Beginning Wednesday, Ten Thousand Waves will become perhaps the first New Mexico hotel, restaurant and spa to have vaccination requirements for lodging, indoor dining and spa guests.

All lodging and hot tub guests, as well as indoor dining patrons at the spa’s Izanami restaurant, will have to show proof they’ve been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have had a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of visiting, owner Duke Klauck said.

Since early July, guests have needed to prove they were vaccinated to get massages, facials and spa treatments.

Outdoor dining guests at Izanami are the only Ten Thousand Waves visitors exempt from COVID-19 vaccination because the outdoor dining environment presents the least risk of coronavirus transmission, Klauck said.

Klauck and his executive team started considering requiring vaccinations or COVID-19 test results about three weeks ago following an announcement from influential New York restaurateur Danny Meyer that vaccinations or test results would be required at his dozen or so full-service restaurants.

“That’s what made me sit up,” Klauck said.

Other prominent restaurants across the country have started requiring proof of vaccinations for diners, but so far, Izanami appears to be the only full-service New Mexico restaurant to do so, said Carol Wight, CEO of the New Mexico Restaurant Association.

“He’s taking it real seriously,” Wight said of Klauck. “The only other I know of is Sister Bar in Albuquerque. They are requiring everybody to be vaccinated for concerts.”

No other New Mexico hotel or motel is known to have vaccination requirements for guests, said Kathy Komoll, CEO of New Mexico Hospitality Association.

“As far as I know, they are the first ones,” she said. “I [haven’t] heard anything as to anyone requiring vaccination from guests.”

Jeff Mahan, executive director of the Santa Fe Lodgers Association, has not heard of any other Santa Fe lodging establishment requiring COVID-19 shots from guests.

“I would tell you I could not dispute what [Klauck] has to say,” Mahan said.

Ojo Spa Resorts in Ojo Caliente and Santa Fe have stopped short of vaccine requirements.

“We are monitoring COVID closely with certain concern,” said James Walker, the company’s marketing and communications director. “Where we are concentrating is face masks for our team and guests in indoor environments. We are not currently requiring vaccinations of our guests. We are one click short of that.”

Ten Thousand Waves started mandatory COVID-19 shots for its 150 employees and contractors in early July.

Of that group, only five remain unvaccinated, Klauck said, adding two left the company and two others agreed to work 80 percent of their shifts outdoors, get weekly COVID-19 tests and not eat indoors or use a break room. Another employee recently went through surgery.

In August, Klauck and his executive team hashed out the realities of imposing vaccination requirements on guests.

“We had some people who were not sure that it would not be devastating to our business,” Klauck said. “We talked about it one day for a long time. We got everybody to reach a consensus. For the last three weeks, we spent all our time figuring out the logistics. We are calling all our reservations. We are sending out emails and newsletters.”

Klauck came to realize Ten Thousand Waves could play a bigger role than just being a spa a few miles up Hyde Park Road.

“As things started to get a little more serious with the delta variant, I saw we need to influence a greater number of people,” he said. “We are trying to make this particular place safe for guests and employees. The message is we were all thinking a couple months ago that we are back to normal. The truth of the matter is we are not.

“There is something we can do to avoid all this death and millions of cases, and that is to see as many people vaccinated as possible. We think there is going to be as many people who will applaud what we are doing and will come to see us as there will be choosing not to come here.”

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Tom Hyland

Remember when Bill Clinton ran for President? Remember that statement he repeated many times... "it's about the economy, stupid?" Nothing has EVER changed... especially for the past 110 years when the big bankers finally made the most diabolical moves to steal America, and the world, right from under our feet. It's always been about the money. This virus you're crying about is nothing but a distraction to keep you from seeing the biggest wealth transfer in human history. It's all a ruse, you're traipsing down a carnival midway, dazzled senseless, while the carnies are lifting your wallet, your freedom and your life right off of you. Read this brief review of how Big Money made all of this happen. Stop being fooled will you?

Mike Johnson

I applaud this, nothing at all wrong with a business doing this, this is capitalism as it should be. Consumers are free to make a choice, and government is not making it for them nor forcing anything upon the business in this case. If only all businesses were capable of making all their own decisions about how best to serve the customers, with no government mandates. Unfortunately, that is not the case in NM today.

