John Watson Jr. prepares to give Lynne Michell a Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccination Wednesday at her home in Villa Alegre Apartments.

Reams of evidence and data show coronavirus shots work well and come with minimal risk, public health officials say.

And yet a backdraft of skepticism persists.

Thousands of New Mexico residents still haven’t registered to obtain coronavirus shots, though the state is among the leaders in the country in the percentage of those who have acquired them.

Despite the apparent success vaccines have had in bringing down infection rates, shots, coronavirus tests and masks remain sticky subjects for some in New Mexico and nationwide.

A Santa Fe attorney who represents clients opposing mandatory shots and other coronavirus-related directives said she is convinced the vaccines harm people and that the pandemic has been overblown by authorities and the media.

N. Ana Garner doesn’t express doubt. She expresses certainty.

“No, it’s not conspiracy mongering at all,” said Garner, who opposes coronavirus-fighting tactics for many reasons, including her contention that individual rights are being trampled.

The vaccines have been rushed to the public without animal testing, she said. She noted vaccines continue to be deployed under federal “emergency use authorization.”

“I would never take an experimental product into my body,” she said. “People should not think that an experimental product is automatically safe.”

Others who say they won’t get the vaccine or have reservations aren’t as strident as Garner but offer arguments that touch on the same concerns.

Among Garner’s clients are New Mexico residents who have sued the state over public health orders. Another sued Doña Ana County over being required to get the vaccinations to keep working at the detention center there. And more lawsuits are coming, she said.

Garner called Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a liar. She said she has experts, evidence, science and research on which she bases her opinion.

“There’s no pandemic,” she said. “It’s a big, fat lie.”

A University of Arizona professor of public health chuckled as he considered some of those arguments. Dr. Daniel Derksen, director of the university’s Center for Rural Health, said the vaccines are effective and carry little risk.

“Those are the facts,” Derksen said. “They’re indisputable.”

The data comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, other organizations and expert-reviewed medical journals, he said, such as the Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Derksen said the numbers are convincing. Some 32 million Americans have contracted the disease and more than 570,000 have died from it, according to federal statistics. About 235 million vaccinations have been administered in the United States alone.

“The science of diagnosis and monitoring has evolved quickly,” he said. “This has been a devastating infectious disease.”

A Santa Fe physician said that with more than 1 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines given worldwide, the ability to observe and research their effects has been unmatched in the history of vaccines.

“We are tracking this like we have never tracked anything before,” said Dr. Wendy Johnson, chief medical officer at La Familia Medical Center. “Every country around the world is studying this.”

For her part, Garner said the pandemic is “about as bad as a bad flu season.” The inaccuracy of coronavirus testing has helped boost the numbers, she said. And people who have died in hospitals with traumatic injuries and other problems have been counted among coronavirus deaths, she said, because they tested positive for the disease.

Derksen estimated the coronavirus is 10 to 20 times more deadly than the flu. Roughly 20,000 to 40,000 Americans die annually from the flu, he said, and the American death count attributable to the coronavirus is about 575,000 over somewhat more than a year.

Garner pointed to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, a federal program in which doctors, patients and family members can report reactions to vaccines. The CDC said the reporting system found 3,848 deaths following coronavirus vaccinations as of April 26.

“People are being killed with this stuff,” Garner said. “They are being harmed with this stuff.”

The VAERS website says self-reported descriptions vary in quality and completeness and don’t show that the vaccine caused the deaths or side effects — only that they came sometime after the vaccination.

The CDC said: “A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccinations contributed to patient deaths.” The CDC says coronavirus vaccines are safe and achieve the objective of diminishing the disease.

Johnson said the CDC and others “are analyzing all this data on literally a daily basis and have not seen higher mortality rates associated with those who get the vaccine.”

The Lancet in Britain recently published a study of 627,383 people vaccinated against the coronavirus and found headache and fatigue to be the main side effects. No deaths were mentioned.

A statement last week from the state Department of Health said the reluctance of some to be vaccinated is understandable considering “all the noise, myths, misinformation and outright lies about this and any other vaccine seen regularly on social media.”

To some degree, the vaccination program has become a political issue. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that as of March, 79 percent of Democrats had either gotten the vaccinations or wanted to as soon as possible. But only 46 percent of Republicans responded that way.

Bob Graham of Santa Fe, a leader of the New Mexico Republican Party, said he blamed both political parties for a “great divide” over the matter.

“It’s unfortunate it’s become” a political issue, he said. “It shouldn’t be.”

The two parties should work together to find best practices, he said, but instead are intent on pursuing different agendas.

Graham, 68, said he hasn’t gotten his coronavirus vaccinations and hasn’t decided if he will. He said he feels “nonchalant” about it and in no rush.

“This is an issue of health and individuals’ choices,” he said. “I’m not overly concerned about it.”

A 30-year-old Albuquerque man who declined to be named because he said it could jeopardize his job mentioned several reasons for declining the vaccinations.

“It’s not that I’m against the vaccination,” he said. “I’m against being told I have to get it.”

He also said he is healthy and that he would worry the vaccine might cause severe effects years from now.

“It’s just really new,” he said. “The information keeps changing.”

He noted the science has morphed on how long the droplets on a surface might retain the virus and how close one must be to contract it from another person.

“We hear new stuff every other day,” he said.

Anthony Martinez, a 52-year-old student and employee at Santa Fe Community College, said he wears two masks but isn’t convinced that getting the shots is a good idea. The one time he got a flu shot, he said, “I was sick for three-and-a-half months.”

He also said he has no confidence that the coronavirus vaccinations will protect him. “If the strain changes, then the shot needs to change with it,” said Martinez, who doesn’t align with either party. “Will I take the shot in the future? It’s probably going to have to be a mandate.”

Mutations and variants of the coronavirus worry doctors and scientists as well. Dr. David Scrase, secretary of the state Human Services Department, said recently that variants are “an important phenomenon” to track.

“There’s a lot of concern about variants,” he said.

Louise Lasley, a 74-year-old Santa Fe resident who recently received her second shot, said it’s baffling that a segment of society takes the word of dubious sources over that of public health administrators. “I find that so hard to get my head around,” she said.

Lasley, a retired geologist and public lands official, said you can always dig around and find sources that confirm your biases. “They’re out there, I’m sure, for everything,” she said.

She expressed relief that she is fully vaccinated now. She still wears a mask to be cautious.

