A few hundred supporters of President Donald Trump gathered outside the Roundhouse on Saturday to protest Joe Biden’s victory in the general election.

“I’m here because I hope we can protect what our forefathers fought for,” said Joshua Gonzales of Albuquerque, who was carrying a gun, like dozens of others.

Gonzales added that he hopes the Supreme Court will eventually rule Trump winner of the election. Biden won 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, equal to the margin of victory in 2016 and well beyond the 270 needed to secure the presidency.

Cowboys for Trump and Bikers for Trump led a series of speakers echoing hopes for the Supreme Court to make the ultimate decision, and they also downplayed the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If you get a runny nose, take some NyQuil, take a few days off, get better,” said a speaker from Cowboys for Trump. “Don’t go get a coronavirus test right off the bat.”

Against the Roundhouse wall, around 250 unmasked people passed through the same line to sign a petition. A few vendors sold hats, shirts and other Trump-themed merchandise.

“I’m in the printing business, and I go where I think I can sell some T-shirts. I could sell 50 today,” said Mac Blinder, who had a table of Trump stickers and $20 shirts that read: “Our governor is an idiot.”

“Capitalism rules,” Blinder said.

While speakers shared a microphone and asked demonstrators to return this week during a special legislative session, a few dozen people lined the intersection of Paseo de Peralta and Old Santa Fe Trail, with three New Mexico State Police cars nearby.

Earlier this month, a Santa Fe man filed a police report alleging a Trump supporter kicked his door, damaging his vehicle, during a similar demonstration.

Santa Fe police said they received no calls about the demonstrators Saturday and said enforcing a mask ordinance or ban on mass gatherings at the Roundhouse fell to state police.

State police Lt. Mark Soriano said no citations were issued for public health order violations Saturday.

“Normally it would be unsafe for our officers to try to enforce a mask policy with a crowd that size,” Santa Fe police Lt. Chris McCord said over the phone Saturday. “We were aware of the event and prepared to provide resources, but at the Roundhouse, state police are the ones who staff that event.”

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paul pacheco

What a great rally! Don’t be intimidated by those exercising their 2nd amendment constitutional rights! Carrying a loaded gun is for all of us legally of age. Those in attendance did not demonstrate hate, no graffiti or destruction, just voicing their partisanship. As for the GOP in New Mexico, it’s been losing ground just like the prosperity of our families and children since the state has become a 1-party [democracy!] Just ask your children what they learned in school the past week! Or do parents really participate?

Richard Irell

I’m not intimidated by a bunch of pûśśìes too scared to leave their homes without a weapon. Just a bunch of losers and cowards.

Angel Ortiz


Angel Ortiz

Wow! A great rally? What was accomplished? Zero. Nothing. Nada! Just a bunch sore losers from the GOP pretending to be tough carrying their weapons. I find it ridiculous that these individuals are abusing their 2nd amendment right. Honestly, who needs to own much less open carry an assault weapon? Just another reason to dress up in your camouflage gear and pretend that you are exercising your rights.

Ted Varney

I am glad that the State Police are a lot smarter than the ignorance reflected in most of the above comments.

Sloan Cunningham

“Santa Fe police said they received no calls about the demonstrators Saturday and said enforcing a mask ordinance or ban on mass gatherings at the Roundhouse fell to state police.” >>BS several of us phoned City of Santa Fe Police and New Mexico State Police and neither cared and pointed to the other who said email Department of Health.[alien][alien]

DeAnna Satre

WHY weren't they arrested or cited and fined for not wearing masks?

Carolyn DM

It's just unfortunate that their brains aren't as big as their guns!!

David Ford

or their hands.....

Russell Scanlon

First of all—there’s a pandemic and this mostly maskless crowd should have been arrested for a dangerous and illegal gathering. Second, Biden is president. That’s how it works. After the election in 2016, I can assure everyone I was as upset as any of these Trump supporters, so I sent money to Democratic candidates and like minded charitable causes to offset my grief. And by the way—Trump lost by three million popular votes in 2016 as opposed to the almost 7 million this year—what does that tell you? And finally, I won’t even begin to address the issue of how and why so many Trump supporters have such devotion and loyalty to such an obviously flawed and defective human who doesn’t even care about their problems. And that goes for the entire Republican Party.

Stefanie Beninato

I saw the Trump caravan starting in Placitas. Do they have nothing to do? Trump lost fair and square--Stop endangeringo others by going substantially under the speed limit on 1-25 while driving in a distracted manner. Please wear masks and pretend that you care about anyone except yourself and the other nay-sayers/reality deniers in your tribe.

Khal Spencer

Its time to move on. If you are a Republican or Conservative, send your check to Georgia to support the GOP Senate candidates. Pitching a fit over Trump losing to Biden is kinda silly at this point and is likely to be counter-productive. Its over. Get over it and work on the midterms and 2024.

Mike Johnson

Indeed Khal, this is a waste of time, but remember the months long trauma and nationwide protests that ensued when old Hillary lost and everyone was knitting those p....y hats? Even MLG and Ben Ray were wearing them, and of course the #Resist moniker became ubiquitous. But on the bright side, at least no violence, arson, looting, and vandalism of statues and public property takes place when conservatives protest.[beam]

Khal Spencer

Oh, yes, I recall the marches, hats, and general weeping, rending of garments, and gnashing of teeth. Some of the concerns regarding Mr. Trump's fitness for office, as we discovered over the last four years, were justified in the long run but the marching and rending didn't turn Mr. Trump out of office come January. People getting off their okoles on Election Day did the trick. Hence my recommendation to my GOP friends: do something more useful if you really care about the GOP and conservatism. I don't think parading around the Roundhouse while loaded for bear wins recruits from that considerable center of the political spectrum.

But this is New Mexico. The state GOP is vanishing faster than the passenger pigeon.

Angel Ortiz

Cowboys and Bikers for Trump? Ha! Take the loss and go home. Even more intelligence shown by gathering during this recent outbreak of COVID. Get a grip people. Stay home. Donald lost.

Miranda Viscoli

I was walking my dog and was yelled at for wearing a mask as well as some other very offensive comments because I am a woman. The same person who kicked in a car door and dented it two weeks ago was there armed and proudly standing on the corner. The Proud Boys and Armed Civils Guards were there. Sadly, they now have Germain Shepherds in tow. A mailperson in a mail truck repeatedly drove by and honked in support. Guess that is on our dime. I saw two people wearing masks. Why aren’t they being asked to leave if they don’t were masks? Because of their repeated “Super Spreader “event people will die and our nurses, doctors and essential workers will suffer the consequences.

Angel Ortiz

SFPD should have deployed K9'S and pepper spray. Safe and effective.

Khal Spencer

Yep. Deploy K-9's and pepper spray. Just like the city did for the vandals that destroyed the obelisk. Oh, wait...

Richard Irell

These people are un-American.

Comment deleted.
Jim Klukkert

Is this the same Robert Bartlett who predicted a Trump landslide? How did that work out for you Robert?

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