Street vendors and storefront owners on Old Santa Fe Trail recounted the frightening moment late Wednesday morning when they heard gunshots and sirens — something they said they had never experienced before.

Marcela Gonzalez, a weaver who was selling her rugs and throws at an outdoor market next to the Loretto Chapel, said she heard a commotion and saw police coming down the street.

She didn’t know it was serious, she said in an interview Thursday, until she heard the officers yell at a man.

“The officers were telling him to lay on the ground and throw the gun, but he didn’t,” Gonzales said.

The next thing she heard were two gunshots.

City and state police have released little information about the downtown shooting, in which a Santa Fe officer fatally struck a man accused of fleeing another crime scene in the area.

But surveillance video from a shop in the Inn and Spa at Loretto called the Santa Fe Store offers a view of the incident. The footage captures police following a man on foot down Old Santa Fe Trail as bystanders flee into the safety of nearby stores.

As the man walks east toward the Loretto Chapel, the video shows, he turns toward the officers and pulls a gun from his pocket. He turns back and takes a few more steps before turning around again, this time lifting the gun and pointing it at police.

The officers then fire shots at the man.

He died on a sidewalk near Loretto Chapel.

Security camera footage from the Santa Fe Store, next to Loretto Chapel, of officers pursuing an armed suspect.

Kaori Fukushima, a tourist visiting from Houston, can be seen in the video coming out of a complex of stores at the Inn and Spa at the Loretto just moments before the man is killed. She told reporters Wednesday when she saw him run by with a gun, she hid behind a wall and waited for police to tell her it was safe.

The surveillance video shows a person at Loretto Chapel ushering visitors inside for safety.

As shots are fired, those in the chapel duck under pews.

Gonzalez, who said she has been selling her weavings on the street for the past five years, said she had never seen anything like Wednesday’s shooting.

She and her 22-month-old daughter hid underneath a table until they felt it was safe to come out.

“I didn’t know what else to do. It was really scary,” she said.

The slain man, who has not yet been identified by New Mexico State Police, the agency investigating the shooting, had led Santa Fe officers on a foot chase following a previous shooting at nearby De Vargas Park that injured a woman.

A woman also suspected in the park shooting told police she “didn’t mean” to fire at the victim during an argument that had escalated, according to a criminal complaint filed in Santa Fe County Magistrate Court.

Kalin Addison, 20, was arrested Wednesday and charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery and tampering with evidence. Police say she fired a shot that grazed the woman’s neck and then handed the gun to the man, who fired a second shot at the woman — and missed — before fleeing.

When officers arrived at De Vargas Park, witnesses pointed to Addison, who was kneeling with her hands behind her head, the criminal complaint said.

Addison told police the armed man who fled was her brother. She said she only meant to “pistol whip” the woman, who had been fighting with her sister, but her finger slipped on the trigger and the firearm discharged.

“I was just as surprised as everyone else and was like ‘Oh my god, please get up,’ ” Addison told police at the scene. The injured woman was taken to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center for treatment and released the same day, according to the complaint.

In a hospital interview, the wounded woman told police she had gone to the park with her husband and 4-year-old son. A man and woman and she knew approached her and began yelling at her over a prior disagreement, the complaint said.

She said the other woman hit her and the two began fighting, and then a third woman — whom police believe was Addison — came up and grabbed her 9 mm pistol out of its holster and hit her with it.

Addison then grabbed the woman’s hair and put the gun to her head, according to the complaint. As the woman tried to pull her head away, she told police, she heard the firearm discharge and realized she had been shot in the neck.

Addison told police she was at the park with family and had been drinking and had used methamphetamine earlier that morning. She saw a woman fighting with her sister, she said, and decided to intervene when she noticed the other woman had a gun.

She told police she grabbed the firearm and said it made her “feel powerful” and that she pistol-whipped the woman in the head. While striking the woman with the gun, she said, her finger “found” the trigger and she fired the weapon, according to the complaint.

Addison said she then handed the gun to her brother.

When officers asked her more about her brother, she no longer wanted to speak with them, the complaint said.

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Donald Apodaca

MEMO : Local and State Law Enforcement. If a suspect has jail house tattoos, meth soars on his/her arms, legs and or face the probability of that suspect being a convicted FELON is very high. Therefore, we believe that a shot to the head, heart or back will be justified. When the suspects name is revealed to the public make sure his/her NCIC criminal record is attached to ANY and ALL press releases.

Khal Spencer

Ok, I missed this the first, second, and third time around. It wasn't Addison's gun. She took the other woman's gun away from her.