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Tom Hyland

A list of 10 things I have learned during the covid coup. Perhaps you have learned the same. https://tinyurl.com/6w8vtn99

Tom Hyland

Gary Barnett is a retired economist living in Montana. He's written numerous posts regarding the erosion of individual rights and the ever-encroaching march of government and coroporation joining together in vanquishing our rights, something that has been defined many times before as fascism. In this editorial Barnett is underling the vital importance of free speech and the right to share communication among ourselves. Barnett writes: "The current degree and magnitude of censorship of all alternative sources of information, especially all valid reporting and commentary that is in opposition to the mainstream (state) narrative, is appalling obvious. This is a very telling sign that question and debate are being intentionally disallowed by the powerful in order to eliminate discussion. This indicates that lies and deceit are apparent, because those attempting to gain control fear open discussion."

There are individuals present on this very discussion feed who are against free speech, the sharing of alternative points of view critical of the government/corporate message, and are actively seeking censorship against those with whom they disagree. This is entirely anti-American. Read Mr. Barnett's thoughts on this timely subject.


Richard Irell

You spread lies. Your lies have been documented.

It is one thing to have different opinions.

Maybe lying is protected speech, but we do have laws against libel and slander.

Maybe we should have laws about lying about public health issues akin o yelling “Fire” in a movie theater.

Tom Hyland

The lies keep coming but people capable of critical thinking can see through it all. FINALLY, after 15 months of diaper face madness the New York Times is examining how the CDC is SO WRONG and dangerously derelect in it's projections to the public. This story is a "bombshell" as the mass media applies the term. I'll just keep telling the truth. If you can't handle the truth and must strike out and call what you disagree with lies, then you're the one with a serious problem. Not me. People are fed up with the biggest lie of all time. It ain't about germs, it's all about the money. As ever. Don't read this because you'll see the lie is falling apart. Others will read this for sure. Finally the New York Times smells a rat. Maybe they took off their face diaper. https://archive.is/tFKNs

Richard Irell

The CDC says outdoor transmission occurs in less than 10% of cases. That is true enough but is certainly misleading. Outdoor transmission is exceedingly rare except in crowds or in prolonged face to face conversations.

It is perfectly safe to walk or ride a bicycle without a mask pretty much anywhere in Santa Fe. It ticks me off that the CDC is absurdly overcautious. It is counterproductive. Saying that they are being “dangerously derelect (sic)” is absurd as well.

Did you ever recant your lie about the Salk Institute? You twist and distort the truth in pretty much every one of your posts.

Tom Hyland

This is a reminder, underlining real law, regarding the gravity of mandating experimental vaccines upon the public at large. Titled "New Mexico Has Awoken" I certainly hope it has. https://gab.com/Liberty_4All/posts/106205396506444603

Tom Hyland

I've angered a couple of folks in the comments section, some who are so upset they are calling for my expulsion from the Santa Fe New Mexican discussion area. I've been called a liar and that I'm threatening the health of our community. I've been called ignorant and gullible. There's a warning that if I am provoked my response will quickly devolve into personal attacks. The only personal attacks I've read on this venue, directed at me, are when I've stated my understanding of events which in turn cause... get this... personal attacks! If you are interested to see the point I'm making just scroll down to the replies that follow my comments. Count the attacks. Go all the way to the bottom.

I posted an article which appeared on the Unz Review which describes itself as "An Alternative Media Selection." It IS an alternative from the MSM newsfeed and some people might find it a refreshing change of pace to review CRITICAL thinking of the important matters of the day. I am critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is personally financially invested and holds stock in vaccines, so I discount his advice as a conflict of interest. The Salk Institute has released an informative analysis of the several covid19 vaccines being consumed world wide and this learned institution is saying, I quote, "A lot of people think of it as a respiratory disease, but it's really a vascular disease. That would explain why some people have strokes, and why some people have issues in other parts of the body. The commonality between them is that they all have vascular underpinnings." Both The Salk Institute and the article posted on the Unz Review are saying the same thing, except Unz brought the information further by offering a video by Robin Graziadei, a London architect, who I believe has a astute observations of what these vaccines contain, which are trillions of spike proteins injected into our bodies, which will amplify disease, not decrease it. The Unz also quoted Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who states these injected spike proteins can lead to tampering with your natural genetic code.

I shared the link to the Unz article because it is asking its readers to consider that you are being told only a small part of the story. Because I have angered some folks who wish me to quit asking questions, to stop all critical thinking, critical of the agenda of the vaccine salesmen, these people want me silenced. I say read what you want, think what you will and question everything. This is your life, your health and your freedom. And you who can't resist insulting those with whom you disagree are only making yourselves appear less credible.

Jim Klukkert

Regarding Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko- anyone can be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, absolutely anyone. The good doctor has received some notice in the medical community.

From Physician’s Weekly, Jun 8, 2020, “The Skeptical Scalpel Awards”:

Our next second-place awardee is Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, family practitioner and major proponent of the use of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin to treat COVID -19. Among his claims is that he treated anywhere from 300 to 1450 COVID-19 patients. Of 405 high risk patients treated early in the course of their illnesses, there were “2 deaths, four on respirators. The rest recovered fully.” Those are mighty impressive numbers, but no one else has seen the data. It should come as no surprise that the fact checking website Snopes was unable to substantiate his claims.

After community leaders in the town where he practiced criticized him for spreading misinformation, Zelenko decided to leave his practice—destination unknown.

From Wikipedia: The Satmar Hasidic community in Kiryas Joel, New York in Monroe, New York, where Zelenko was a long-time community physician, issued a disclaimer to Zelenko's claims about the potential infection rate in their community as was reported in Jewish media sources, which announced that "Jewish MD who promoted virus cocktail is leaving community where he tested it: Dr. Vladimir ‘Zev’ Zelenko, an Orthodox doctor credited with bringing controversial malaria drug to Trump's attention, accused of spreading disinformation about infection rates."[8][9][10]

In December 2020, Twitter suspended Zelenko's account for violating rules against "platform manipulation and spam”

In April 2020, Zelenko presented a lecture over Zoom to a group of physicians, in which he appeared to falsely suggest that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had granted approval to a clinical trial he was helping organize…Zelenko's study was not listed on a government website of FDA-approved clinical trials…Zelenko's study was not listed on a government website of FDA-approved clinical trials.

It was reported that Zelenko attended the "Save America March" rally in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, though there was no evidence that he participated in the subsequent storming of the United States Capitol.[22][23] In an interview during the rally, Zelenko praised the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist political organization, and said: "Hopefully, we could suppress the evil in the right way that doesn’t cause too much collateral damage."

