A raucous crowd of 200 to 300 people gathered at the Roundhouse on Wednesday to show support for President Donald Trump, but the mostly peaceful rally in no way resembled the shocking, destructive and deadly riot in Washington, D.C., where demonstrators stormed the U.S. Capitol.

There were bitter words and deep emotions but no significant violence.

The New Mexico protesters — few of whom wore masks — waved American flags and banners that ranged from “Stop the Steal” to “Don’t Tread on Me.” Some lined the street cheering loudly as passing cars honked in solidarity. A military-style truck painted in camouflage drove past repeatedly and blasted its horn, firing up the crowd.

Supporters of President Donald Trump gather outside the Roundhouse in Santa Fe on the day Congress convened in Washington D.C. to confirm the results of the presidential election, won by Joe Biden.


A crowd of about 200 to 300 people gathered at the Roundhouse on Wednesday afternoon in support of President Donald Trump. 


Holly Branch, of Bernalillo county, waves an American flag alongside protestors outside of the Roundhouse in support of President Donald Trump on Wednesday afternoon.


Members of Cowboys for Trump arrive at the state Capitol on Wednesday.


Mark Smith waves a flag featuring Donald Trump on a velociraptor outside of the Capitol during a protest in support of President Trump on Wednesday afternoon.


Karri Mascarenas sporting a Keep America Great and Trump stickers on her face at Wednesday’s demonstration at the State Capitol in support of President Donald Trump. 

Staff writers Robert Nott and Daniel Chacón contributed to this report.

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