Tom Hyland

I don't know who wrote recently, "George Orwell's 1984 was a warning, it wasn't intended to be an instruction manual" but that was certainly an astute observation. In Orwell's book anyone who was heard uttering a word against Big Brother or even accused of "thought crime" was cast from society and "de-personed." The policies of Ten Thousand Waves and also the Lensic Theater is a campaign to de-person and cast away people who think "wrong." The owners and managers of these businesses do not have to do this. They are choosing to discriminate, which they are entitled to do, if they don't want to serve a certain clientele. However, an individual will choose to not approach these businesses.... simple as that. Read "1984" if you've never given it a try. The similarity of what is happening in Santa Fe will be quite profound.

Tom Hyland

I applaud what the brave Parisians have been doing. They bring a blanket and picnic basket to the boulevard and have a wonderful time sitting on the pavement in front of vaccine-demanding restaurants. In Moscow the mayor proclaimed a city-wide order that all restaurants and businesses demand vaxx/test proof and the Moscovites boycotted so effectively that the order was lifted within a few days. If Ten Thousand Waves wants to risk the death of their business it can very likely happen. Understand people... the government will never back off if you continue surrendering your liberty. Israel is the world's most vaccinated nation and their government continues moving the goal posts. The latest dictate is your vaccine passport will now expire if you don't receive the booster. So much for that "freedom" stuff you were promised.

Richard Irell

Wow, what courage those Parisian picnickers have!

Tom Hyland

It isn't the picnics alone that define the bravery of the French, but the unrelenting blowback they are delivering to their fascist government which is inspiring. It got revved up to a high degree when millions of French wore yellow vests and refused to be taxed into oblivion. The French farmers recently conducted a parade in which they shot liquid pig excrement into the windows of Macron's residence, the Elysee Palace. Remember the guillotine? The French can be very brave and they are being pushed to a breaking point.

Jim Klukkert

Nothing so courageous as shooting "liquid pig excrement into the windows of [President] Macron's residence, the Elysee Palace."

Having read the above stirring account, all here burst into a rousing rendition La Marseillaise.

Richard Irell

"It isn't the picnics alone that define the bravery of the French"?

What an absurd statement. You have no idea what bravery is. None of the actions you describe are anywhere close to being brave.

How about doctors and nurses working past the point of exhaustion, at the risk of their own health and lives to save the lives of strangers?

And fascist government? The absurdities never stop coming from you. You are as ignorant of fascism as you are of vaccines and the immune system. France is a constitutional republic with an elected president and parliament.

Tom Hyland

Richard, in reply to your comment below all I'm given is a "report" button and I don't "report" anything. The French were pushed to the limits by their royal aristocracy... just like we were pushed to the limits by the British crown. "Stuff happens", as Donald Rumsfeld used to say. And the high velocity pig excrement and the yellow-vest riots are what could be leading up to an overthrow of an oppressive government. Sure, go ahead and proclaim France is a constitutional republic with an elected President and parliament, that's all very nice, but there's some serious energy in the air. Same thing is happening here with our constitutional republic and elected officials. The Declaration of Independence stated that sometimes it's necessary for the People to dissolve the political bands that have connected them. Think it can't happen again?

Marie Naphsid

Santa Fe is a great place for those with discriminating taste.

Elizabeth Pettus

This is the best form of customer service! We will be making a reservation!

Andrew Skotting Segal

I am so grateful. This will make 10,000 waves way more attractive to customers like me, and many others.

Suzanne Chavez

Bravo!! Ten thousand waves continues to lead the way!

david cartwright

All of these anti-vax arguments are so pointless. Just get the vaccine and be done with this, so we can all move on with life.

Rich Becker

And how do you propose how you prove that you have natural immunity?

Tom Hyland

How do you prove you have natural immunity? You were born with it. It's called an immune system and you prove it by not possessing a vaccine/test card that you've participated. You prove it by being healthy, alive, and belonging to the control group that will never submit to the vaxx/test regimen.

Jim Klukkert

Tom Hyland's notion of science is that we self-select to a "control group" that refuses to be vaccinated. IF WE SUVIVE then it is all QED.

Totally bogus sense of the scientific method. Please note: I did not say scientific thinking, as thinking is not commonly associated with the Hyland methodology.

Tom Hyland's posts are a constant repetition of misinformation, distortions and LIES, and should be ignored for all but comedic relief, as we all need a good laugh now and again.