Jim Klukkert

Zelenko's study was not listed on a government website of FDA-approved clinical trials…Zelenko denied any wrongdoing and said that he thought that his study had FDA approval because he had spoken with FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn.

Tom Hyland

Way down at the bottom of this comments section I replied to Spencer Ralston regarding his deference to Wikipedia. That fact checking internet site is fraught by questionable behavior and offers biased and slanted information on so many topics they are too numerous to mention. Wikipedia can't be trusted. They're pretty good with names and dates but I don't go there when it's a topic of grave concern. Same goes for Snopes. As ever... believe whatever you want and I'll do the same. No reason to insult and call people horrible names if you disagree... or call for their expulsion from writing an opinion. I know cancel culture is very popular lately but it's not American. Simply disagree and carry onward. Figure out your world for yourself but don't insist we join yours.

Jim Klukkert

Oh Tom Hyland- do you really want to see your childish yet vicious personal attacks on myself and others reposted to rebuke your 'poor me sob story?' Very tempting Mr. Hyland, should you keep that line of comment going.

For example: did or did you not, on 15 July 2020 post “Now snug down that pink kitty hat nice and tight tight and protest something.” Certainly looks like a personal attack, and walks like a personal attack, quacks like a personal attack…

In other much, much more important matters, Wikipedia offers a very credible system of citations in its many entrees. Should you wish, those of us who post from the fact side of the aisle, can provide those citations. Just ask, if you dare to revisit the rebuttals of your outrageous claims. Snopes is also a credible source that can easily be verified.

Please Mr. Hyland, dispute the veracity anything that I have posted. You won't of course, as your comments will once again be shredded as they collide with reality.

I have not called you terrible names, but should you regular post information that could lead to mortal consequences for our community, it certainly seems appropriate to call for suspension of your posting privileges on this privately owned web site.

Finally, in my last reply to your imaginative musings, I specifically called out your reference to so-called ‘Nobel Peace Prize nominee’ Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. You seem unable to respond to my rebuttal as to his stature, qualifications, professional standing or his practice. Does your silence mean that you withdraw your comment? Will you please withdraw your earlier fabrication regarding the Salk Institute.

Or, Mr. Hyland will you let your mis-truths stand?

Comment deleted.
Jim Klukkert

Tom Hyland's outright lies [you are too kind Richard Irell, when you write the Hyland is being 'untruthful,'] spread false scientific, health and medical information. Such lies threaten the health of our community.

The regular and repeated lies of Tom Hyland should be deleted as abuse, and it is high time the Hyland's privilege to post, a privilege not a right, be suspended.

Fellow commentators who agree with my position are welcome to express their opinion to the webeditor@sfnewmexican.com.

Comment deleted.
Cathy Plummer

I just looked at the Salk Institute website (https://www.salk.edu/science/research/coronavirus-research/) and did not find any such dire warning. Folks, just look at Salk itself... good grief.

Comment deleted.
Richard Irell

You should retract your statement. You should also do some basic research before posting your nonsense. It took me about 5 minutes to debunk your claim.

Comment deleted.
Richard Irell

You are being untruthful. The Salk institute said no such thing. It was the conspiracy website you linked to that made that claim.

Here is what the Salk Institute says:

LA JOLLA—Scientists have known for a while that SARS-CoV-2’s distinctive “spike” proteins help the virus infect its host by latching on to healthy cells. Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) also play a key role in the disease itself.

Here is the link:


Cathy Plummer

I am grateful to our Governor and State Health Department! As a senior with health issues, I am very relieved to be fully vaccinated. I just drove to Pennsylvania to see my daughter and grandbabies, which was a blessing. In PA, the kids have been back in school since before Christmas, everyone wears masks at soccer games and other outside events, as well as in every store and restaurant with social distancing enforced. Like NM. Very uncomfortable driving through Red states, though.... even in the Tulsa Marriott, which proclaims masks are required, the fellow who checked me in wasn't wearing one nor was the housekeeper... so much for the safety protocol checklist that Marriott claims to follow. I haven't had a cold or bronchitis or the flu this whole year.... I love masking, and wish I had considered its health effects when I used to commute on the RailRunner where everyone was always coughing up a lung and spreading germs. I don't care, honestly, if you don't get the vaccine.... just please stay at home and don't infect our docs and nurses in emergency rooms and hospitals! I think that folks who resist vaccination should pay higher health insurance premiums, including Medicare and Medicaid. Anyone who has been deployed overseas in military service or peace corps has had a zillion vaccines; no one asked us if we wanted to, it was just part of the on-boarding process. Cannot wait to travel to Europe again, especially since the seats will be less crowded due to restrictions anticipated for anti-vaxxers... more room in the wine caves for the rest of us!

John Woodward

Remember, most of the statistics that people quote are acquired from news sources. This includes TV news, newspapers, Facebook, and most other "news" sources. So many folks are into "SCIENCE." Heck, I am into science, especially being trained as a scientist. Remember, real science relies on TRUTH, which is based on truthful observation. Are you sure that the "STATS" you get from your favorite "NEWS" sources are accurate? Are you sure that they are TRUTHFUL? Are you just repeating "studies" that were done by a "trusted" source, and that may be inaccurate, and invalid? Can you re-learn to trust your own senses and powers of observation? Remember back when we were in school, we learned the 5W1H, which is Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

Who is doing all these "studies" that so many people quote? Remember, just because it's called "science" does not mean that it is science! When most people have already made up their minds as to what is "true", any info. they get contrary to their already held belief will only make them hold on stronger to their beliefs. This does not apply to everyone. We can still teach younger folks to start questioning the “official” story. Just begin asking questions, and teach others that is is OK to ask questions, especially ones that go against the “official truth.”

So many folks have turned "science" into religion. You do not know who did the studies! I try to question what I read and hear, and especially question what I have been told is truth. Of course we all know that liquid water is wet, rain falls from the sky, and nighttime is darker than daytime. That's not the kind of TRUTH I am talking about! Remember, you are allowed to think freely, and do not have to go along with the heard mentally to fit in. You can stand alone, and then find out that there are so many like yourself, who will NOT get this jab being offered to the masses. Do you really know for sure all the info. you have heard about this jab is true?

