry a fetus to term.

Lisa Burns

Thank you Janet! Bravo! for that comment..

Michael Carroll

If I might amend my own fractured comment:

It seems Alexis Martinez Johnson has really been unmasked. She is a candidate for public office, supposedly to serve the public good, yet she apparently has no concern about doing harm to that very public she hopes to serve.

James Lyons

It’s called the “law” (aka: state public health order) and no one is above it—including this individual. Get over yourself and start acting like a responsible candidate.

Michael Carroll

It seems Alexis Martinez Johnson has really been unmasked. She is a candidate for personal office who apparently has no regard for whom she hurts among that public.

Michael Makoid

Rights, Responsibilities, and Laws

I’ve been watching the news, and, quite frankly, am amazed at our citizens and some elected officials, including you, Republican congressional candidate Alexis Martinez Johnson, who must have been absent for most of elementary school civics. These statements generally start with “Nobody can tell me what to do!”. Let’s review some basic civics to see these statements in light of being a citizen of the United States.

Rights are special things that citizens are allowed to do. Rights do not allow a citizen to do whatever s/he wants to do.

Laws are a set of rules that protect people and the things that they own. Laws help citizens interact fairly and safely with one another. They set the limits on rights when rights between citizens overlap. These laws tend to curtail citizens’ rights.

For example, citizens have the right to free speech. However, you may not yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater.

Citizens may not simply take what they want from someone else.

A responsibility is a duty or something that a citizen must do. It is part of the citizen’s responsibility to obey the law.

So. Let’s review those statements again.

“Nobody can tell me what to do!” Well, yes the government can.

In New Mexico, for example, all passengers in the front and back seats must be wearing a seat belt. All persons in a moving vehicle, in all positions, at all times, must be belted. If you don’t do this, you risk a fine.

You are not free to drive at speeds above the posted limit. If you do this you risk a fine or harsher penalties.

Every law places a limit on one of your “rights”.

New Mexico Department of Health has mandated that face masks shall be worn in public in the June 30th Public Health Emergency Order. So, Republican congressional candidate Alexis Martinez Johnson, you are wrong. The state can tell you what to do when what you do is not in the public interest. This public health mandate, in case you missed it, falls under the state's duty to protect its citizens.

Robert Bartlett

Leftists calling for the rule of law. Now that is funny.

Khal Spencer

Speaking of being out in the parking lot smoking pot when civics was being taught. Rights, according to the founders, were natural rights. The Bill of Rights enumerated important ones that government was not allowed to infringe. Government does not grant rights. Government is prohibited from trampling on rights. Go read the Federalist Papers and other Age of Reason sources.

That said, it is laughable to suggest that the mask mandate during a pandemic tramples on anyone's rights. If the Founders were able to read this list of comments, they would be considering their work in setting up this republic a waste of effort.

Nancy Murata

Many of the comments posted here suggest that we now live in a New Dark Ages.

BTW why is someone who doesnt respect government trying to work for government?

jeff jones

RESPECT. Just got my vote.

Everything that is happening right now is nothing more than a mass descent in to a complete totalitarianism system, based upon lies with the government using Terror and fear using propaganda media to suck up every last bit of freedom and put us into a permanent police state............ and just like it was predicted there will be Mass segments of the society begging for it...WAKE UP NM / USA

Craig Meyer

Is it true that it's bliss?

M. T. Lee

Here's a short educational video as why to not wear a mask.

Jim Klukkert

Pretty funny M.T. Lee!

Brent Terhune, who professes to be a graduate of the University of You Tube; self professes to have a condition, selfishness. Title of piece is Masks are for Sheep. Pretty funny [wink]

jeff jones


Orlie Romero

Nice, a smart no bull$#|¥ kind of politician.

All of you who are small minded still thinking masks help are so mad tour wrong you can’t see straight.

If masks worked don’t you think the #s would of went down this past 1.5 months, they went way up with less deaths. Think people think, quit being robots!

Khal Spencer

67 comments and counting on a tempest in a teapot. I wonder how many of the people posting her are actually Russian troll farmers.

Coco J. Harris

Not sure but a few are paid by GOP

Jim Klukkert

Khal- don't you think it unfair of Milan to write a second, and thus separate piece on this same wing nut, and thus frustrate our collective effort to set a new record for number of comments? I mean really Milan!

