Santa Fe police identified a man killed in an early morning shooting Monday, and 12 hours later they apprehended a suspect in a separate shooting that put area schools and businesses in lockdown.

Investigators had not determined whether the incidents are connected, Santa Fe police Deputy Chief Paul Joye said, though a late-evening news release said the investigation is ongoing as police work through “numerous crime scenes” caused by the suspect in the second shooting.

Police said Joseph Aiello, 39, was killed early Monday in the 2700 block of Alamosa Drive, according to a news release. Lt. David Webb said Aiello had been shot in the head.

Police responded to the scene around 1:48 a.m., and crime scene tape could be seen around the home at 2728 Alamosa Drive hours after the incident.

A woman at the home said in an interview she had been at the residence at the time of the shooting. She and some friends were in a back room and heard gunshots. When she came out, the woman said, she saw Aiello lying on the floor in a hallway bleeding from a gunshot wound to his head.

The woman said several people at the home fled while she and her boyfriend called for an ambulance.

The woman, who declined to be identified, added she knew Aiello as a kind man who was always willing to help others.

She said she and her boyfriend later saw a man they believed to be the shooter walking around downtown.

Investigators believe the suspect and the victim knew each other, according to the news release.

About 12 hours later, another shooting — this one near Owl’s Liquor at St. Francis Drive and Hickox Street — resulted in the lockdowns of Santa Fe Indian School, the Early Learning Center at Kaune and several nearby businesses as law enforcement searched for suspects.

Police said the male shooting victim was transported to a local hospital and later to University of New Mexico Hospital. His condition was not immediately known.

Santa Fe police identified Jay Wagers, 25, as the man apprehended by Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies after the shooting. Charges against him were not immediately available.

Police said Wagers is suspected of fleeing with two others following the shooting. Wager left foot as the other suspects likely fled in a vehicle.

Investigators believe Wagers also attempted to steal a vehicle near the intersection of Cerrillos Road and Baca Street.

“It is believed that the suspect attempted to forcibly steal the victim’s vehicle, and subsequently shot the vehicle as the victim fled the area,” according to a news release from Santa Fe police.

The incident drew a response from several law enforcement agencies, including the sheriff’s office, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and New Mexico State Police. Officers gathered at Santa Fe Indian School and conducted a sweep of the campus.

The sheriff’s office took Wagers into custody at the Indian School, where was found hiding in a car in the parking lot, armed with a knife and a handgun, according to a news release.

Police limited access to the area for hours, into the early evening.

Santa Fe Indian School Superintendent Christie Abeyta said in a statement Monday the school is “grateful” for the response from local law enforcement.

“Within a matter of minutes, city, county, state, and tribal law enforcement were on campus and arrested the suspect without incident,” she said. “We are so blessed to be part of the Santa Fe community.”

Wagers has a history of violent crime in Santa Fe, including convictions of battery upon a peace officer, possession of narcotics and motor vehicle theft.

In 2019, he was involved in an incident in a home — also on Alamosa Drive — in which he was accused of attacking a man in his home and assaulting two police officers.

Police were searching for the two other suspects, one wearing a blue jersey and black pants. The second suspect was wearing gray sweatpants, a Raiders hat and a black shirt. But Joye said Wagers was believed to be the only person involved in the shooting.

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Mai Ting

maybe it is time to confiscate all hand guns . of course , many people say they need it for self defense

Khal Spencer

Good luck with that. Heller vs D.C. gave them more protection than any other firearm.

Mai Ting

sounds like a lot of negative feelings about everything out there . Too bad. I thank the police and the newspaper for doing the best they can in a bad situation

KT Rivera

Quote from Mayor Webber at last night's forum: "Crime has gone down in Santa Fe". Clearly, the community is experiencing the opposite. I am amazed that the Mayor can make these statements with a straight face to the citizens of Santa Fe.

Richard Reinders


Bob Res

That statement by the mayor was, at best, a complete joke.

Check out the murder rate in Santa Fe versus, say, Chicago. It will open the eyes of anyone who does. Safety, not equity or affordable housing, is the #1 priority of any administration at any level.

—— Bob Res

Tom Ribe

Sadly, the courts will convict this guy, give him a light sentence and he will be out on the streets again in a few months or years and terrorize our community. And it is not democrats or republicans who mete out these weak sentences as the judges are non partisan.