There are many doctors who WILL NOT get the jab. Much more than a few here and there! So many folks who KNOW all about the "vaccine", and the narrative that surrounds it are fed their information through mass media. And they talk about it like they know all about it! Be careful what you spread. You might be spreading something much worse than a virus!

Al Chavez

Your skepticism goes a bit beyond credibility. For one thing, you're questioning the ability of trained journalists to winnow out the truth. There are multiple angles (i.e.publications of good repute) available from which one can reliably understand a given issue. Are journalists wrong sometimes? Yes, of course they are. Are all of them wrong all of the time? If that's what you think you're hopelessly lost down the rabbit hole of unending skepticism.

Ramon David

Why print this assertion without disputing it?

"The vaccines have been rushed to the public without animal testing, she said."

The fact is Pfizer and Moderna did not skip animal trials: https://apnews.com/article/fact-checking-afs:Content:9792931264

Russell Scanlon

Lots of us are old enough to remember the rollout of the polio vaccine, where an overwhelming amount of citizens were eager to accept the vaccine to prevent the spread of a debilitating and terrifying childhood disease.

So what happened between then and now?. . . FOX news and the intellectual bankruptcy of the GOP.

Tom Hyland

Is FOX news hurting you or anyone? You can always turn the channel, or better yet, quit watching TV. I don't watch TV, so FOX news can't harm me. Is the GOP bankrupt intellectually? What else have you got? The Democrat party? There is only ONE PARTY. It starts wars, it bails out banks and corporations, it lies incessantly and stirs chaos. There is only one party.

As for the polio vaccine, work began in the 1920's and it wasn't delievered to the public until the 1950's. Almost 30 years was spent creating that vaccine. I don't say "perfecting" it because no vaccine is perfect. In fact, they are all quite risky. These several covid vaccines have been produced and delivered in only a few months. Every manufacturer has been fully released of all liability if ther vaccine should cause harm or death. There have been around 4,000 deaths reported of people dying within days or a few weeks of getting vaxxed. No one knows for sure the real numbers, and this has occurred since January 2021 until the 3rd week in April. No new numbers. The swine flu virus killed about 50 people back in the 90's and then it was disappeared. If you scroll down in the comments section towards the bottom I posted a link to an article written by a man who offers 18 reasons not to get vaxxed. You ought to read just a few, or all of it if you find it interesting.

Jim Klukkert

When Fox News, aka FAUX News, spreads lies, distortion and other clap trap, it hurts us. None of us need watch that hogwash, to be affected by it.

If Tom you cannot figure that out, you are a whole lot dumber than I am told that you are.

While as a long time activist I certainly understand how in some perspectives, the Republicans and the Democrats are understood to be only two sides of the same coin, the last decade has seen some changes.

Recall if you will the Freedom Democratic Party slate of delegates at the 1964 DNC. The changes the McGovern people were able to make at the 1972 convention. The wonderful education afforded all by the Sanders candidacy of 2016 and 2020! These events and others within the party, as well as the leadership manifested outside the party by African-Americans, LatinX, the Service Workers Union among many labor activists, and other so-called 'identity groups,' has opened up the Democratic Party to Democracy.

And despite at least one flat tire and misfiring cylinders, it is the only ride working white people, real progressives, and People of Color have for the time being.

Tom Hyland

Watching televison... and TV news... is an addiction. It's a religion. People watch, breathlessly, and there's nothing you can do about it. CNN and MSNBC are just as harmful as FOX. But ONLY if you are imbibing in your addiction... and attempting to compare the liars. I've seen bits from all of the "news" agencies... on the internet... and they are all lying. Of course I've been lied to my whole life. I suppose all you've ever heard is the truth. How convenient. Must be nice. I think if I ever knew a prophet for all mankind it was George Carlin. He asked, "Why do you care so much about politicians? They don't care about you." Personally, I don't care about politicians. Only gave money to Ron Paul. The rest are swine.

Tom Hyland

I was typing too quickly, Russell. I meant to write the "swine flu vaccine" killed about 50 people. There's a couple of other typos but I think you can read through what I wrote and get the message.

Tom Hyland

This is a prophesy written 40 years ago by a French administrator named Jacques Attali. He wrote this while employed as an advisor to President Mitterrand: “The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We start with the old, because as soon as they exceed 60-65 years, people live longer than they produce and that costs society dearly. Then the weak, then the useless that do not help society because there will always be more of them, and above all, ultimately, the stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; Euthanasia will have to be an essential tool in our future societies, in all cases. Of course we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good. Overpopulation, and mostly useless, is something that is too costly economically. Socially, too, it is much better when the human machine comes to an abrupt standstill than when it gradually deteriorates. Neither will we be able to test millions upon millions of people for their intelligence, you bet that! We will find or cause something a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn't matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment. We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself: You go to the slaughter by yourself. "

Angel Ortiz

N. Ana Garner's comments underscore the reason why I trust my dogs over 99% of the human population! The pandemic is a hoax? Scary to know there are people like this existing in this world.

Bonnie Cox

Do the math. 1.9% of the Indian population has been vaccinated. 300,000 a day are dying.

Stefanie Beninato

Even scary to think she is a lawyer and she gives people advice.

Lee DiFiore

One thing missing from all these conversations is what about the people who have already been infected with covid (almost 200K in NM, just shy of 10% of the state's population). Doesn't "the science" say they now have immunity? Should they get the vaccine if they have immunity? Is it safe or effective for them to do so? And how do they factor into the shrill voices demanding people provide proof of vaccination before being allowed to live a normal life? And if they are immune, why aren't they counted toward what it will take to get NM to herd immunity?

Al Chavez

WEBMD says:

"It's possible that people who've had COVID-19 can get sick again -- and maybe infect other people. There have been limited reports thus far of confirmed cases of re-infection."

Why take the chance. Get the darn vaccine!

By the way, that's a Tucker Carlson thing isn't it? I.e., ask a question to spread disinformation. You know don't you that Republicans are now catching COVID at twice the rate that Democrats are. https://tinyurl.com/yawv2yrz

Lee DiFiore

Your link is 5 months in the rear view. And here's a question; how long is the vaccine effective? Given your logic "Why take the chance. Get the darn vaccine", why not get vaccinated every few weeks (sorry, another question).

Tom Hyland

Hello Lee. I've read every one of your comments here and you are an astute observer of this surreal predicament. I am sorry to read that you've been vaxxed and am wondering why you went that route, because you certainly employ a convincing rebuttal towards the many compliant vaxxers scolding everyone who is refusing. What happened with you?

