Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber remains mum on whether he intends to seek reelection in the upcoming 2021 municipal election.

Asked Monday about the topic during his bimonthly session with media members, Webber said he currently doesn’t have a timetable for announcing a decision, but noted he is aware the public is interested in an answer.

“I think right now the work for the moment has to do with COVID, midtown and the CHART commission and housing,” he said. “I’m not unmindful of the fact that I do owe the voters and the people of Santa Fe an answer as to whether or not I will be running for reelection so I’m not going to let it drag on.”

Webber was elected as the city’s first full-time mayor in 2018 in Santa Fe’s first ranked-choice election, defeating four other candidates.

Webber earns $110,000 in the position.

“I am aware that it’s good practice to let the voters know in time so they can start evaluating their options, so I’m not going to drag on,” Webber said. “That said, there is a lot of work to be done now. ... There is just a significant amount of work on the agenda.”

The municipal election will be held in November, and also includes races for four City Council seats — currently occupied by District 1’s Signe Lindell, District 2’s Carol Romero-Wirth, District 3’s Roman Abeyta and District 4’s Joanne Vigil Coppler.

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Rachel Thompson

It seems late for other candidates not to have declared. I would love it if the SFNM would do some legwork and report on who else is likely to run.

Chris Mechels

The real issue with Alan Webber is that he is a Dictator, who is very good at PR. His most offensive move, of many, was appointing his Admin as City Manager, to do whatever Alan wishes. The City Council should NEVER have gone for that. It is simply the worst of many such appointments, including the incompetent

SFPD Chief. It seems the only "requirement" is saying "Great Idea Alan", loudly and often. Competent employees who won't kiss his boot have left.

By now it should be clear that the "New Mayor" changes were poorly thought out, and wishful thinking. They didn't see the Dictator coming.

Even worse, he might run for Governor. I'd rather see him destroy Santa Fe, than the state.

Grace Trujillo

My taxpayer money paid this man $110,000 per year. Wow, I am so depressed! He did not deserve this salary. Why is this position paying so much. Don't we have a city council that also runs that city. Don't they all work together? Wow.

He did not earn his pay!!!!!

Samuel Herrera

Do not run. Leave. Get out of here. Go back to where yo came from.

Miguel Perez

Please just go away, you have a very small chance of being re-elected. You have been a very bad mayor.

Dave Vigil

Please Please do not!! Run again. 110,000??? For what? You have done nothing to better this city. If you do decide to run maybe all the local people that have been here forever will vote you out. Clearly you were the wrong choice.

Paul Davis

"All the local people that have been here forever"

In the 1990s, Santa Fe's population was in the mid 50,000 range. It's now over 80,000. Those extra 30,000 people didn't come from "the local people who have been here forever" having kids. I'd recommend getting over this way of thinking about things. Today's newcomers will be tomorrows locals, and the descendants of those that moved away will one day come back to be told they are "not from here forever".

I have never experienced some rampant xenophobia as I see displayed in the comments section of this newspaper.

Certainly, there are people who move to a new location that are evil, or at least ill-intentioned. But why not criticze those people for being evil, or ill-intenioned? Why do you always have to make it about the fact that someone wasn't born here?

Stefanie Beninato

I guess you didn't know that until Webber was elected the prime criterion to hold public office in Santa Fe was whether you were born here--as if that qualified you to run a city. Notice how everyone

casually throws that in when mentioning their qualifications--notice how the new city clerk added her maiden name to what was an unhypenated last name (Mihelcic ) so that everyone would know she has Hispanic roots--probably in response to the ugly comments made when Yolanda Vigil resigned. Despite not respecting Webber's performance, I think if you have lived here for nearly twenty years that you are from here. Maybe if more "born here" people had outside experiences--such as attending college, being in the military, they might appreciate that multiple perspectives which often means accepting diversity, result in better solutions.

Richard Reinders

Stefanie, this is Richard's wife. It is very rare that I ever comment on this page but I cannot ignore your cruel and unacceptable comment against the Santa Fe locals. To say I am offended by your hateful remarks is an understatement. I was born and raised in Santa Fe and the reason we local Hispanic women hyphenate our names is cultural to acknowledge our families. Growing up in Santa Fe almost everyone who lived here -- Hispanic and non-Hispanic -- knew everyone by their families. When we introduced ourselves it was an honor and a common courtesy to announce ourselves by our family name, the names of our families and what part of Santa Fe we lived. It didn't matter if you were a Vigil, Martinez, Gonzales, Vialpando, Pick, Ragle our McCauley. This was part of the richness of being from our beautiful Santa Fe community. We knew each other and we had respect for our families in our community. It is not unlike other ethnic groups that announce themselves by their clan or tribe. And this is not unlike other women who also hyphenate regardless of their ethnicity.. Your comment "Maybe if more "born here" people had outside experiences -- such as attending college, being in the military..." is completely out of line and chilling. You should be ashamed of yourself and check your intentions. Peace to you.

Richard Reinders

The quieter the better

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