Michael Grimler

"...the judges are non partisan."

They're *supposed* to be non-partisan, but I suspect they are not.

Emilia Martinez


Michael Grimler

Stop electing liberal/Democrat/Socialists who coddle criminals.

Maria Bautista


Margaret Eyler

New Mexico is swimming in Federal dollars. How about we cash some in and get the feds in here?? A third party to break the corruption and nepotism that plagues every nook and cranny of this state. But FIRST our local officials have to do a basic, firm crack-down on laws that most of us abide by—loitering, pan-handling, public squatting, don’t let repeat offenders OUT, drug use and distribution…..people KNOW they can get away with petty-serious crimes in this state!

Maria Bautista

Margaret, law enforcement is not available to cruise city streets. Even our police chief resigned, and Webber says, we are not in a hurry to hire a new Chief?? Before Webber we never saw the level of violence we are seeing now. Most of our officers my live in Rio Rancho, they cannot afford to live in Santa Fe. We pay officers a 500. Bonus so they can commute.

Angel Ortiz

The woman who was interviewed at the Alamosa resistance sounds really suspicious. How can you have people in your home at that hour of night and not know who they are? Then her and boyfriend left the scene to search for the suspect? Seems very odd. One last comment. That area of Alamosa Street has been questionable for the last several years.

Maria Bautista

Angel, the shooting was during the afternoon.

Angel Ortiz

Maria. Read again: Police responded to the scene around 1:48 a.m., and crime scene tape could be seen around the home at 2728 Alamosa Drive hours after the incident.

Tom Ribe

We had two crimes, in two places many hours apart. Police suspect same criminal involved in both.

Maria Bautista

Angel the guy who was killed is my friend. We were cleaning my backyard which backs up to the arroyo which backs up to his house, we saw the insanity, later more gunshots at Owl's.

Angel Ortiz

Crime scene on Alamosa had been taped off before sunrise. I drive by every morning. All of the speculation here is very confusing. I doubt that this shooting had anything do with the other events around the city.

michael friestad

Police responded to the scene around 1:48 a.m., and crime scene tape could be seen around the home at 2728 Alamosa Drive hours after the incident.

Lloyd Dobber

We have crime, drug use, homelessness, Ave COVID all spiraling out of control. The Mayor and city council continue to refuse to pay our Fire and Police a reasonable salary. We get a fraction of the applicants as before and remain woefully understaffed.

The city needs to stop paying our public servants with unreliable GRT and utilize property tax like every other city. It's ridiculous. The situation is spiraling out of control and the politicians in mansions don't have to suffer the consequences of their decisions

Khal Spencer

In my previous job, there was the concept of "run to failure" with some buildings and equipment where it was not considered useful to the powers that be to fix things before they blew up but let them fail and then figure it out. I have a feeling that we were teetering on the edge of running to failure with many of our social systems, including police, social services, housing, and income inequality. Covid pushed it to failure. We are reaping the whirlwind of decades of Reaganomics and other short term thinking.

Maria Bautista


Maria Bautista

Exactly. Chief resigned nicely, but underneath his skin are a million stories.

Martin Garcia

This is exactly what happens when the police are defunded.

Erin Russell

They haven’t been defunded. They are underfunded, just like the teachers and staff protecting students today!

Martin Garcia

So what would you consider defunded? They moved resources from the police budget to fund other alternatives. Sounds like defunding to me. How exactly did the teachers and staff protect the students? Seems to me the officers did the protecting.

Andrew Lucero

Very true Erin... It's sickening how overfunded the mayor and his top heavy administration seem to be.

Richard Forrest


Maria Bautista

That is a political word, the police were never "defunded", they added another component. That allows cops to fight crime, and not waste their time, with drug overdoses, or mentally ill people.

Khal Spencer

Information here, on the Santa Fe Police Facebook page.

Khal Spencer

Violent crime is up all across the U.S.A. for a whole bunch of reasons. Buckle up, lock the doors, and take other appropriate precautions.