John Onstad

According to New Mexican article by Victoria Traxler in Saturday's paper, "KOB-TV said. . .the man killed on tourist-filled Old Santa Fe Trail was Francisco Javier Lino-Gutierrez of Lamy. Hyphenated last name? We all know where he hails from. Much of Santa Fe's violent crime is the product of the mayor's and city council's Sanctuary City policy that encourages illegal immigration. Can't wait to ID the Siler Road shooter. Is it just a coincidence that Lino-Gutierrez wasn't ID-ed on NMexican website? I doubt it. They're covering up the consequences of Sanctuary City program.



There's no one solution...but our legislators certainly help the problem with the passing of no bond law years ago it turned our justice system into a revolving door...if there was mandatory bond or bail the woman who brought the gun would still be in couple that with July 1st qualified immunity mostly gone with HB4, then you have judges, public defenders and district attorneys pushing for things like the LEADS program for drug addicts who are doing the crimes and not prosecuting, and not being held accountable because they have a "disease", along with vagrants and drugs taking over cerillos and Santa fe parks.... and the police being proactive?! Those days are long gone thanks to your government, just look to the obelisk...police were there and left and never came back to stop criminals and now they're going to come screaming for your gun...leaving you more defenseless

Maria Bautista

Thanks, your right! Alan Webber naive, he has created a hostile city, violence begets violence.

Alexandra Lynch

Why does a 20 year old female go to a park in the morning carrying a gun? Now her brother's dead. This is a family that didn't get the help

Maria Bautista

The other family had a gun. They did not go with was taken from them. With open carry laws, everyone is a cowboy.

Alexandra Lynch

Why does a twenty year old female go to a park in the morning carrying a gun? Now her brother's dead. This is a family that didn't get the help they needed.

paul pacheco

Santa Fe is becoming more and more like Albuquerque in that police react instead of being proactive in situations of danger! APD is so busy but not until the crime has been committed! What happened to the police who used to do walk-patrols deterring violent crime before it happens?

Michael Grimler

Mr. Pacheco, if you think the police exist to stop crime before it happens, you are sadly mistaken.

Proactive policing accounts for a minuscule percentage of crime reduction. The fact of the matter is that there isn't enough money in the world to fund enough police to "walk-patrols" to make a difference.

Criminy, sir...most of the US (thanks to an agenda-driven media and corrupt politicians who want to cash in on race-baiting and hatred) want to DEfund the police...not spend more money for more of them.

Khal Spencer


Maria Bautista

Defund is not the cottect word. Defund means fund another componet of police dept. So police can deal with crime and not drugs or panhandlers. police are called out for everything.

Maria Bautista

Hi Paul, I volunteer with the Dept. of Justice, ABQ and police dept. In serious trouble, now Santa Fe has growung pains, Alan Webber initiated a hate agenda and now it is blooming. He was the first vandal.

Donald Apodaca

Mr. Pacheco you are correct. My question is how many SFPD officers are from ABQ and have been APD officers? The Santa Fe Plaza is Disneyland for old people. Let's STOP the shooting in the Downtown area as soon as possible otherwise the tourists will not come here. It can and will be worse than COVID-19 for business. It's just a matter of time before these stories go National.

Jason Evans

Good on SFPD and the officer who made the split-second decision to drop this guy who was clearly a threat to many innocent people around him. I can't imagine taking a job where people point loaded guns at me.

What's interesting is that this is getting zero national media attention. If the bad guy was black, then the situation would be completely different. Lib media would be advancing the narrative that he was killed due to his race. They'd dig up family and friends who'd claim he was a victim of society and systemic racism; there'd be stories about his first puppy and how he was so kind to his neighbors as a child. The officer who saved countless lives would be declared a racist and his life would be ruined by lib media CNN, NPR, MSNBC. Antifa/BLM leftist thugs would descend on SF and loot and riot and destroy the Plaza. Rev Al and Rev Jesse would make proclamations from where the obelisk once stood and declare its presence was proof that SF is a racist community.

How sad that we are more or less tolerant of a situation based on the color of the criminal's skin, and rush to defend him if it's one certain type.

Mark Ortiz

Atta boy Mr. Evans!! And a blessed white power salute to you too sir. LOL, all that delusional narrative really spinning around in your head? I suppose the insurrectionist of January 6th are patriots to you as well.

I will say it's sad what the to SFPD officers had to do, but I'm not going to pretend to walk in their shoes. More than likely they saved a life or lives.

Khal Spencer

Mr. Evans does offer a bit of an inflated polemic, but I have a feeling that if the man with the gun was Black, there is more than a little truth to what he says.

Maria Bautista

Webber Campaign manager works for DA, restorative justice for whites by whites...

Maria Bautista

Jason, who defended him? We don't even know his name??

