Former TV weatherman Mark Ronchetti announced his campaign for governor Wednesday, ending months of speculation about whether he would jump into the race and join a crowded field of Republicans seeking the nomination.

“This race won’t be easy,” Ronchetti, 48, said in a taped announcement. “They’ll attack us. They’ll lie about us. And they’ll do anything to hold on to power. But they’re going to lose, and they’re going to lose because they’re not on the side of hardworking New Mexicans.”

Ronchetti’s announcement isn’t exactly a surprise. It comes after he abruptly resigned Oct. 21 as KRQE-TV’s chief meteorologist, with the station reporting he was leaving to consider a gubernatorial bid.

Political blogger Joe Monahan wrote Ronchetti had “tripped out of the starting gate.”

Ronchetti lost a hotly contested U.S. Senate race last year against Ben Ray Luján, and before the TV station announced he was resigning last week, his Senate campaign website was changed to read “Mark Ronchetti Governor,” though it was quickly taken offline.

Ronchetti joins seven other Republicans who so far have announced their intentions to seek the GOP nomination. Unlike the other hopefuls, Ronchetti has statewide name recognition and has proven to be a formidable fundraiser. A political science professor at the University of New Mexico has said Ronchetti would be the front-runner among the Republican contenders.

Whoever wins the Republican primary will face off against Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in November 2022.

The Democratic Party of New Mexico pounced on Ronchetti less than an hour after he formally announced his candidacy.

“Without leadership experience or a record to run on, Ronchetti has taken up a platform of the GOP’s most extreme policies and former President [Donald] Trump’s most divisive ideas,” the party wrote in a news release.

Ronchetti, a married father of two, said in his nearly four-minute announcement video politicians “have forgotten us.”

“Politicians we elected don’t represent us anymore,” he said. “They don’t even listen. I’m running for governor because it’s time for that to change.”

Ronchetti said New Mexico has been his home for decades.

“This is an amazing place,” he said. “I’m a proud New Mexican, but I’m not proud of our politicians and the direction they’re taking the state.”

The state is ranked last in education, grappling with “sky-high violent crime” and disappearing jobs, Ronchetti said.

“The drug trade is destroying our state,” he added. “President [Joe] Biden has completely opened our border. Illegal drugs, human trafficking — they’re driving our violent crime. And the governor, she could help. Instead, silence.”

Ronchetti pinged Lujan Grisham on several other issues, from giving what he called “massive pay raises to her political insiders” to her COVID-19 restrictions, which were some of the most stringent in the nation.

“I’ll be a governor who does more than talk; I’ll listen,” he said. “That’s something our governor just hasn’t done. She’s lectured us. She’s wagged her finger at us. She’s robbed us of our freedoms. I’ve had enough. Our state’s had enough.”

Kendall Witmer, a spokeswoman for Lujan Grisham’s campaign, said in response the governor “is building a stronger New Mexico for all by creating thousands of jobs, growing the economy, lowering costs on health care, higher education, child care, and prescription drugs, and cutting taxes for half a million middle class families.”

Witmer’s statement continued, “Governor Lujan Grisham delivered for New Mexico families all while implementing one of the most successful responses to COVID-19 in the world, saving tens of thousands of lives. That’s a record New Mexicans stand behind.”

Jessica Velasquez, chairwoman of the state’s Democratic Party, said in a statement Ronchetti “got a clear answer” from New Mexico voters when he ran for the Senate.

“No amount of lies can distract from his inexperience or his support for dangerous far-right policies,” Velasquez said. “We’ve already seen how Ronchetti is unfit to lead New Mexico, and this desperate run for governor is no different. Our state cannot afford four years of incompetent Republican control.”

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Nancy Stuart

I hope KRQE upper management remembers both of Mark's abrupt departure when he loses (again). I certainly couldn't or wouldn't be able to return given that type of unprofessionalism.

Mark has ZERO experience in civic matters, a severe drought with a large derecho. Remember that when you go to the polls.

Bill Hill

He used his kids as props in his last campaign. No class, this guy, and his opinions go whichever direction the wind blows.

Russell Scanlon

OMG the NM GOP must be out of it’s mind.

I only have one question for Ronchetti: Do you support Donald Trump and do you dispute the fact that he lost the 2020 election? If the answer is yes then adios amigo.

Khal Spencer

Guilt by association is a common way to tar someone. But Ronchetti (correct spelling, I think) would not be bound by anything Trump does or does not do. I'm pretty sure he understands that.

Ben Lee

Mr Spencer

What is the definition of a 'Bannerman'? That is Wrongchetti, a person who carries a flag or banner to his king; a standard-bearer.