Al Chavez

We know it's as least as effective as every day that gets added to the earliest folks who got it and don't get the virus. And if you listen to the science you know that it is highly effective. I understand if you're afraid of needles. When I was little I hated them too.

Scott Smith

Ms. Garner is quoted as saying “There’s no pandemic,” she said. “It’s a big, fat lie.” She sounds a lot like Kenyan anti vaccine doctor Stephen Karanja who died from Covid-19 just three days ago.

Samuel Herrera

Very interesting how the media and the government calls it “vaccine hesitancy” as if the people who refuse the vaccine will come around. What part of “no” is unclear to the media, Big Pharma, and the government? The lines have been drawn. “No”, “never”, “not in this lifetime” et al is not “hesitant”.

Robert Fields

“Not in this lifetime” could be more appropriate than many anti-vaxxers realize. With the virus mutating, a more deadly and virulent strain could come along any moment. Those who are vaccinated stand a good chance to at least have some immunity. Those who refuse to get vaccinated may get to do the experiment on how deadly the new strains are.

I do appreciate the “vaccine-hesitant” folks’ sacrifice, though. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to get my shots when I did and get back to a mostly normal life. I wear my mask but at least for now, don’t have to worry too much if somehow I get exposed to the virus.

Susan H Bell

This article belongs on the opinion page of this newspaper, not on the front page as news. Attorney Garner says "the pandemic is a big fat lie". She says she has "experts, evidence, science & research on which she bases her opinion." However your reporter evidently did not bother to ask her for any of her sources. As in the lie that the election was stolen from Trump, very few, if any, reporters in the mainstream media bother to ask for the facts supporting this claim. The result of such sloppy reporting is to allow these opinions to masquerade as facts. The New Mexican must do better.

Susan Bell

Stefanie Beninato


david cartwright

Ignorance spreads faster than Covid. And it's not just about the vaccine. It's also our political leaders who continue to issue mandates that imply the vaccine is irrelevant. That includes our governor and our president, both of whom seem remarkably ignorant of the benefits of getting the vaccine. They seem to think there are none. Is it any wonder the a large percentage of the population is disregarding the vaccine?

Lee DiFiore

100% correct David. I've had the vaccine but am still required to wear a mask everywhere I go, required to social distance and still see many businesses not much opened or holding on to their ineffective covid rules and procedures.

Stefanie Beninato

What state and country do you live in, David? Both Lujan Grisham and Biden have touted the benefits of getting vaccinated against COVID.

Dottie Butler

There is legal precedent to impose a fine on people who refuse to get vaccinated.

I believe if people continue to refuse to get vaccinated their driver's license should be suspended and they should be denied entry into locations where they could spread the virus.

I believe the overwhelming majority of people refusing to get vaccinated are doing so for political reasons regardless of what they say.

They're endangering the lives and health of the rest of us.

Lee DiFiore

If you've been vaccinated, how are those that haven't "endangering the lives and health of the rest of us". Don't the vaccines work?

Richard Irell

The vaccines work, but they are not 100% effective. We also have immuno-compromised people in our midst. They will be protected if enough of us are vaccinated.

Al Chavez

Have you heard about how COVID has mutated and how much more deadly the mutations can be? The scariest possibility out there is that the virus mutates to something the current vaccines can't stop. More people being vaccinated means less spread means less mutations. Less mutations reduces the odds that the virus will mutate beyond anything vaccines can control.

Conservatives like to say COVID restrictions are impacting their freedom. How is it "freedom" when by ignoring health orders you may ultimately cause someone's death? That's not freedom; that's madness.

Laurie Buffer

OMG can you say SOCIALISM?? So you think people who refuse to get the "experimental shot" should be treated differently ~ lose their drivers license? Wow, what flavor Kool-Aid are you drinking??

Jim Klukkert

Laurie Buffer- Can you please explain how "OMG can you say SOCIALISM?" is at all relevant to this discussion? As a Democratic Socialist, I can tell you that no democratic socialist platform suggests voiding driver's licenses based on vaccinations.

If there are going to be any requirements for vaccinations or Covid-19 tests, they largely will come from the CAPITALIST side of our economy, as businesses realized that they will lose business if they cannot assure their clients and their workers a safe experience. Look to the airlines for example, or more closely, stores that require masks and social distancing.

Similar measures have been adopted by various state agencies, but that is hardly Socialism.

Medical professionals must comply with Covid-19 protocols if they want to even enter the facilities where they work. Overwhelming majority of medical professionals do so voluntarily,

as they have seen first hand the devastation wrought by the Coronavirus.

Before you throw that kind of accusation again, please Ms. Buffer, calm down, think it through and maybe even do some research. In these difficult and tense times, we have no need for baseless claims that only confuse things whilst adding needless heat to the discussion.

Thank you.

Barry Rabkin

Excellent, over 100 colleges in the US will require students to be vaccinated: https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/29/health/student-vaccine-requirement/index.html?utm_source=N2K%20-%2004.30.21%20(Friday)%20-%20Public%20Goods&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=6237

Lee DiFiore

It seems according to current data that blacks and Hispanics are more reluctant to take the vaccine than other races. This "requiring the vaccine" nonsense will all end once someone connects those dots and begins shouting "RACIST".

carolyn dalessandro

The question is...Why is it not FDA approved? Because vaccines take time to see if they work, have serious cause and effects...but this is rushed for a virus that is mostly curable on its own of course if you have an underlying condition...even the vaccine won't prevent or protect...just lesson the illness or at least that is what they say. Time will show the effects of this unknown. The number of death due to Covid...are they doing autopsies on each one or are they assuming each death that one was diagnosed with covid is the cause? But the question remains...without positive proof. I am not sure of all of this...makes my head spin.

Nancy Craig

For those who are concerned that the pandemic has been "overblown" and "deaths miscounted" counted etc, you should consider what happened to the death rate in the US (and in many other countries also) this past year and the number of "excess deaths" (but, sadly, many preventable had more people done masking and distancing) this past year, that is the number above the average number of deaths: the total number of deaths in the US in 2020 was over 15% higher than expected. In the past 50 years, there has been no other year with more than a 5% increase/ decrease from average deaths. This counts simply total deaths, no labeling as to cause. See article by Lu 4.23.18 NYT citing data from the CDC.

Al Chavez

There is plenty of proof to answer all your concerns. Do the work. There is more than enough proof available. Look it up.