Khal Spencer


Dan Frazier

This is probably the funniest thing I will read on the Fourth of July, in a sad, not-very-funny kind of way.

Tom Hyland

"Imagine a world where the population is so completely brainwashed by the Television that they are tricked into wearing a mask, depriving themselves of oxygen whilst shouting, "I Can't Breathe!" to their New World Order overlords. Look... up ahead... there's a signpost... The Twilight Zone" - Rod Serling

Here's a brief video describing how the social distancing rules were created.

Angel Ortiz

This video is simply a cartoon. Not sure about the so called New World Order, seems like another topic generated by those who are in fear and crying for their rights. Good example of the success of social distancing and masks? Canada. They are light years ahead of the United States. Canadians took the task at hand, wore their masks and are in a better position than the United States. Mexico is now shutting their borders to us. I find that incredibly ironic. Now Americans will be snaking through the Rio Grande to enter Mexico illegally!!! Then we have the rocket scientists who govern Arizona, California and Florida. No masks. No social distancing. ER wards filled. ICU departments overwhelmed.

Tom Hyland

The video isn't a cartoon. It's a comical parody and the rules he is proclaiming throughout are actual and real. This is the lunacy we have been ordered to obey. Also, the rules are contradictory and make no sense to anyone who has been confronted by the lunacy. All it takes is a little critical thinking. If you're watching TV news I suggest you turn it off. Angel... ICU departments are NOT overwhelmed... anywhere. Hospitals are largely empty. Emergency ocean liners and emergency hospital quarters were never utilized for the grossly-wrong predicted numbers of covid19 patients. It never happened and it isn't happening now.

Angel Ortiz

Tom. My niece works in an ICU in Los Angeles and seeing people die everyday. One of my best friends from is a police officer in Texas. People are dying there everyday. Quit being ignorant and selfish. The video is a cartoon to me because I found no substance to it. I have seen people die. I have seen bidy bags and toe tags in my past. Your statement that this is not happening is based on fear, ignorance and selfishness. They are ordering refrigerator trucks in California for the bodies. Wake up.

Angel Ortiz

Wearing masks and social distancing. Very simple and quite frankly not an infringement on my rights. COVID is far from over and as Americans we have failed. Europe has shut us out. Now, even Mexico is wanting to shut down their borders to us. The United States was a world leader and a power but the failed leadership in Washington is taking us down the rabbit hole. Challenges in life are meant to make you stronger, build character , adapt and survive. America has decided to choose fear and moan about the right of freedom. God closes the door so we may look out a window and see opportunity.

Nicole Panter Dailey

Wow. Not a rocket scientist. Love the willful disconnect between her right to freedom of choice regarding her body and someone who is pregnant. “Idiocracy” was prophecy.

Billy Knight

Let's hope we all "Make America Think Again". Candidates who display this type of ignorance and lack of regard for fellow human beings should never be rewarded with any decision making ability. She doesn't want anyone to choose to force her to wear a mask, yet she doesn't respect any of her own gender to have a choice...come on lady, get a grip!

John Tallent

Way to Billy!! This woman is as stupid as our highest elected official in the country for not setting an example and protecting those of us who do wear masks!!!

I am very angry at these stupid and careless "neighbors" Glad I live in a first with neighbors I can avoid easily. JT

Donald Apodaca

Alexis Michelle Martinez Johnson, is a brilliant publicist! She has spent NO money and gotten FRONT page coverage in the Santa Fe New Mexican TWICE! Once for wearing a mask. Then for not wearing one. Within 24 hours of her defiance she has Santa Fean's giving her money or hating her. By the end of this 4th of July holiday, she may even have the attention of FOX news.

Archer Hill

Losing votes one reader at a time. LOL....gotta love it!

Christian Vanschayk

Wonder why the US has failed in containing Covid19? This particular GOP candidate provides the answer. Emboldened by a dysfunctional President and a sycophantic GOP, this Republican flaunts her arrogant ignorance and total lack of any sense of public responsibility.

Archer Hill


Robert Bartlett

Happy Independence Day everyone. Land of the free and home of the brave (not so much Santa Fe).

Jim Klukkert

Robert Bartlett

"Land of the free and home of the brave (not so much Santa Fe)," said Bartlett the COWARD from the anonymous safety of the Internet.

