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Among photographs Santa Fean Matthew Martin provided to the FBI were selfies of him wearing a Trump face mask on the National Mall near the Capitol on Jan. 6.

A Santa Fe man faces federal charges after allegedly participating in the January riot at the U.S. Capitol, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday in federal court.

Matthew Martin, 42, faces multiple charges, including knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; disorderly conduct that impedes the conduct of government business; and parading, demonstrating or picketing in the Capitol buildings.

Cellphone records show Martin’s phone was in the area at the time of the Jan. 6 incident, according to a complaint filed by FBI Agent Travis Taylor.

On Jan. 20, Martin went to a local FBI office and confessed to being in the crowd that illegally entered the U.S. Capitol, the complaint states.

He told the FBI that “after reading then-President [Donald] Trump’s tweets regarding the election being stolen,” he decided to fly to Washington, D.C., to attend a protest. During the riot, Martin said, Capitol guards opened the doors and he entered the Capitol along with a crowd of other people. But he “realized later” the protests were worse than he thought and came back home to New Mexico.

Martin provided the FBI with receipts from his flights, along with photographs and videos he took Jan. 6, the complaint states. Some of those photos included selfies of Martin wearing a Trump face mask on the National Mall near the Capitol, the complaint states. He was also captured on surveillance footage from the event.

Martin isn’t the only New Mexico man to be charged in the riot. On April 7, Shawn Bradley Witzemann of Farmington faced similar criminal charges, but court records indicate his case was terminated Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Frank Fisher, an FBI spokesman, declined to comment because the case is now being handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington did not respond to inquires.

When a reporter knocked on Martin’s door Thursday, no one answered.

Martin was taken into custody Thursday. His first hearing is scheduled for Friday morning via a virtual link before Magistrate Judge Kirtan Khalsa of the U.S. District Court of New Mexico.

Martin has no significant criminal history in New Mexico aside from a harassment charge in 2017 that was later dismissed.

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Sabine Strohem

Sounds like a traitor to me.

Jim Klukkert

Tom Hyland has slithered his way into the SFNM comments page again, and again casts doubt on what most of us rational folks understand as the Insurrection of January 6, 2021. In case any readers doubt how far Hyland is into the hoopla, here is a portion of one of his comments from January.

"My previous comment was the truth... so I'll write it out again. The so-called "insurrection"at the US capitol building on January 6th was a very obvious false-flag operation conducted by BLM, Antifa members and flat-out criminals. Everybody knows this. Participants were escorted in after police removed barriers and opened the doors. Selfies were taken of the "rioters" along side the cops. Except for the very unfortunate Ashli Babbitt who was cheered into position by BLM activist James Sullivan, the invading force were these infamous vandals who have been burning and destroying America's cities all through 2020. Does anyone really believe the guy wearing the buffalo horns and Mel Gibson makeup was a Trump supporter?"

Sure Mr. Hyland, the only Trumper there was the late Ashli Babbitt, and sure, James Sullivan is a BLM activist. And my uncle is the Queen of the Ruhr.

Tom Hyland

Jim, you've got to be getting paid to do what you do... which is commenting sometimes as much as 10 times every day in the comments section of this forum. I don't "slither" anywhere. Your standard M.O. is to insult and name-call which makes you look like a deeply disturbed unstable type. Why do you hate so much? I haven't posted a comment in months but this article caught my attention and I typed an opinion or two that are receiving thumbs up. However, anyone whom you disagree with you call conspiracy theorist, racist, Trump supporter, anti-semite, liar, propagandist, and any other insulting label you attempt to affix to your perceived enemy. The January 6th event at the Capitol building is still viewable on the internet. Cops calmly opened doors and escorted people into the building. The guy wearing the buffalo horns was escorted into the Senate chamber by a cop following respectably behind. To me that looked highly suspicious, not at all like the room was taken by violent force. The couple of folks smashing the windows were handed poles from INSIDE the building. These were handed from the inside to the outside by Capitol guards. So I don't believe ANYTHING the lying media and the current administration it dutifully services has to say. But I didn't believe the Trump administration and the media that used to attack that platform, either. Your constant, daily, unending commentary here is identical to the MSM propaganda. If you're not a paid participant here then you are obviously suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder and addiction to striking out at others. You probably had a miserable childhood and you've never attained adulthood.

Jim Klukkert

Tom Hyland- I am glad to let your words speak for themselves, especially as I quoted above, that the January 6 Insurrection was a what you call a "false flag operation." Using that as your standard, I do not believe you will be making much headway on these pages, nor with our fellows, despite your cherry picking of facts, your distortions and your outright lies.

And please, charge me with personal attacks that really are entertaining for their over the top quality. ["obviously suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder and addiction to striking out at others ... probably had a miserable childhood and you've never attained adulthood"] As you so correctly point out, when you are not making those personal attacks, it undercuts your credibility, though you are not so polite to state that in a civil manner. ["you look like a deeply disturbed unstable type.]