Luanne Moyer

For those opposed to the vaccine, for whatever reason, how do you feel about businesses requiring proof of vaccination before you can utilize their services.

Ralph Miller

Anti-vaccine influencers/Red Pillers like N. Ana Garner and others will never validate the existence of this terrible Pandemic until the virus infects them or someone they care for. These folks should book a flight to India, Brazil or France and walk mask less amongst the population to observe first hand the devastation Covid-19 has caused.

My Wife, myself, my Mom, Mother in-law, Father in-law, and neighbors have all received both vaccine shots with no serious side effects.

Yes, folks are free to decide if they don't want or need the vaccine, go mask less and disregard public health orders; just stay away from those of us that cherish our health.

carolyn dalessandro

Then I believe we are headed to Fascism.

Tom Hyland

The business people insisting everyone be vaxxed before entering their space are as grossly ill-informed and ignorant as those who are lining up to be vaxxed. You stand a far greater risk of dying in a car accident driving to their business than contracting the covid19. Understand that the "covid19" has not been isolated. There is no pure sample of it... so WHAT are they testing and WHAT are they vaccinating against? If business people want to ban the unvaccinated from the premises then they are going to go out of business.

Luanne Moyer

Tom Hyland, please give your opinion about companies going out of business to the cruise lines, most of which will be requiring proof of vaccination. Oh yeah, tell it to the entire EU which will start accepting vaccinated Americans. There are many people who will seek out these types of businesses.

Barry Rabkin

Or quite possibly, the US State of Hawaii which may not allow visitors unless they can prove they are vaccinated.

Robert Fields

You are grossly misinformed.

Richard Irell

Pretty ridiculous statement. Somewhere between 30 and 40 thousand Americans die on our roads every year. Over 30 million Americans have gotten COVID-19. Roughly 3 orders of magnitude difference.

Lee DiFiore


Kelly Garcia

There’s data showing the vaccine can cause infertility in both men and women. There’s documented cases of people dropping from a stroke. I don’t care how many… I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it to my daughter and my husband isn’t either. It has nothing to do with politics or anything else. I don’t judge those that get it and they shouldn’t judge us that don’t.

Paul Davis

"There's a data" ... without a citation of any kind whatsoever.

So I googled "covid vaccine infertility", and here's what I found:


"Last December, a German epidemiologist said the COVID-19 vaccines might make women’s bodies reject a protein that’s connected to placenta, therefore making women infertile. He thought this because the genetic code of the placenta protein, called syncytin-1, shares a hint of similarity with the genetic code of the spike protein in COVID-19. If the vaccines caused our bodies to make antibodies to protect us from COVID-19, he thought, they could also make antibodies to reject the placenta.

This, however, was a theoretical risk that was completely disproven in the clinical trials and continues to be disproven in real time as more women of child-bearing age become fully vaccinated.

“It’s inaccurate to say that COVID-19’s spike protein and this placenta protein share a similar genetic code,” says D’Angela Pitts, M.D., a maternal fetal medicine specialist with Henry Ford Health System. “The proteins are not similar enough to cause placenta to not attach to an embryo.”


from: Here’s Where That COVID-19 Vaccine Infertility Myth Came From—And Why It Is Not True


Lee Vigil

Provide a citation. A credible citation. Otherwise you're spreading disinformation and no-one should give your assertions a second thought.

Khal Spencer

In my field, when you make an assertion such as "there's data" you provide a peer reviewed reference or three. Otherwise it is called arm-waiving.


Nancy Craig

Unfortunately, people who don't get vaccinated can spread it even if YOU don't get sick. Please post some of that "data" from something other than an anecdotal source - CDC? Any hospital? Any peer-reviewed medical journal?

Angel Ortiz

Cool. Then stay home.

Maggie Washburne

I wrote a piece about covid vaccines and that they are not poisons or gene therapy. (Not included: they don't affect your periods.) Some hesitant people are terrified by the disinformation campaign they are hearing. This is complicated, but I tried to make is understandable and, hopefully, helpful to some. https://maggiewashburne.medium.com/covid-vaccines-are-not-poisons-or-gene-therapy-bf3fee9ed1bf

ba hop

I find the hypocrisy of the conspiratorial conservative right on this issue to be deafening... they refuse to wear masks, quarantine or get vaccinated on the principle of liberty & freedom to decide for themselves about their bodies-- BUT at the same time they claim w/out hesitation the moral superiority to decide for a totally unrelated person what they may/may not do with their own reproductive body-- the most intimate & personal freedom women have. the only difference between the two is that despite what one's religious belief is --reproductive choice has NOTHING to do with them while COVID IS a public health crisis that affects the wellbeing of everyone around them & their selfish ignorance... a woman's right to choose in not.

Tom Hyland

There have been mulitudes of injury and death since the experimental vaccines were realeased on the public. This woman in Tennessee is paralyzed after Pfizer shot no. 2 and the doctors don't know if she will recover. If you're not sick, haven't been sick, or you were but you recovered from this "thing" that hasn't been identified yet, the CDC admits they don't have a purified sample of the "thing" then why get vaccinated? Also the CDC admits you stand a 99.5% chance of survival, or higher, if you should contract "it." Here's a very recent tragedy to inspire you to steer clear of the vaxx.


rodney carswell

fake news site. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/national-file/

Jim Klukkert

'TWould be good Tom, when it comes to the specifics of your case, if you stuck with substantial numbers, i.e.mulitudes, instead of there shifting to anecdotal examples of this or that individual.

Fireing up emotion is absolutely the most persuasive of sales techniques.Is that why you share "a very recent tragedy to inspire you to steer clear of the vaxx."

Does it not seem a better choice to choose one's health protocols based on reason, not emotion?

Tom Hyland

I'm not emotional about this at all, Jim. I'm reading reports of tragedies that occurred within hours and days of folks being vaxxed and it is only a curiosity to me that so many are unaware. I bet you spend a lot of time daily online, so why don't you do some investigation yourself? I am not an anti-vaxxer. I was admisntered the polio vaxx when I was a kid and that item took about 30 years to perfect. I AM anti experimental, untested, instant vaccines that were rolled out within a couple of months. Also, being I am within the age group of those who stand a 99.5% chance of recovery if I should contract the "thang", there is no purified sample of it anywhere, I simply do not care to take a vaccination. I am not worried in the slightest about any of this. Not emotional, either... just amused watching the "freak show" as George Carlin used to describe it.