Robert Bartlett

So glad you are no longer teaching children to hate America.

Jim Klukkert

Yea Bob, once George Soros paid off all my student loans, I was draw to organize Antifa New Mexico. Out looking for statutes right now!

Ed Li

If she doesn’t like wearing a mask, she is really gonna hate the ventilator.

Marilyn Ting

As a medical doctor, I feel it is so sad that someone , who is making a simple health measure , which will save her and many others from a dreadful disease . INTO A STUPID POLITICAL STATEMENT , That said , most of us will not need to go to the hospital. 95 % of us will recover . But it is the 5% who get really ill , and need hospitalization , that can overwhelm our medical system.

Donald Apodaca

True. However, Dr. Lilian Bbbo, MD Chief Infection Control Jackson Health System in Florida say's it best and with passion. "If you don't like wearing a mask your not gonna like wearing a ventilator."

Jim Klukkert

Republican congressional candidate Alexis Martinez Johnson knows absolutely nothing about currently critically important aspects of the law, which provide the legal basis for Governor's issuing Public Health Orders. During this time of the Global Pandemic, this is a total red flag for her candidacy for Congress.

Does Johnson truly believe that carriers of a plague should be allowed to freely roam? Or would she agree that Typhoid Marys can be forced to isolate or quarantine themselves until they are no longer contagious? If one does accept forced quarantines as legal, what difference is there between the forced quarantine of staying home, and the forced quarantine of wearing a mask?

That Johnson would test out her legal knowledge by strolling the Plaza without a mask shows that she is not hip to :Public Health Best Practices, has no respect for the many of us at high risk, and like too many Republicans, is likely a science denier.

Any candidate for New Mexican office would do well to remember the consequences a century ago, of the so called ‘Spanish Flu’ for our citizenry. Many of our state statutes authorizing measures such as mandatory face mask use, date from that time.

For those interested, among many rulings supporting state issued Public Health Orders from the U.S. Supreme Court, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905) decreed: “The liberty secured by the Constitution of the United States to every person within its jurisdiction does not import an absolute right in each person to be, at all times and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint. There are manifold restraints to which every person is necessarily subject for the common good.”

That the Republicans would put such an idiot like Johnson for Congress is another sign that in New Mexico, the GOP is dead.

Khal Spencer


Barry Rabkin

Or to put it simply: The US Constitution is not a suicide pact

Jim Klukkert

[beam] Wowsa, Barry!

Khal Spencer

Jacobson v Massachusetts is particularly relevant since it was a mandatory vaccination law imposed during a smallpox outbreak. Good cite, Jim.

Here is the Justia link.

Jim Klukkert

[thumbup] Thanks, Khal!

Khal Spencer

I've yet to see anything in the U.S. Constitution regarding mask wearing or for that matter, the wearing of clothes. Perhaps the good candidate can campaign in the plaza in the buff.

As far as the Constitution, what it does say is "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." So if the U.S. Constitution is mum on mask wearing, and a state requirement to wear a mask during a pandemic is not somewhere proscribed in the Bill of Rights when applied to state government, its clearly up to the states or the people. So show me some text.

If you are going to object to mask wearing Ms. Johnson, come up with a compelling reason. Once again, we have a GOP candidate calling on us to vote for someone else.

Jim Klukkert

Khal- Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

The US Constitution Ammendment X, Case Law and NM State Statute all support the Governor's authority to issue Public Health Orders during a Public Health Emergency.

To your point regarding mask wearing and the U.S. Constitution. I am pretty sure at the time the Constitution was written, face masks were not understood to inhibit the spread of illness. However, if one agrees with the idea that during a Public Heath Emergency, the state can compel a quarantine, this becomes the question: what difference is there between the forced quarantine of staying home, and the forced quarantine of wearing a mask?

Our means of ensuring Public Health has evolved, but I am convinced that our new means are Constitutionally correct.

I would not want to see that candidate in the buff, her idiocy is ugly enough.

Khal Spencer

Seems to me that mask-wearing is the least intrusive of various ways to cut down transmission. Less of a PIA than a quarantine or stay at home order.

