Nearly 170 individual donations from outside New Mexico went to Mayor Alan Webber’s reelection campaign, compared to just nine for City Councilor JoAnne Vigil Coppler, who is challenging him in the Nov. 2 election, according to a review of campaign finance reports released Friday.

The out-of-state donors, a good chunk from the East and West coasts, where Webber spent time before moving to Santa Fe, make up almost 25 percent of the mayor’s total donor base for the first campaign finance reporting period of the election, which revealed a staggering $360,595 in total contributions between March 1 and Sept. 22. The amount includes $19,250 from 20 businesses.

Webber’s funding in the first report, submitted this week, outpaced his total fundraising during his successful 2018 campaign, which generated about $315,000, a record at the time for Santa Fe municipal elections.

In comparison, Vigil Coppler, who often has painted herself as a born-and-raised Santa Fean, netted just 2 percent of her donors from outside the state.

While Webber has the out-of-state edge, Vigil Coppler was able to generate more donations from local businesses. About 27 businesses, 25 of which were local, donated a total of $29,600 to her campaign — almost a quarter of the approximately $112,000 she has raised so far.

The third candidate in the mayoral race, Alexis Martinez Johnson, received about a third of her 39 individual donations from people who listed their home address outside of Santa Fe. Martinez Johnson reported raising a total of just over $10,200.

Webber reported nearly 100 donations of $1,000 or more — 92 from individuals and seven from businesses such as Duran Investments and the Bregman Law Firm.

Vigil Coppler received 28 donations of $1,000 or more from individuals, and 15 from businesses, including eight $2,500 donations.

Republican Martinez Johnson reported just three donations of at least $1,000: individual donations of $1,000 and $2,500 and another $2,500 from the group Santa Fe Federated Republican Women. The group’s goal is to support the candidacy of Republican women.

Webber’s campaign has spent about $210,000, his finance report shows, including nearly $47,000 for a variety of consulting services, almost $40,000 on advertising and close to $28,000 for campaign staffing.

Vigil Coppler’s expenditure report is far lighter, with nearly $9,000 out of $14,000 going to Abeyta and Associates for campaign management services.

Expenditures are required to be reported in the period in which they are paid.

Martinez Johnson’s expenditure report reveals several payments of $10 to $100, along with $2,500 to Kansas City, Mo.-based Axiom Strategies for consulting services. She has spent a total of nearly $4,900, according to her recent report.

Early voting in the municipal election begins Oct. 5.

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Kiki Martinez

The fact that a large portion of Webber's donations are coming from out of state as they did in 2018 should be a CLEAR indication that his interest is not really Santa Fe and the people from Santa Fe. I really urge all my local native Santa Fean neighbors to get out and vote to get Webber out of our local politics!

Al Martinez

With these "donations," the trophy home crowd will certainly make their wishes known, e.g., keeping affordable housing out of their neighborhoods.

Sam Finn

Santa Fe city elections are of local - not national - significance. It ought not be the case that money in large amounts flows to a particular candidate - Webber - from out of state. (Paranthetically, this was also the case in his 2018 campaign: Webber raised "a good chunk" of his funding from out-of-state.)

Regarding the reporting here:

* Can anyone share where we can find the breakdown - "a good chunk" from out of state - comes from? I assume from campaign finance reports. Are these available online? If so, from where?

* Can anyone share how to interpret the breakdown that has been reported? Does "a good chunk" mean a large fraction of dollars, or of donors, or something else? And, what is that fraction? I.e., what is "a good chunk?"