I have yet to see Wrongchetti distance himself from Orange45. Have you seen him say that Trump lost the election and Joe Biden is the President? Or that Covid-19 is real and to get Vaccinated or at least wear a mask in public for public good?

His most recent remarks are the typical dogma. On MLG and Covid-19 restrictions, "She’s wagged her finger at us. She’s robbed us of our freedoms."

I fear he will follow Texas and Florida and try to lead by Bully tactics, he doesn't have an original thought in his head. Give New Mexicans solutions not rhetoric.

Khal Spencer

When you condescend to spell his name properly, I'll offer you a meaningful reply.



since nothing fails like the power of prayer, my prayers

are with WRONGETTI.

Gerald Montoya

I think everyone is missing the big elephant in the room....Mark Ronchetti is a little light in the sandals when it comes to any kind of managerial experience. I don't think he's qualified for the job. Nevertheless, there have been plenty of inexperienced politicians elected that were still able to do the job. Today the complexities of managing a State government, dealing with the legislature, and many other challenges facing the State is different than reading a scripted weather forecast on TV.

On the other hand, even a career politician is no guarantee they will do a good job for the people of New Mexico either.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham tenure has not been perfect, but I admire the way she managed the COVID-19 crisis. I can tell you that the Governors' of many other states struggled to address one of the biggest health crisis of our lifetime. States like Florida, Texas and others, placed tribal politics ahead of protecting people, some tried to ignore COVID19 and hope it would go away. Failed leadership across the USA caused thousands to die unnecessarily. New Mexico still lost 500o+ lives despite very good efforts on the part the of health care providers.... BUT, can you imagine how many lives would have been lost if we had the Governor of Florida or Texas running things?

So when I think about who I'd want to be Governor during a crisis, do I choose someone with pretty good track record or someone that can give me a weather report? I think I know the answer...

Robert Fields

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup], Gerald!

The difference between good leadership and bad can be pretty dramatic. This report blames anywhere between 130,000 and 210,000 deaths on Trump’s decisions — as of October of last year. 2020.

“Through comparative analysis and applying proportional mortality rates, we estimate that at least 130,000 deaths and perhaps as many as 210,000 could have been avoided with earlier policy interventions and more robust federal coordination and leadership.”

The number now is much higher thanks to lingering vaccine, mask, and distancing hesitancy promoted by the orange ulcer that Ronchetti loves and admires. Florida and Texas are disaster areas in terms of covid death thanks to their governors. Each state alone has surpassed the entire US death toll from the Vietnam war.

Mark Ronchetti has already signaled to the right that he won’t enforce any mandates as he ridiculed MLG for “wagging her finger”. What Ronchetti fails to realize is this pandemic isn’t over. There’s already a new variant in the UK gaining ground and other more virulent mutations can occur at any time. It’s unfortunately possible we could get a mutation that sidesteps current vaccines and even forces a return to quarantines.

Ronchetti’s lack of insight and willingness to toe the republican line could easily present New Mexico with unprecedented danger and loss of life should the worst happen.

Gerald Montoya


Beth Damianos

I think that the New Mexicans should just give it a rest about Trump. Trump is gone and we must move ahead in New Mexico. We must look closely at what this Governor has accomplished, not accomplished or achieved.

Just remember New Mexico grown with many people moving out and the new generation is moving in. So many people have moved here to either start a family, escape their previous states. It is going to be a very exciting next few years in politics!

Take what has happen to New Mexico after Trump and Michelle has gotten into office as Governor. Really look hard to see where your life is today. You can't blame Trump!

Carmela Baca

It's my hope that the same gust of wind that blew Wronghetti to New Mexico will blow him further West and take his small audience of two, Joseph Tafoya and Tim Herrera, with him.

Mark Ortiz

Here's why I think this race is going to be closer than some think. Although historically, progressives are not an apathetic bunch when it comes to voting, we have thing like this, for example, "Biden pitches 1.75T plan on Capitol, trying to unite Dems." This right here is indicative of what causes voter apathy. Sky high promises to get elected and then in the end, siding with the rich and giving the voters crumbs, shampoo, rinse, repeat. As Democratic leadership and its donors care less and less about democratic voters and citizens in general, some of us are opening our eyes that their main purpose is to cater more and more to the rich, elite, corporations/financial institutions, and other political powerful. The Republicans are capturing some of these disenfranchised voters, albeit with lies and false promises of their own. Google: How many Trump voters voted for Obama? BTW, because the democratic leaders prefer to put on their cultural war slippers and play footsie with never Trumpers/CNN/Rachel Madow/Joy Reid worshipers instead of making good on promises made to the poor, working class, marginalized communities, and the progressive wing, those lost voters will NOT be coming back. I myself voted for Pizza Party Susana the first-time thinking Diane Denish would be more of Richardson’s arrogant elitism, bad call on my part, but see, frustration can cloud your vision. The Dem establishment doesn’t care that its registered voters feel trapped in having to make the choice of the lesser of two evils. Nina Turner was right when she said voting for Biden is like eating half a bowl of $ hit. Knowing this, and if Ronchetti doesn’t mention Trump, and he panders to a populist message, who knows. He already fired a shot across her political elite bow by noting her giving “massive pay raises to her political insiders” and let’s not forget her staff in the middle of a pandemic, as insignificant as it may seem. That issue resonates for some and for some enough to vote against one’s even more relevant interests.

