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Ian Clemmer, co-owner and operator of Ian’s Garage, sweeps up broken glass early Aug. 24 after a break-in on Gooney Bird Way. Garage co-owner Theresa Clemmer said three cars were stolen overnight.

Leif Krosby had his silver 2001 BMW 540i sedan for 15 years. It was top of the line when he bought it, he said.

Until last week, Krosby still admired the car for its powerful V8 engine and because it was a “really nice ride.”

The car was stolen from Ian’s Garage on Gooney Bird Way on the city’s southwest side; when it was recovered about 24 hours later north of Rio Rancho, Krosby said, it was wrecked. The thieves had floored it, hit curbs and left it smelling like liquor and filled with trash.

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