Lorraine Knorr’s travel trailer, pictured at the Kampgrounds of America Journey site on Old Las Vegas Highway, was stolen from a parking lot in early December. It was recovered Sunday.

A Santa Fe woman’s travel trailer was recovered during a stolen vehicle bust over the weekend, but she says it’s uncertain whether she’ll be able to live in it again.

Lorraine Knorr reported her trailer stolen from a parking lot outside a Santa Fe tire shop in early December while she was on vacation in Florida. The vehicle served as her dwelling and its theft left her without a place to live.

On Sunday, Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies found five stolen vehicles on Forest Road 24 and arrested three people on charges of receiving and transporting stolen vehicles and possession of firearms.

One of the vehicles recovered was Knorr’s, Santa Fe police confirmed Tuesday.

In a telephone interview, Knorr said police told her it appeared the people arrested had been living in the trailer without having it hooked up to sewage or water lines.

But Knorr said the tow company that agreed to pick up her vehicle Tuesday reported smashed windows, missing tires and a damaged axle. She said workers had to install different tires just to make the trip to the tow yard.

“[They] said there’s basically nothing worth salvaging,” Knorr said. “They took the tires off of it, they took the battery out of it.”

Knorr bought the trailer for nearly $17,000 in June after moving to Santa Fe to take a camp host job.

Knorr estimated more than $50,000 worth of personal valuables were inside the trailer.

Now, she’s poured her savings into a 2003 Ford Expedition, which she’s using to drive to Santa Fe from Florida to examine what remains.

“That little bit of money I had, it’s gone,” Knorr said.

Knorr said she is waiting to receive a copy of the trailer’s title in order to get up to $25,000 in insurance payments for damages to the vehicle and the belongings inside, but it could be weeks before it arrives in the mail.

Until then, Knorr said she may try to stay in an Airbnb when she gets back to Santa Fe.

“I’m hoping to God I can find the title in my RV,” she said.

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Kirk Holmes

Curious as to the condition the trailer is in now (re: a photo). Might be a good opportunity to resurrect that old "this is your brain / this is your brain on drugs" campaign. Nah, guess it didn't do any good back then, and probably never will.

Lorraine Knorr

The condition of the trailer…smashed windows, torn off axels and tires. Urine, feces, needles everywhere. The outside and inside is destroyed and everything they could sell or destroy they did. “I know this because it’s my trailer” I would like to say your idea is great but then show me a Governor who would go for it.

David Bangs

I hope Quinn Tires has a conscience and helps with this woman’s damages. They did not do enough to protect her property.

Lorraine Knorr

I have reached out to the owner and left my number just to talk to him. He has never reached back.

Katy Finna

You need to talk to a lawyer about damages, the garage has insurance. Do you have family in the area who can help with a place to stay?

Marsden DeLapp

So sorry this happened. She lost a lot and the thieves will likely get off scott free.

I had a truck stolen from my work next to Pete’s place. The police told me the thieves came from the shelter. The State Police caught them speeding and chased them. They wrecked my truck and totaled it. Charges were filed but the DA dropped the charges and never prosecuted them. I posted the dash cam video of the chase and wreck at

My advice to Ms Knorr is to keep the pressure up on the police and DA to do something about these criminals.

I also ask that the New Mexican continue to follow up and keep us informed on what happens. I would like to know who was arrested and what is their criminal history.

Khal Spencer

Why did the DA drop the charges?

Marsden DeLapp

I don't know why the DA dropped the charges. I assume it was because the DA was lazy, negligent or just plain corrupt. I called the DA and they said they were going to refile the charges but they never did. This was about the same time the DA dropped the charges in a murder case where the suspect was caught driving the victims stolen car and confessed to shooting the victim. The DA said there was no evidence that shooting the victim caused her death and dropped all the charges. I figured if the DA would not prosecute a murder case where they had a confession, the DA would have no interest in prosecuting a vehicle thief.

Khal Spencer

DA sounds like it should stand for Dysfunctional and Abysmal.

Lorraine Knorr

Thank you for the advice and you bet when I arrive back this weekend to “no home” the first place I am going is to see my RV and the next is to the police. I want court dates. I can’t sit idly by and do nothing. Evil wins when good people do nothing.

Khal Spencer

Maybe there will be a critical mass of people fed up with crime in New Mexico and willing to do something about it. Maybe. Seems that doing the SSDD doesn't get us anywhere.

Michael Grimler

Santa Fe can start by not electing criminal-coddling liberal/Democrat/Socialists to public office.

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