Bill Becher

Like snowmobilers and thin ice it's natural selection at work.

Paul Davis

Unfortunately, with an infectious disease, not so much.

A snowmobiler on thin ice will likely only kill/injure themselves. People who refuse to participate in basic public health measures may have no impact on themselves, but might potentially kill others.

Lee DiFiore

According to "the science" they won't kill others who have been vaccinated.

Doug Lonngren

I propose sending N. Ana Garner on an all expense paid, 2 week, fact finding trip to India to investigate the hoax.

Spencer Ralston

Tom is using a discredited doctor in England as his source. From Wikipedia:

“ Vernon Coleman (born 18 May 1946) is an English conspiracy theorist, anti-vaccination activist, AIDS denialist, blogger and novelist who writes on topics related to human health, politics and animal issues. Coleman's medical claims have been widely discredited and described as pseudoscientific.” I recommend that anti-vaxxers, as a group, be nominated for this year’s Darwin Award.

Amy Earle

Gee why am I not surprised that this Dr Coleman is a conspiracy theorist. I second your suggestion about the Darwin Award. Great idea!!

Tom Hyland

Spencer...c'mon... Wikipedia? That internet website owned by Jimmy Wales is world-renowned for bias and selected slant that serves people who probably don't have your best interest at heart. Snopes is another and then there's the "fact-checkers" who have been fairy-wanded into a magical realm of worship and are well paid by their corporate masters. Anyone who uses the phrase "conspiracy theorist" has instantly dropped off the platform of credibility. It's a term used by lazy and naive people and just as empty as "abracadabra." Here's one of my favorite quotes... "I am a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I believe men and women of wealth and power conspire. If you don’t think so, then you are what is called ‘an idiot’. If you believe stuff but fear the label, you are what is called ‘a coward’.” - Cornell University professor Dave Callum

Richie moses

Well said, Amy!

Tom Hyland

There are more than 12 reasons not to take the vaxx as described in the link I provided. I correct that number to 18. Personally, I can add a few more reasons myself, but the author did a fine job of reporting here and this is well worth reading.

Lupe Molina

Well I only need one reason then to tell you to stay home while the rest of society carries on. Are"entitlement" and "privelege" included in your your 18 reasons?

rodney carswell

yours is a fake news link for the tin foil hat brigade.

Tom Hyland

Here's a factual presentation written as 12 understandable reasons not to take a single one of the several emergency vaccinations recently offered. Number 1 on the list is the fact every lab has been fully released of all liability if their vaccine should cause harm or death. and contrary to individuals quoted in this article as saying the risks are low, they are actually quite high. A vaccine takes about 10 years minimum to be perfected, and still they are never perfect. These vaccines were rolled out in a few months without any testing at all. YOU are the test animal if you are injected.


Barry Rabkin

10 years ... interesting given that the mRNA technology has been researched for at least that long a period of time. Neither the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines were 'rushed'.

Ann Maes

Thank you for this article.

Tom Hyland

You're welcome, Ann, and I'm glad you appreciate this insightful report. Folks could learn some valuable information here but would rather avoid it all together and scold the messenger.

Scott Smith

If by 'absolutely no testing' you mean human trials on tens of thousands of people then you are correct, but there is a disconnect between your so called facts and your thinking.

Luanne Moyer

What makes me think that those who are refusing the vaxcine are also those who have been screaming for the state to open up completely.

Chris Mechels

I've done the shots, but my sympathy to those who thing differently. Covid has been so political that its a "who do you trust" game. CDC has a very mixed record on this. Their guidance on NOT wearing masks, "to avoid touching your face" was near criminal.

In New Mexico our Governor has played the political game a bit too much, with the "Colors" and such; and came very late to the Covid deaths in Nursing Homes and Tribal Areas. The layer of PR coming from the Governor obscures the truth, whatever that may be. Does she even know??

The good news; wearing masks seems to have helped the flu situation. We should remember that...

Julie Murray

I also have done the shots. But people act like vaccine resistant people are idiots. Does no one remember thalidomide, the dalkon shield, fen-phen or any of the other approved drugs that turn out to have been tragic disasters? I mean, these happened recently! The scorn that people are showing to those who have concerns/questions is shocking to me. When did we all decide the government should never be questioned? Five months ago?

Paul Davis

It's not about "never questioning the government". It's about asking informed questions rather than questions based on conspiracy theories and random fears, and it's also about evaluating the tradeoffs between different courses of action.

Yes, of course there's a possibility that one or all of the COVID vaccines could be a new thalidomide. But what is the actual possibility, given the way that medical testing and evaluation has changed in the roughly 50 years since that disaster? And what is the cost of not using the vaccines, versus the potential risks of doing so?

It's not hard to come up with a list extremely similar to the most literate COVID vaccine refuseniks to explain why you should never drive a car, or fly on a plane. But most people would disregard those lists, because their own evaluation of the tradeoffs (however much that it is or is not based in truth) makes them feel it is OK. Somehow, for between 20 and 40% of the US population, a similar list regarding the vaccines convinces them in a different direction. Now why do you suppose that is?

Lee Vigil

Perhaps because after nearly 600,000 people in the U.S. have died from this disease, the entire country has been shut down for more than a year, and we finally have a pathway out of this mess and then these people arrive on the scene spreading crazy conspiracy theories. It's like the complete idiot in a horror movie who gets himself killed, as well as taking a few people with him because he's a freaking moron. Millions of Americans have been vaccinated with minimal side-effects and we're discussing fertility issues with absolutely no citation or proof? And who is Garner anyway? What is this person's credentials? We're going to listen to this cookadoo over a highly training MD or medical researcher. Give me a break! No thank you!!

Barry Rabkin

Dr. Fauci has said time and time again that the CDC recommended 'no masks' at the beginning of this global pandemic of a highly infectious and deadly virus because they wanted to make sure that healthcare workers would get their sufficient supply of masks. There is also the point that scientists learn more through time about the virus and how to treat it or create a vaccine for it. That knowledge doesn't 'drop from the sky' immediately. Governor Grisham has not played any political games throughout this global tragedy: she has steadfastly held to her priorities of saving lives and not overwhelming our healthcare system. Both of those priorities are infinitely more important that keeping businesses open.