Mike Johnson

Actually Khal, outlawing all mass gatherings, according to the CDC, is the most effective means of slowing the spread, masks or not. That is just logical, rational science. But of course that means "ALL", not just ones that are not politically expedient to promote a left wing agenda, as our Guv and mayors allow........[rolleyes]

Khal Spencer

Hi Michael. The only "mass gathering" in which I can be found is the supermarket when I have to buy food and then I try to do it at off hours. So for places like that where we have no choice but to congregate, keep the density low and make sure we are not sneezing on the produce, so to speak. Or each other.

Mike Johnson

I love the cloth masks I saw being sold at a local restaurant, they were emblazoned with: "This mask is as useless as our Governor". That says it all.

philip kessler

She and all other right wingers should realize that their anti mask argument allows for the legal right for a woman to choose abortion.

Robert Bartlett

Infantile post of the day.

Jim Klukkert

From a man who knows infantile frontward and backwards![thumbdown]

Khal Spencer

The GOP objection to abortion has to be predicated on the idea that the fetus is a separate human entity that has human rights from somewhere about the time of conception. Read Peter Singer's "Practical Ethics", 3rd Edition, Ch. 6.

This isn't a full throated endorsement of that position, but a reference to it and as usual Dr. Singer makes a compelling case for his ideas. He also includes counter-arguments in that chapter. I'll not elaborate since I'm not a philosopher (Ph.D. notwithstanding) and will botch it.

Tom Hyland

Polly St. George is a Canadian... a research monster... and she posts videos regularly under the moniker "Amazing Polly." She has compiled written evidence from Amnesty International and the Geneva Convention which defines torture. The government manipulation of covid19 and the command ALL will wear masks is very clearly torture. This video is an hour in length and well worth watching. I do not wear a mask for many reasons.... some of which it is unhealthy to limit your oxygen, inhale your own germs and the masks do nothing to protect you from influenza viruses. I agree entirely with Polly that the masks amount to torture. Entirely similar to sewing a yellow Star of David onto your jacket, you are being psychologically beaten into a position of defeat and surrender. Watch this...

Jim Klukkert

Tom Hyland

You may find intubation a bit more tortuous than assuming your civic duty by wearing a mask.

But if you don't wear a mask, self-isolate. Should you come down with the Coronavirus, please don't seek medical help. Your illness will be only the fault of your choices in inaction or action.. So take responsibility for your choices, and stay home, to either recover, or die alone.

Thanks for your excellent citizenship skills.

Jim Klukkert

Tom Hyland-

You who once commented that I had not ever been personally impacted by Na*is, dare to compare wearing a face mask with being forced by Na*is to wear a Star of David? Wow.

Perhaps there are some who are so sensitive that wearing a face mask leads them to feelings of 'defeat and surrender.' Is this your experience? If so, seek professional help. You are covered under Obama Care for pre-existing conditions.

Clearly, you suffer with delusions of persecution.

Tom Hyland

Jim... you are scared out of your wits by this flu. Also, you believe without question what government tells you. On the 4th of July, of all days, you proclaim your unquestioning obedience to government and its purveyors of contradicting evidence. As ever, your favorite activity is hurling insults at people who have a different opinion than yours. These repetitive angry remarks you produce are evidence to me and the readers here that it is YOU who needs to get a grip. If you are effected by the WWII German police then your delusions are only self inflicted and continuously perpetrated. THAT is an illness. The present danger all Americans and humanity world wide are suffering under is far more evil than the flu. Watch that video. Also, a correction... it's 43 minutes long. You aren't allowed outside today, or maybe forever, so watch the video.

Jim Klukkert


'continuously perpetrated?'

Rubbish and more rubbish.

Outside all day long, but will never take my entertainment cues from you, so can the video talk.

We are winning & you are nuts.

Looking forward to January, when I will not have to devote as much time to defending the planet from morons like you.


jeff jones

Fearful of disease, mistrusting and confused, the State is showing you a glimpse of h3ll. Only total supplication will deliver your salvation in the form of a vccine, immunity passports and universal basic income in a cashless society. Everything your are, everything you do and everything you believe controlled by the State.

Not everyone wants this, though it seems the majority do. So the next time you see someone refusing to wear a face mask, don’t assume that you are doing the right thing and they’re not, simply because you are the one wearing the mask.

If they resist the call to be afraid, if they refuse to social distance and reject the behaviour change that does not mean they don’t care about you or vulnerable people.