Lynn k Allen


Don Ric

The finance reports are on the City Clerk section of the city website. To save you three clicks, here's the link:

The percentages in the article are related to "donor base" which I take to mean number of donors. Not specifically included in the article is that Webber reported something around 680 individual contributions compared to Vigil Coppler's 158. Subtracting the "nearly 170" out-of-state contributors leaves Webber with 510 individual contributions from inside New Mexico, well over three times those of Vigil Coppler. But divining meaning from those actual numbers - as opposed to using percentages - would require more sophisticated analysis and wouldn't fit the popular "transplant" narrative being espoused by Webber's most vocal critics. Not that my opinion matters, but while I generally like Mr. Thomas's reporting, this article seemed a little lazy. In his defense, the files online are PDF's, so transferring the data into a spreadsheet would take some time.

Richard Reinders

IMO who cares where, it is Webbers track record that hurts him, poor performance as a mayor and driving a wedge in the community with his racist agenda to eliminate all things Hispanic.

Mike Johnson


Stefanie Beninato

The donations for all candidates should be online including whom they came from. I think, if last time is indicative, you will see relatives and friends of Webber's donating from out of state. And have you asked V-C her stance on development and preserving neighborhoods. Look at her record. She may be from here but she has been selling Santa Fe for some time.

D. Stark

It should not matter where exactly, someone is from- we are now a pretty diverse community. The true question, what are the priorities of the individual, their level of commitment to those issues, and to helping Santa Fe realize its potential. We need someone with a broad and SINCERE vision who is willing to take on the issues. Webber has tragically, squandered the opportunity - I think he is more interested in the ‘win’ and the position. Apparently, he remains a good salesman. I agree, he has done virtually nothing except perhaps, create a greater divide between the residents of our community. Help is desperately needed across the board. Is there someone who can truly help, not just to unify us, but to take on the issues that plague our community? Sadly, they are not going away.

Sam Finn

While agreeing mostly, I will disagree just a bit on the question of "where". A good mayor or councilor needs to understand the community they are elected to serve. A relative "newcomer" of sufficient humility and empathy can achieve that understanding. Regrettably, humility and empathy are two words that do not characterize Alan Webber as mayor.

Turning to a different aspect of "where": Santa Fe City Government is not of national significance. It is not even of statewide significance. It is difficult to understand, in any innocent fashion, that "a good chunk" of the funding that Webber has raised for his re-election comes from thousands of miles away (1000 to the west coast, 2000 to the east coast).

For these reasons, I think there is something to be said for "where" someone is from. It is not determining, to be sure, but it is informative.

Marie Naphsid

Does Santa Fe use Dominion voting machines?

A Ortega

One vote, one candidate. Joanne Vigil Coppler for Mayor. You don't have to check all the names.

Khal Spencer

Yep. That's my problem with the Mayor's campaign. Its not about Santa Feans driving their own destiny. Its well of people somewhere else putting their thumbs on the scale.

Lynn k Allen


Bob Res

I’m a newby, but from my observations over the last couple of years or so I wholeheartedly agree with your post…. Why don’t Santa Feans get together and “drive their own destiny” instead of trying to be like Colorado, Cali, etc?

Mike Johnson

This of course speaks volumes about Webber's "commitment" to Santa Fe and her citizens. Bought and paid for by rich, out of state special interests.

Kirk Holmes

It’s unfortunate what some “transplants” have the done (and continue to do) to our state and its 3 largest cities. In my opinion, New Mexico was once fairly politically moderate - a good thing. I say “Make New Mexico Moderate Again”. Good luck people of Santa Fe in voting Weber out of office.

Angel Ortiz

Well said.[thumbup]

Mike Johnson


Dave Vigil

Please !!! Do not! Let this man win. He is a terrible mayor. He has not done anything for this city. Got hoim out!!

David Romero

All the money in the world isn't going to help Weber. If there is a large turnout Weber gets the boot.

Miguel Perez

Let’s rally together and vote the him out of office!

Charles W Rodriguez

Well, if this isn't proof that Webber ain't from here! He's an outsider that has infiltrated our community; and, now wants to transform santa fe into just another financial opportunity.

Richard Reinders

It looks like Webber will continue to serve out of state interest rather than local. We need a mayor that is focuses on Santa Fe issues.

Sam Finn


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