Though the bulk of your response here is vindictive, your necessarily brief account of the Capitol is sadly substantiates my indictment of your highly selective cherry picking of the factual record. Your description of the often violent events of January 6 includes nothing of the injuries and even deaths that resulted. Your slanted perspective describes peaceful visitors being escorted, almost welcomed into the Capitol. The rest of us saw videos of uniformed police trying to hold the doors closed against a well organized assault, and videos of Congress people, staffers and others in fear for their physical safety as the doors of the Chambers were secured by security with guns drawn.

I have spent a life time working for Peace and Justice, and will keep on keeping on into the future.

As I said, I am glad to let your words speak for themselves, and when you post such nonsense, I shall again remind readers as to your positions and your methods.

Jim Klukkert

Tom- If I was getting paid for this, I would do a better job proofing my copy before posting. For example, “charge me with personal attacks that really are entertaining for their over the top quality” should read “charge me with YOUR OWN personal attacks that really are entertaining for their over the top quality.”

And “your necessarily brief account of the Capitol is sadly substantiates my indictment of your highly selective cherry picking…” should read “your necessarily brief account of the Capitol sadly substantiates my indictment of your highly selective cherry picking…”

Working for Peace and Justice is very rewarding, but does not often afford practitioners financial compensation. So special thanks to you for the entertainment.

William Mee

I think we are missing the point her. All 800 to 1,000 individuals who crossed the police barriers must be held to account. It is not good enough to say well Trump is no longer in the White House so let bygones be bygones. This was an organized attempt to overthrow the government. Qanon widely broadcasted that all 535 members of Congress were to be tried and executed en masse. We all thought Couy Griffin was out of his mind when he announced this plan and that the blood would flow out of the buildings---but it turns out that he and many others were following the direct orders from the Commander in Chief. The plan included heavy armaments (rocket launchers and grenades) coming in by speed boats on the Potomac River once the Capitol was breeched. Flying from Santa Fe to D.C. implies a knowledge of what the goals were. More information on the "plot" is coming out every day. Justice must be served.

Tom Hyland

When this nation began the foundation of jurisprudence was called "The Common Law." Under that authority one could not be compelled to appear in court unless they had harmed someone. The Common Law disappeared after the passage of the Buck Act 1940. This is when the State became the Real Party in Interest, as if the State is a living, breathing being that cries itself to sleep at night for the injuries it has suffered. Matthew Martin harmed NO ONE. He entered a building took some selfies then walked back out. No one was harmed by the stroll Matt took that day. But the State is pretending to be injured and will not rest until it has destroyed his life. People howling for his imprisonment never knew what this country once was. These revengeful types are statists, government worshippers. They are not what real Americans are made of.

Khal Spencer


William Mee

Tom you are misinformed about the Buck Act which set into play federal authority for taxation and spending and usurped the 10th Amendment holding these powers for the states. Common Law descends from the Magna Carta and English Common law. In the USA, our courts had civil and criminal divisions. In court, common law can be used. A subpoena can compel a citizen into court and this can served by a Sheriff. What you are espousing is a series of writings by the Libertarian Party which are fundraising gimmicks and nothing more.

zach miller

funny how in portland its the worst thing ever because people protest being killed by police. But once a group of people storm a government building in an attempt to over turn the results of an election, they just make up nonsense on why it is acceptable. Then they call everyone a hypocrite.

Tom Hyland

You're wrong, Bill. Our courts still have criminal and civil procedure. Not "had." The courts, in a highly unlawful way, get the defendant to plea guilty or not guilty to the "offense." Only a human being can be offended. Not a governmental agency. When government hands out fines and punishment because the defendant has been proven guilty of the "offense," now the government has changed a criminal procedure into a civil matter in order to extract money from the unwitting victim. In this so called insurrection of January 6th, government has been offended, which is impossible. It's all about the money. Matthew Martin harmed no one and damaged nothing. This is a witch hunt.

Jim Klukkert

Give Mr. Tom Hyland enough rope …

The “so called insurrection of January 6th?” What are you calling it, Mr. Hyland?

Most of us are beyond satisfied that Alt-Right folks committed murderous violence in their likely conspiratorial effort to seize the seat of our experiment in Democracy, in order to stop our duly elected representative affirming the most basic act of our Democracy, that is the Vote.

We call that Insurrection.

I am offended. A substantial, even overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens are offended. Are you not offended, Mr. Hyland?

We expect our government to fully defend our individual and collective rights, by arresting and prosecuting all those who took part in this sad affair. Are you good with that, Mr. Hyland?

I am not at all assured that Mr. Matthew Martin did no harm to our Democracy. I trust that the courts will work that out. Do you know better Mr. Hyland? Pray thee, please tell. Or don’t, unless you can employ greater intelligence than you have thus far in this discussion. No more nonsense, libertarian or otherwise, please. It's boring and insulting. Stop, please.

You need not further explain your sophomoric misunderstanding of our system of justice. The important issues are clearly over your head.

zach miller

he acted with intent to stop the government from functioning, that is terrorism, don't like it, don't do it. Its pretty easy not to do honestly.