Prince Michael Jauregui

Another tragic casualty to "America's" epidemics: Guns, Drugs and Alcohol.

As, a greedy and wicked U.S. "Government's" chickens have come home to roost, the U.S. shall terminally reap what it has sown - Psalm 110 in 2021!

Maria Bautista

We will all reap what we have sown, you too Prince.

Matthew Martinez

So the "good guy with a gun" had it taken from her and used to shoot her?

Sounds about right. No gun - no shooting. Instead this stains the Plaza for these tourists and an exponential number of future tourists.

Khal Spencer

That's an utterly ridiculous comment. Someone just released from jail for aggravated assault, lights herself up with booze and meth, packs heat, and goes looking for trouble is not a "good guy".

Nancy Murata

More guns equals more deaths -not a difficult concept!

Khal Spencer

Horse manure. I am on the Board of Directors of a gun club with over 1,000 paying members. No deaths or violence. No arrests.

Stop blaming the instrument for the acts of the person holding the instrument. A gun in the hands of a meth head is a recipe for disaster. We recently passed a red flag law and a background check law. Work really well in this case. I wonder if the judge who cut her free after her first arrest for assault with a deadly weapon, just a day before this one, even put a no-gun stipulation on her release.

This state is fiftieth in quality of life. This incident should be a teaching moment. As Stephan Helgesen said in today's Journal, "...we’ve been suffering for decades under mediocre if not downright third-rate leadership, a paucity of outside investment, skyhigh unemployment in a non-diverse economy with too much dependency on the federal government, massive illiteracy, excruciating poverty, high taxes, poor government services, escalating crime, embarrassingly bad academic achievement rates and a provincialism that, if measured accurately, would be completely off the charts."

Yet to some here, its all about guns. You are joking, right?

Michael Grimler

If that's the case, and with this country having 600 million guns, every day should be a bloodbath on the order of Genghis Khan rolling over Asia.

It's not.

Your comment is delusional hyperbole.


So let's punish law abiding citizens as a knee jerk reaction....glad you know the background of the person who originally had the firearm, and let's blame guns instead of the action of criminals

Maria Bautista

Yup. Sorry to say, Webber created a hate agenda and it is growing, more storms ahead.

Stefanie Beninato

Why do people think that guns are going to solve a problem? She didn't mean to fire the gun?--just to use it to "pistol whip" someone else and put the gun to the other person's head--but no hard feelings. Oh and are we surprised to find that drugs (meth) were involved. We are degenerating.

Macka Doodle

Was later revealed she was released from prison on TUESDAY! Took her one full day to make a slew of great life choices. Drink, do meth, take loaded firearm to park, get in frivolous argument, commit assault with a deadly weapon. But don’t worry guys, she only meant to pistol whip her. We don’t need these people as members of society.

Khal Spencer

Well, to some, Stefanie, its "Maslow's Handgun" (for those not familiar, ). If that is a person's attitude, they should not be packing heat.

So why is she packing? My guess is she is probably on the NICS No-Buy list. Even if not, she couldn't honestly fill out a Form 4473 (the National Instant Criminal Background Check form) because one of the questions asks if you do illegal drugs. Gotta wonder if she got the handgun the same way she got the meth.

So the big question is how to keep firearms out of the hands of those who should not have them, such as someone who thinks its OK to pistol whip someone. I've long advocated that we provide a tax credit to anyone who buys a gun safe and signs an affidavit promising to use it. I also suggested that background checks should be free and easy to obtain. Self-defense law should be taught by the local P.D. or DA's office. Firearm safety classes should be freely available. One could even institute a Firearms Owner's ID Card such as in Illinois, which would be available to anyone with a clean record. You don't have an FOID? You can't buy ammo. Of course, its always possible to get a few rounds along with your Minimum Daily Requirement of methamphetamine from your drug dealer.

The medical community tells us every homicide costs society over ten million bucks ( ). If the gun control community wants to put its ethics where its mouth is, it should be supporting free "common sense" measures that are aimed at criminals prohibited persons, not at law-abiding citizens. We make it as easy as possible to register to vote in Progressive states. Why not easy to exercise our 2A rights while inhibiting those who can't pass the 4473 Quiz?

Of course none of this will happen because of two things. One, progressives never saw a restrictive gun law they did not like ("‘H e l l, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47’"), so gun owners do not trust Democrats or the Left to stop moving the goalposts. Two, judges do not impose sufficient deterrence against lawbreakers. This lady in question is a shining example. Let out of jail the day before she shoots someone.

So the net result is that in New Mexico, laws only burden the rights of the innocent. Thanks, but I've had enough.

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