A woman who got lost while hiking on a trail near Hyde Memorial State Park was found Sunday night after temperatures dropped below freezing and her cellphone was almost out of power.

She called 911 around 5:45 p.m. to tell dispatchers she had lost her way hiking the Borrego Trail, prompting the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office to initiate a search effort.

Dispatchers asked New Mexico State Police to activate a search and rescue team, but that didn’t happen. Spokesmen for the agency did not return a message seeking comment on the decision not to aid in the search.

A sheriff’s deputy texted the woman to ask for her GPS coordinates, and when she gave them to him, he told her to stay where she was and he would come get her, said Juan Ríos, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

He and another deputy started to drive a pickup up the hillside, but the steep, snowy terrain proved too difficult to ascend, so they stopped the vehicle and a deputy hiked to where the woman was waiting, Ríos said.

By then, night had fallen and temperatures had dropped to 30 degrees. The woman, who lacked winter clothing, was cold and dehydrated, Ríos said, so the deputy gave her his jacket and some water and then escorted her to safety.

She told the deputy her cellphone battery was down to 2 percent of its power, Ríos said.

“She was pretty lucky,” he said, “And so were we in being able to locate her.”

The hiker and the deputy walked 1.7 miles down an off-trail route through a foot of snow. Fire personnel greeted them at the bottom of the hill and gave the woman more water and a medical check.

Deputies drove her several miles to her car parked at the Borrego Trailhead, Ríos said, calling it “a good outcome.”

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