In all likelihood they care deeply. Perhaps you should ask them why they refuse to wear the State’s face mask.

Tom Hyland

I'm not sure why you are looking forward to January. Is that when you'll be celebrating the inauguration of Joe Biden and not having to deal with morons anymore? Helmut Norpoth is a professor of political science and has an amazingly accurate track record of predicting Presidential elections. Mr. Norpoth is giving Trump a 91% chance of winning in November 2020. This is up from the 86% chance he gave him in 2016. I won't be voting for Trump, or anyone, because it doesn't matter if you vote Republican or Democrat. There is only ONE political party and it bails out banks, it starts wars and it foments chaos. I think you're going to be quite disappointed come January.

jeff jones

Polly St. George Is amazing, she is truly a freedom fighter in this fight against Terror and lies and totalitarian nightmare that is being pushed on us not So Much by our government but by the smooth brains who will suck up anything, who claimed to be intelligent but gather every piece of information they know from mainstream media while staring at the TV drooling and hypnotized..... cheers to you sir for recommending her and I highly recommend James Corbett the brilliant intellectual of the Corbett report who has been fighting since day one

Tom Hyland

Thanks for the positive words, Jeff. Polly is doing an amazing job of research revealing the global controlling monsters that are undermining our very lives. "Amazing Polly" is an apt nickname. And I applaud Jeff Corbett, too. He is a gifted purveyor of information. Scroll up to the top of the page and watch a video by Dr. Kelly Victory who reminds us that we ALL have an immune system and we are compromising it by wearing these dangerous masks.

Craig Meyer

Ms. Johnson says the government can't compel her to put something on her body. If she really believes that she should try walking around the plaza naked and see what the government has to say.

Judith Senda

No Craig, she says the government can’t compel her to wear a mask. Just like they can’t compel you to wear a vest, for example. Specious argument.

Khal Spencer

“It is not the government’s right to tell me I have to put something on my body,” Johnson said

Jim Klukkert

Hey Judith, never knew that a vest was a health device! Oh, no, it isn't!

The Government can and does lawfully compel quarantines, and a face mask is a quarantine device. So the Government can and does lawfully compel face mask use.

[Any court rulings otherwise that you care to cite? No? Are there none now that this is Trump's favorite distracting issue?]

So not specious on your part, just another right winder using there Straw Man Logical Fallacy.

Tim Mercer


Donna Landwehr

Remind me not to vote for her. It won't take much reminding.

Elizabeth Pettus

I saw and heard her interactions with the police. She was awful. She smirked and waved her finger in their faces and spoke to them as though they were badly behaved children. She has no respect for her fellow human beings and certainly no knowledge of the constitution.

Emma Spring

People who refuse to wear a mask are doing so because they refuse to perpetrate the lies of the CONTROLA-virus, it's that simple. If you wish to wear a mask and believe that you are creating a healthy society by doing so, go right ahead. But we are standing up for our sovereign, sacred rights and the God given TRUTH. The only one who can bring you out of your fantasy world, is YOU. FEAR is a very REAL energy and the more you fear, the more you will manifest what you fear. There is no FEAR on our end, and we remain mentally and physically healthy throughout the lies and the cover ups. We look forward to the day everyone WAKES ups.

Donald Apodaca

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Worldwide COVID-19 has take 525K lives. Once we hit a million you can bet that face shields will be required too. We are blessed in Santa Fe, NM. Only three people have died from the corona virus.

Tom Hyland

Thank you, Emma. Yours is a rare voice of reason amidst the chorus of complying sheep.

Barry Rabkin

I immediately woke up to the number of worldwide deaths and from knowing that the 10th Amendment to our US Constitution (and subsequent case law) gives our Governor the authority to mandate masks, to shut down businesses, and if she ever believes it is the right way to save lives to shut down ALL State roads (including town and city roads) except to essential traffic. A global pandemic changes everything we want to do and did before the pandemic hit.

Janet Eduardo

Guessing she is just not intelligent enough to recognize the cognitive dissonance of being anti-choice and then yelping about government telling her what to do with her body.

Jan Johnson


Pam Walker

You go Girl. I am behind you all the way. Only way I will wear one is if I have to enter a store that could get fined. Doing it for them, not me.