Lupe Molina

I am more motivated to vote for progressive Dems. We need paid family leave. I'm not tilting toward Ronchetti instead of MLG. I want someone more like Sen. Sanders who will fight for better social problems. Also, f*** Joe Manchin.

Sam Jackson

We don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Ben Lee

Who didn't think Wrongchetti was not going to run Governer? Took him how many days to 'pray on it'? Actually he was waiting to see how much money his out of state republican PACs were going to 'donate' to his run.

I'm sure he would like New Mexicans to forget what a big Trumper he is. Having a Trumplican as governer would be horrible for the State.

The last thing we need is governer with no governening experience, much less any political experience. He would be an empty vessel for Trumplican talking points much like reading the weather off the teleprompter.

Watch how fast he takes a page out of the 'be a Bully' playbook and throw mud and see if it sticks and have no 'ideas' how to run or fix things in government .. Much like Manny Gonzalez running for Albuquerque mayor.

Alison Reider

On target 100%!!! Well said, Ben!!!

Michael Grimler

Mr. Lee,

Your hatred is palpable. From your post, it seems:

You hate people of faith.

You hate Trump.

You hate anyone who reminds you of Trump.

You hate anyone who isn't a professional politician.

Conversely, it seems:

You love publicly making fun of and denigrating people of faith.

You love anyone who isn't Trump.

You love professional politicians and their "protected class" status.

You love making up condescending labels for those you hate and expressing them in public.

You love to make condescending remarks about the capabilities of regular folks and non-professional politicians who would like to become citizen-politicians, serve the people, then move on to their normal lives again.

You love to believe that only those in the professional protected political class are "smart enough" to be a successful representative of "the people."

Take a breath, bro. All that hatred is gonna just burn you up inside.

Have a nice day.

Ben Lee

Mr Grimler, congratulations you have me pegged what I hate are 'Hypocrites', yes I am so tired of people who use faith as a shield to defend their ideologies. Is Wrongchetti such a person? much like Orange45 I question his faith. Do you really have to come out and say 'I have to pray' on if I should run for Governor. But within hours you have you answer? Really how dumb does he think we are. He already told us he doesn't believe in climate change, so he doesn't believe in facts and science? So it's easy to see where he stands on Covid-19. Let's see if he gets his kids vaccinated, or will he send them to private or home school. He brought his kids out front and center when he ran for Senator. So don't give me that leave his kids out of it. The issue isn't me or you, the issue is he qualified to be govener? And right now he brings nothing to the table. Just another person who was on TV and the Trumplicans feel he has 'name' recognition.

Joseph Tafoya

I find it interesting that many Grisham supporters will tell you everything in their talking points arsenal to argue what the Republican candidates do or don't stand for. They cannot make a political point without invoking President D. Trump's name in their argument. I guess president Trump must be running for Governor of New Mexico and it hasn't yet been announced. What they don't tell you is what Grisham stands for and what she has done to improve the lives of New Mexicans. We are last in just about every positive metric, and first in every negative one. I guess outside of separating us by wealth, skin color, sex, climate, and politics she has done very little. Take notice I did not mention Biden once. Oops! I guess I did.

Tim Herrera

Joseph Tafoya, well said. President Trump is no longer the President and all the liberal left can do is try using him as the boogeyman instead of focusing on their elected one and his failed policies and agenda. Wait until he runs for President in 2024, their liberal heads are going to explode.

Khal Spencer

As I said the other day about Ronchetti's running. My two cents, which is probably worth what the GOP paid me for it.

1. No allegiance to Trump or Trumpublican wing of the party. Don't even mention them and if 6 Jan comes up, be honest, Mark--that was a disaster to our Republic. Stick to facts, not mythology.

2. Make this about New Mexico and the legacy of (R) folks like Pete Dominici and Heather Wilson, who showed they could win and who were not to the right of Atilla the Hun. Trump and Trumpism, for one thing, is toxic in this state and you can't win with just the 2nd CD.

3. Promise that when elected, you will ask for an amendment to the emergency powers act to require Legislature re-approval every 90 days (or pick a number with the Legislature) in the case of an emergency is long lived. I think a lot of us assume that MLG will milk her emergency powers as long as she can and are losing faith in her honesty about the need for such powers. Power corrupts, and absolute power....when fed on Wagyu beef...