This morning Hyland has emerged to flaunt his Alt-Right Neo-Fascist roots in comments to Milan Simonich's 'Santa Fe needs sunlight on criminals who destroyed obelisk.' So besides dangerous presently for spreading the lies of the anti-vaxx crowd, as well as laughable, Hyland is potentially dangerous should his cronies show up again to reprise their treason of January 6th.

Tom Hyland

We need more "reply" buttons and fewer "report" buttons. Jim, in your analysis of my "condition" you should admit you don't hold a medical degree in psychological evaluations, at least I doubt you do. I don't hold such a degree either. You wrote: "With the same qualifications in psychiatry as Tom Hyland has in medicine, i.e. none, I can offer this diagnosis of Hyland: Extreme oppositional psychosis and hyper-persistence, compounded by narcissistic paranoia." I have a theory of what's stalking you in this life. You sound like a textbook version of histrionic personality disorder. Read up on this because the similarities are profound. Typical of these patients they promote themselves unceasingly. You're the only local here that has posted a selfie which goes right along with the self-promotion disease. Your histrionic spastics are a never-ending hissy fit that others have voiced concern about. I'm not alone in that. Get honest and take a look at yourself.

Richard Irell

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Which is not a surprise given the source.

Most of us were born with an immune system but we are not born with natural immunity.

One obtains natural immunity by surviving an illness or by getting immunized with a vaccine.

Tom Hyland

You're wrong again, Richard. But that's okay because it's never too late to learn something new and see things in a different light. A vast study has concluded in Israel and your postulation that we are not born with natural immunity is mistaken. Our immune system is far more superior to fighting viruses than being inoculated with artificial vaccines. Read on....

Jim Klukkert

Regarding Tom Hyland’s post of Monday 30 August at 10:50 p.m., which begins “You’re wrong again, Richard…”

Actually, it is Mr. Hyland who is wrong again, as he clearly misunderstands the premise of ‘natural immunity’ conveyed by the Science Magazine article describing an Israeli study.

As described in the article, the natural immunity is one that is acquired for being afflicted, and surviving, Covid-19. This type of immunity is referred to by the CDC as Active Immunity. There is another form of Active Immunity described by the CDC, that is vaccine-induced immunity, or the Active Immunity developed through vaccination.

It is not, as Mr. Hyland suggests, something with which all humans are born.

Mr. Hyland’s confusion regarding immunity may result in his mis-reading of the following from this same Science Magazine article.

“‘It’s a textbook example of how natural immunity is really better than vaccination,’ says Charlotte Thålin, a physician and immunology researcher at Danderyd Hospital and the Karolinska Institute who studies the immune responses to SARS-CoV-2. ‘To my knowledge, it’s the first time [this] has really been shown in the context of COVID-19.’

“Still, Thålin and other researchers stress that deliberate infection among unvaccinated people would put them at significant risk of severe disease and death, or the lingering, significant symptoms of what has been dubbed Long Covid. The study shows the benefits of natural immunity [as acquired from a Covid infection] but 'doesn’t take into account what this virus does to the body to get to that point,' says Marion Pepper, an immunologist at the University of Washington, Seattle.”

There is nothing in Science Magazine that supports Mr. Hyland's conclusions. Please see:

Most importantly, please get your medical advice from trusted, qualified members of the medical community. Do not get your medical advice from folks who believe themselves qualified on the basis of their study of conspiracy rumors.

Richard Irell

I see that Hyland has doubled down on his ignorance about the immune system and immunity.

If we were born with immunity, no one would have gotten sick from COVID-19. We were born with an immune system that helps us develop immunity if we get sick and survive.

Ignorance is fixable. Stupidity is not.

Tom Hyland

Get vaccinated now and often, Richard, I can only imagine, because that's what Pfizer has planned for those who signed up in the first place. The shots are never going to stop coming. The Pfizer CEO says they will have a new vaccine within 95 days for every new "variant" that is proclaimed. One might get poked 3 or more times a year... forever? And they are insisting that kids 5 to 11 got it coming, too. I've never believed any of this, that there's a virus so deadly, so contagious, that you have to be tested to see if you have it?? I know when I have the flu and there's no guessing. I've been lied to my entire life. I can only suppose that all you've ever heard is the truth. Must be nice.

Jim Klukkert

With the same qualifications in psychiatry as Tom Hyland has in medicine, i.e. none, I can offer this diagnosis of Hyland: Extreme oppositional psychosis and hyper-persistance, compounded by narcissistic paranoia.