Tom Hyland

If the covid19 is actually a virus, there is no purified sample held by the CDC, so no one knows what they are testing or vaccinating against, a mask isn't going help anyone. Virologists working in laboratories with viruses are dressed like they are on the moon. Boots, helmets, gloves, air supply, the works. They are not wearing bandanas. Your adamant position that businesses should fail will lead to a vast population of broke and destitute people relying upon a govenment handout. These many hardships evolve to alcoholism, drug abuse, family violence and suicide. People should decide for themselves to keep their businesses open and thus avoid this black hole of doom you so casually endorse.

John Pearson

In 2020 there were about 23,500 deaths in NM, about 4,000 more than the previous year. Coincidentally the number of covid deaths reported in NM is about 4,000. The lawyer's lies kill. The pandemic is real. I have friends who were killed by it and others who have been hospitalized for it.

Amy Earle

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that every one of the people in this article voted Trump, and get all their news from Facebook and Fox News. They probably also think the election was stolen from Trump. Their views are ignorant and conspiratorial. I’m surprised one of them didn’t mention concerns over their DNA being altered or a chip being inserted in the vaccine. These lunatic views might not matter so much if they didn’t ultimately affect the rest of society. Whether they want to downplay and minimize the virus it has not left. It is only kept at bay by vaccination and mitigation. These people may very well spawn new variants that can evade vaccines. That is everyone’s problem. I don’t care about their idiotic concerns or their twisted version of what freedom is. If they continue on this path I’m totally in favor of more punitive measures. You want to go to a sporting event, a concert, a movie, etc. prove you are vaccinated. That might change some tunes. The rest of us have rights too and not being stuck sitting next to one of these fools in a public setting should be one of them. There are people who legitimately can not be vaccinated for health reasons. We protect them with our own vaccinations. The people in this article are selfish and just plain dangerous. Shame on them.

Tom Hyland

Contrary to your opinions, Amy, there are now rising statistics that the vaxxed people are causing unvaxxed people to come down with toxic conditions. Women past menopause are ovulating again and women in their younger years have stopped. There are growing concerns that the vaxxed crowd should be physically avoided.

Luanne Moyer

Tom Hyland can you provide links to these studies or statistics. Or maybe you are just being sarcastic.

Tom Hyland

No, Luanne, I'm not being sarcastic whatsoever. It is not difficult to find doctors and scientists contradicting the MSM, the government and Big Pharma message that vaccines are safe. But you won't find that information on Facebook and the evening news. It is now a gold standard of credibility if your message has been censored on youtube and the platforms I've mentioned. Dr. Vernon Coleman is a health expert and author living in England. This video is about 20 minutes long. He warns of the toxic qualities of the emergency experimental "vaccines" and recommends you avoid people who have been vaxxed. https://tinyurl.com/rz9ad35m

Tom Hyland

I am not being sarcastic. I have already attempted to post a link to a video from Dr. Vernon Coleman, one of many doctors and scientists who have been warning people to avoid the vaccines, and avoid those who have been vaccinated. Perhaps the censors at the Santa Fe New Mexican do not want you to learn of alternative information. I'll try again. https://tinyurl.com/rz9ad35m

Paul Davis

Here's a bit of background reading from 2011 about Dr. Vernon Coleman, long before COVID-19 was even a twinkle in anyone's eyes:


Here's another one from mid-2020 about his whole career:


Here's an article from the Scottish press about his "COVID Hoax" flyer that was distributed in some parts of the UK last year.


This is the "distinguished" medical professional who wrote "it is now my considered view that the disease we know as AIDS probably doesn't exist and has never existed", and (in 1998) "those who still claim that AIDS is a major threat to those who enjoy straight sex are either illiterate or irresponsible"

The fact that your providing links to Coleman's videos severely undermines any credibility I was willing to offer you.

Robert Fields

Blatant misinformation.

Nancy Lockland

Well your guess is wrong. I will not get the vaccine and I voted for Biden. Not everything is political. Only people as ignorant as you believe that one's decision is made by according to their political party.

Nancy Lockland

As I always say. I WILL NOT LIGHT MYSELF ON FIRE TO KEEP YOU WARM. IN OTHER WORDS... your health is not my responsibility.

Paul Davis

If anyone was actually asking you to light yourself on fire to keep them warm, I think almost everybody would agree with your decision to decline.

But if someone asked you to have a cup of coffee in order to protect their health, and you refused, I think most people would regard you as immoral.

So the question is: is getting the COVID-19 vaccine(s) closer to lighting yourself on fire, or having a cup of coffee?

Nancy Lockland

I'm in charge of my own health not anyone else's. If you expect me to make sure others are healthy that is lack of responsibility on their part. If I'm sick or under the weather, I don't go-to work or to the store. I've been Covid free for over a year as well as my immediate family. Anyone that I have heard of contracting the virus has recovered.

Luanne Moyer

Nancy Lockwood, so if everyone you know who had Covid have recovered there is no problem. You are very lucky. I have friends who have lost family members and loved ones. There have been posts here from people who have lost friends as well. But heck, as long as YOU haven't lost anyone.

Samuel Herrera

So, someone smokes their whole life, eats fast food, drinks lots of soft drinks, never exercises, and as a result, I have to take a vaccine to protect them?

Barry Rabkin

And your potential to carry the COVID-19 virus and exposing other people to infection, hospitalization, intubation, or death is not our community's responsibility to manage. If you don't want to get vaccinated, no problem: you should not be allowed to go into any place of business (offices, grocery stores, department stores), any place of entertainment, any restaurant, or any indoor sporting arena. You should not be allowed to travel by air, by train, or by any public transportation. Stay unvaccinated and stay away from people.

Nancy Lockland

Letś not forget we live in a free country and have the FREEDOM to NOT have to disclose our medical history to get food to feed my family. We don´t live in a communist country, however if you like that type of stuff more power to you. I choose what I choose and it really is no oneś business. If you´re afraid of contracting covid then stay in your home.

Luanne Moyer

Nancy Lockland no one has said you need proof of vaccination to get food. Get a grip. Your children already need to be vaccinated to attend public school. You will need proof of vaccination for some forms of travel and to visit some places. Some local businesses require it as well. If none of these are important to you, then no problem. And I, and my family, chose to protect ourselves not by staying home, but by getting the vaccine.

Cathy Plummer


Charles W Rodriguez

Ignorance abounds! New Mexico has its own share of wingnuts and woowoo science believers. In the past, the belief systems of the wild and crazy was innocuous and harmless. In this case, doubters selfishly increase the risk to everyone. The silver lining is only that there may be a higher deathrate amongs these nutjobs, increasing the mean IQ of future generations.

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