Carolyn DM

Lock him up with the Cowboy wannabe from down South!!

Prince Michael Jauregui

However haplessly, the siege of the U.S. Capitol was an act of Domestic Terrorism, and the perpetrators are being zealously prosecuted.

Now, the questions begs: When do we go after the Domestic Terrorist groups responsible for the murders of over 70 -mostly Women and Children- Christians at Waco, the murders at Ruby Ridge, Christian-persecution, or those who caused over $2-billion in damages and 18 deaths in 2020? Where, is the zeal for Justice?

Be advised: Justice, true Justice, shall be surprising and especially severe for ALL enemies of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.

Tom Hyland

I applaud your opinion here. Only the grossly ignorant would "yawn" at the suggestion that domestic terrorists who murdered the innocents at Waco and Ruby Ridge, under the guise of following orders, should be brought to justice. There are some mean indicative people in this town.

Katherine Martinez

Riots have been taking place in Portland for years, so where's the outrage there? Spare me the righteous indignation. So this man is from Santa Fe, ok. Let's move on.

Jim Klukkert

At best distortions, laced with lies, Ms. Martinez.

Katherine Martinez

Jim, upheaval in Portland began in 2016 (Washington Post) and has never stopped since. That is a fact. The Federal Court House has been continuously been beaten and pummeled ever since, also sacred government property. I see no lies and distortion here. The trouble is the left cherry picks its arguments. This story of the 'insurrection' has been pumped to death, it's about to run out of fuel.

Prince Michael Jauregui

In all Truth Ms. Martinez, You and Mr. Hyland both make very valid points. Because the corrupted, under-worked and over-fed politicians in D.C. had their ivory tower rattled, it's a "insurrection"? Neverminding, the Mom & Pop businesses that were destroyed in various locations across the country during full-fledged riots - never to return nor recover. As you so accurately wrote, "..where's the outrage there?" Truly, you and Tom (and I) are actually on the same page.

Jim Klukkert

"This story of the 'insurrection' has been pumped to death, it's about to run out of fuel."

Is that what the Alt-Right Spin Machine is putting out now? Until the Feds roll out the prosecutions of the 400+ arrested so far, with up to another 100 coming...

Hence the big *Yawn* this morning.

Well done Ms. Martinez, choreographed nicely. Good to have you on record.

Jim Klukkert

Katherine Martinez- "Riots" makes for attention grabbing "News" copy that sells product. News headlined "Riots" is most often exaggerated, and in the case of "Portand Riots," exaggerated for the political advantage by the Alt-Right.

Katherine Martinez, how much time have you spent in Portland since 2016? Or ever? Do you even know someone in Portand? Do you know someone who knows someone in Portland? Or Oregon? Or west of New Mexico?

Or do you get your information from the mainstream or the Faux News media? The same folks who make their bucks selling their product by hyping their product with attention grabbing "News" copy.

zach miller

lets condemn the reason for riots as much as we condemn riots. In portland people should not be burning down businesses, but the only reason it happens is because cops murder people. In DC people should not be attacking government building in an attempt to stop the government from functioning. But the only reason it happened is because the GOP lied about the election having fraud for months on end.

Katherine Martinez


Dan Frazier

I'm surprised he is living in Santa Fe. He is certainly in the minority here. I wonder why he turned himself in? I wonder if his cooperation will lighten his sentence if found guilty? Perhaps at some point he will see fit to share his thoughts with the New Mexican.

Mark Ortiz

If I may, roughly 74 million voted for Trump. Although I feel it less and less, I'm surprised that people are surprised at how many voted for him, support him, support the ideals he promoted/promotes. Truth is, he was merely a lightning rod, a willing messenger. It's not just rich, bigoted, white, male, etc, etc, in his base, a lot of Hispanics I went to high school in the 80's have latched onto what they see as machismo, patriotism, pro law enforcement , and of course the good old days of misogyny and patriarchy. Look at Albuquerque, Trumps been there twice. Roncetti got over 45% of the vote for US Senate and I attribute some of that to him being a mix of old conservatism and Trumpism. Susanna did two terms. This state isn't as blue as we'd like to think and with the gentrification of Santa Fe? I'm sure those rich "liberals" on the eastside aren't all for Biden, and some surely were more afraid of Bernie than Trump.

Khal Spencer

Santa Fe County went 76% Biden and 22% Trump, so there are a fair number of folks in the County who are not devout Dems.

According to the Abq Journal, the gentleman has a security clearance. Or at least had one...maybe he realized after the fact that this was far more serious a situation and that he was in deep brown stuff and as you say, is trying to limit the damage.

I feel bad for anyone at the D.C. rally who got suckered into storming the Capitol. Like the people who tore down the obelisk, set fire to police stations, or did other stupid things, thoughtlessly crossed the line from legal protest into illegal conduct. But in a democracy or republic, the quality of government depends on the intelligence and initiative of the voter. I'll say no more.

Mark Ortiz

"the quality of government depends on the intelligence and initiative of the voter." here here

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