Likely untreatable, though I will be giving Bill Gates a call, just in case.

Richard Irell

Hyland’s reading comprehension is dismal. Pfizer saying that they can create a vaccine effective against new variants in 95 days is not at all the same thing as saying that there will be a new vaccine every 95 days.

Andrew Lucero

I don’t think this will have much negative impact on their business at all. I think it is largely a symbolic measure. For the most part, the tourists are gone for the season and the vast majority of their local clientele is already vaccinated. But they did manage to get some free advertising out of this. It is creating buzz… So, in that respect, it is a cleaver and effective marking ploy.

Sabine Strohem

Well done, Ten Thousand Waves!

Vince Czarnowski

Hmm, I wonder how long it will be before they change their policy. I’m guessing once the guests stop showing up. Why blame the governor when you can destroy your own business yourself.

Richard Reinders


Jim Klukkert

Don't hold your breath, Vince. Only a newcomer like you would bet against Duke's intelligence and business acumen.

Tiffany Thomas

Well they are booked out like 5 months in advance and this has been their policy for other services, so I doubt not at at all.

Busy McCarroll

Thank you Ten Thousand Waves! I hope other businesses will follow your lead. XO

Barry Rabkin

Excellent ! Hopefully, increasingly more hotels and other places of lodging as well as restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, Big Box stores, and other places of commerce will require proof of vaccination from their customers. Covid-19 is not fake; it is real and it is highly infectious. Get vaccinated !!!!!

Red Eagle

This is total BS, where is the consideration for people with natural immunity? Discrimination at the very least, denial on top of that. People need to be rational and make consideration for those who have been infected and recovered. Latest study out of Israel examining 76,000 people clearly indicates natural immunity is superior to the vaccines. “ Scientific study from Israel shows natural immunity superior to Covid vaccine against Delta variant

The study found that fully vaccinated but uninfected people were significantly more likely to get infected than people who had previously been infected and recovered from the disease.” Creating these rules is not only illegal from a violation of people’s personal health information, but creating a false sense of security for those who have been vaccinated! Open your eyes people! Look up the data from recent studies, so easy to find and apparently so easy to ignore!

Maryann Palker

Thumbs up!!! Red Eagle

Richard Irell

So getting sick from COVID-19 is better than getting vaccinated?

You have no immunity natural or otherwise unless you get sick or get vaccinated.

HIPAA protections do not apply in situations like this. Anybody has the right to ask you for proof of vaccination. You are under no obligation to provide it. But if you don’t, they have every right to deny you service for the protection of staff and other patrons.

Red Eagle

Interesting perspective, but doubt it will hold up in court. What about the ADA, which protects those who can not get vaccinated for medical reasons, can’t ask them for proof of why they are not vaccinated. And we all know people who have been tested as negative but actually have COVID, so once again that false sense of security is everywhere.

Red Eagle

Secondly, no where is anyone suggesting someone get COVID rather than get vaccinated, so don’t imply things which were not stated. The point is people who have had COVID should not be discriminated against and should be allow to show proof of that for entrance just as people who have been vaccinated….

John Cook

Private businesses not only can, but should, protect their employees from the unvaccinated. If a person has had the disease he/she should get vaccinated anyway (no harm in it) and have the card if he/she wants to go to the business. Discrimination? Not so much. Smart public health decision.

Carolyn DM

They have a choice, and so many of them have chosen death, which is fine by me. Cull the herd of ignorance as much as possible!!

Richard Reinders

Go woke go broke, I had covid but was forced to do the shot or be alienated from just about everything although the Pharmacist said I already had the best protection. As for places like Ten Thousand Waves I will simply not go even if I have a passport out of principle.

Red Eagle


John Cook

Thank you, Richard Reinders, for not going to smart businesses. You won't be plaguing the smart people who do go there.

Rich Becker

And how do you propose how you prove that you have natural immunity?

John Cook

This is exactly the disinformation about the Israeli study that was expected. Yes, vaccinated people have more breakthrough infections than people who have had the disease. But, more importantly, vaccinated people are vastly protected with a tiny percentage of breakthrough infections. And very few serious illnesses among that tiny percentage. The overwhelming truth is that the unvaccinated are the ones getting the disease and dying from it.

Yazmin Lara


Carolyn DM

LMAO!! Well maybe Mr. Trumpf will Sharpie up a note for you!!

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