Erin Russell

So sick of living in “ghettoville”- my new name for Santa Fe. Sorry, not sorry. We need to have something happen. I live waking up to multiple gunshots constantly on the Southside. Now the drama of the meth heads, robbing stores and hiding on school campuses off Cerrillos. It puts out babies in danger, Santa Fe PD, government, and residents… Get your %a$t together. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Maria Bautista

Alan Webber makes no appearances to let community know he's got things user control. Because he doesn't,,,

Miranda Viscoli

Thank you to the school staff at both the Indian School and the Early Learning Center at Kaune for helping our children get through this day. Because gun violence and lockdowns traumatize our children.

A Ortega

Pretty busy day for SFPD Please be safe out there. Tell me Webber and Signe how was the day on Canyon Rd. & Cerro Gordo? Did you play pickle ball today?

Augustin de la Sierra

"Let them eat cake."

The number of homeless continues to skyrocket. I agree that things are spiraling out of control in Santa Fe and nationwide. I think it is going to take a revolution before the rich realize that an investment in social services to help the poor is a sound investment.

Tiffany Thomas

THIS! All of this!!!!!!!! The north side is just honky dory while there are shooting almost everyday on the south side. I have been saying this for a while now, all these old, decrepit, rich culture changers that have 3, 4 5 homes here with your $2000 a plate Webber fundraisers, are not going to like the problems that they are creating when the killings, shootings and robbery are in your Canyon Rd and Cerro Gordo front yards because its going to start moving your way but by all means enjoy your stupid pickle ball.

Maria Bautista

Thanks, crime was in the Plaza, Webber was the FIRST VANDAL!!

Richard Forrest

How are the people you’re talking about creating the problem? I don’t get your logic. Obviously you despise them, I get that.

Andrew Lucero

Well Tiffany, the north side isn't so "honky dory" either... We have our problems too. Thankfully no shootings yet, but the drug use and burglaries are sure starting to run rampant. We have some major issues with a couple of homeless encampments off of Bishops Lodge and Old Taos Highway. One in the arroyo and the other in hills. You can tell most of occupants of these homeless camps are very heavy drug users. They have been prowling the neighborhoods and breaking into cars, storage sheds, and houses for months. And the police are either unwilling or unable to do anything about it... But one thing is for sure. It's only a matter of time before the shootings and robbery's start moving onto Canyon Road and Cerro Gordo.

David Brown

Clearly this is a ‘no bail’ case.The suspects can be trusted to show up for court appearances and to behave themselves in the meantime. Just ask the judges who release them.

Maria Bautista

Or the D.A. who lost her first two cases and blames the justice system. But she refused to try all Obelisk vandals! Of course of they had been Hispanic, thry would have been best and shot. Our DA is micromanged by Webber.

John Martinez

It is/was a matter of time that Santa Fe has to deal with the overflow of criminal activity and criminal element that Albuquerque has dealt with for decades. Santa Fe Gente buckle up, this is gonna worse if we don't get a Mayor and Chief of Police that believes in more funding for public safety.

Angel Ortiz

Well said Mr. Martinez. We also need criminals to be fully prosecuted when they are apprehended.

Comment deleted.
Stefanie Beninato

I am sorry, Maria, but is your statement about Webber hyperbole? Because he certainly did not create meth or opioids and he certainly did not contribute to the rising gun violence. In fact, I believe the city still engages in buy back program on guns. You may not like Webber but let's not falsely demonize him. (And yes, I know you are talking about the obelisk--but what about the basic problems in Santa Fe--safety, housing, education etc)? IMHO the obelisk should not be seen as the biggest or only problem in the city.

Comment deleted.
Maria Bautista

Hi Stephanie, in this instance the buck stops with Webber. You have been in SF and struggled with city hall. Once Padilla resigned, Webber said, "There's no hurry to hire a new Chief, really? There are two gangs, yesterday's ruckus was in my backyard, we live across the arroyo. Joseph was a friend of mine, it was an execution, and later at Owl's.Webber absolutely needs to step up police and get a handle on the increasing crime. On the other hand your right, I do not like Webber, mostly because he is a sexual predator and uses women as his front.

Mark Ortiz

Is it illegal or against journalistic ethics to post the picture of a "suspect" with this story?

xavier deherrera

Mark Ortiz

Good lord, case judges include, David Segura, Mary Marlowe Sommer, George Anaya, Donita Sena, John Rysanek.

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