Lupe Molina

Oh, no. Don't get it twisted, you are doing it for you. This is now the law and the best way to prevent the spread of a deadly virus and you think that your asinine misunderstanding of your civil rights Trumps the safety of those around you. It's a mean, selfish, and the rest of us won't forget those who privileged their convenience over others' lives.

Barry Rabkin

Yes, "You go Girl" and read the US Constitution. You don't have to read the entire document if you don't want. Focus on the 10th Amendment and Google the associated case law and judgments that all boil down to: "Yes, the Governor can tell you what to do, including wearing a mask" during a pandemic. If she believed it was required, she good legally shut down all businesses except for essential businesses and also shut down all State roads (including city and town roads) to all traffic except for essential traffic.

During a pandemic, whatever you think you're "free to do" you're not free to do.

Jim Klukkert


Jim Klukkert

Barry Rabkin [thumbup]

William Schmitt

Yea , you go girl! You're going to go far and farther from here the better. Social distance yourself all the way out of the state.

Jim Klukkert

Pam Walker-

You are absolutely correct, " Doing it for them, not me." Masks protect us from an infected virus carrier, who spreads the virus by expelling air from his/her body. Masks are quite effective in inhabiting the release if contaminants into the air.

In a lesser way, masks do offer some protection to the wearer by inhibiting the intake of viral contaminants into the wearer's body.

So yes, thanks for wearing your mask for the rest of us, and thanks for supporting Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and her administration's lawful Public Health Orders!

Hills Snyder

In America, when people of Johnson's mind-set say liberty, what they really mean is convenience.

Donald Apodaca

Brilliant PR/Marketing Alexis. You got the attention of Milan Simonich and the Santa Fe New Mexican. Your photo on the FRONT PAGE (bottom fold) signing a warning ticket given to you by a SFPD officer wearing a balaclava face mask will help you raise CASH without paying for advertising. Genius! If you don't like wearing a mask in public, you won't like being hooked up to a ventilator in ICU.

John Cook

Gotta congratulate Milan for asking two very cogent questions: about personal responsibility and about which Constitutional provision is violated by a public health order. Good work.

Robert Bartlett

Oh the horror! An American who defends individual liberty.

Lupe Molina

Lol. Just making things up now? It's not her right. And remember before outlining any individual rights, the Constitution demands the promotion of general welfare. Go back under your bridge, troll.

Robert Bartlett

Of course it's her right. Liberal fascists cannot take away that right.

Stephanie Konda

Liberal facists? It’s about being considerate of your fellow human beings, not politics.

Jim Klukkert

Robert Bartlett needs a little more education in political history before he throw around that fascist trope.

The old McCarthy Red Scare is not going to work 50 years after we laid that down.

'Dear Leader' has failed the Nation, and we will not be distracted from bring him DOWN.

Elisabeth Wooster

Maintaining your right to intentionally expose your would-be voters to a deadly virus is an interesting campaign strategy.

DJ Lake

Very true! She says government can't tell her what to do? Wow. Did she pay her taxes last year? Wow. Does she drive a vehicle? Get that woman off the road, she claims not to follow the law!!!!!!!!

Charles W Rodriguez

The ultimate in selfish, un-cooperative behavior so typical of regressive political conservatives. She seems so self absorbed in resisting healthy practice that she's willing to sacrifice the well-being of everyone that she comes into contact with.

Judith Senda

Then don’t come in contact with her. Stay that magical six-feet away. You have a choice.

Oh wait, I forgot you and your “progressive” political liberals don’t support freedom of choice (unless it’s choosing to kill the unborn).

Stephanie Konda

You people with your go-to “liberal” comments. It’s not a political stance, it’s a matter of being considerate of those around you.

Judith Senda

Oh the irony. Stephanie, read the preceding post, re: “liberal” / “conservative” tagging.

And as for “considerate” mask wearers, you have only to take a stroll through the city and count the number of discarded masks littering the streets and sidewalks to See how laughable that notion is. Who’s going to clean up this dangerous, death-dealing, bio-hazardous waste?

Stephanie Konda

So are you upset about “liberals” or people that litter? Sorry...I don’t get the connection.

Archer Hill

Thumbs up!

Archer Hill

Thumbs up!

Gini Barrett

If she were loyal to New Mexicans she would want to keep them healthy and safe.

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