4. Its not enough to slightly elevate graduation rates (Santa Fe) if that just means social promotion and a continued inability of students to matriculate in college without massive remediation (my wife is the subject matter expert on that, having run a university level remedial studies program). We need to fix K-12 education, as our perpetually second to last educational system is the root of a lot of other problems (lousy jobs, high crime, poverty). Dems have not fixed it. Promise to find a way to get real resources to teachers and communities and raise the rate at which our HS grads test directly into college level work. That's the real metric.

5. Crime. Does the rest of NM want to soon look like Albuquerque? Keller's administration has been a flop and now, violence is creeping up I-25. Our criminal justice system is a laughingstock, which is why we rely on the Feds to deal with the worst of the worst. What can a governor do, in two paragraphs or less?

6. Economic growth. Fix our antiquated tax system. How will you make NM less dependent on the Federal pork barrel, preferably without more tax giveaways? How will you bring jobs that pay real salaries to NM, rather than more service-industry jobs that barely pay the rent?

7. Talk intelligently about how to respond to climate change. Promise a board of advisors gleaned from our university system and LANL. Stress your science credentials (I assume you have some). How will you balance our reliance on the extractive industries with national and global goals to reduce carbon emissions? Will you stress STEM fields (that can make us cutting edge in new climate friendly technologies) when you appoint regents rather than Div I sports?

If the GOP makes this about the Trumpublicans or the kind of campaign that made a laughingstock out of Steve Pearce's last campaign, they might as well concede right now and congratulate Michelle Lujan Grisham on her second term.

Patrick Brockwell

Bust Potential: Very High.

Jan Johnson

State Dems came with this reaction to Ronchetti's entry:

Without leadership experience or a record to run on, Ronchetti has taken up a platform of the GOP’s most extreme policies and former President Trump’s most divisive ideas. Ronchetti has praised the former President’s disastrous COVID-19 response, does not believe in climate change, has worked to restrict women’s rights, and supports ripping health care coverage away from 843,500 New Mexicans with pre-existing conditions.

Michael Grimler

He won't win...there are too many "generational" Democrat voters who will pull that "D" lever because they always have, their parents voted that way, their grand-parents voted that way, etc..

Anyone in NM running for anything other than dog catcher has nothing more than a slim chance of winning. Yes, once in a while a "Susanna" will slip in by some miracle, but then the Guv will still lose because the Senate and House will still be solid "D" majorities, nothing will get done, and it would be all hatred all the time in the newspapers and TV news stories, editorials, letters to the Editor for the Governor, and on and on.

Sound jaded?

Yeah, I guess so. Reality makes people jaded.

Emily Koyama

100% correct, Michael.

Khal Spencer

[thumbup] Yeah. Plenty of "Yellow Dog Democrats" in NM.

Makes you wonder if even a Heather Wilson or Pete Dominici could win statewide office these days. Trouble is, I don't think either of them would survive today's GOP primary. I knew and worked with plenty of moderate, thoughtful GOP folks up in Los Alamos but many of them threw in the towel because the party was moving to the right of them and were as intolerant of a moderate (R) as the Democrats are of a moderate (D).

DINOs and RINOs unite. You have nothing to lose but the anvil on your back.

Robert Fields

“She’s lectured us. She’s wagged her finger at us. She’s robbed us of our freedoms. I’ve had enough.” — Mark Ronchetti

There it is - Ronchetti’s overture to the fringe “muh raghts” crowd telling them to resent getting told to wear masks, distance, get vaccinated, or when conditions warrant, to quarantine.

If anyone wonders how Ronchetti will deal with any new variants in a deadly pandemic, it looks like he won’t even bother. Look to Texas and Florida for where this clown will go with anti-mandate mandates, laws against masks, and celebrating putting New Mexico citizens’, elderly, and children’s lives in danger.

Khal Spencer

Not so simple as HRH imposing mask mandates and indefinite emergency power.

"The latest figures in the New York Times’ COVID-19 tracker show New Mexico having 86 cases per 100,000 residents, outpacing South Dakota’s 36, Texas’ 15 and Florida’s nine — states with lower vaccination rates and no mask requirement."

I think if the Governor puts the hammer down again, there will be resentment and not just from the Republican crowd.

Robert Fields

There may be more recent data. If you check the NM county map for 10/12-10/25,

I am only able to find one county above 86 and that is San Juan at 96. The rest are much below that. I didn’t see the overall state average there but we’re now much lower and there was commentary on the news even this morning about that. But I won’t argue that the comparison wouldn’t hold even with more recent data all around. I don’t know how that would look and to some extent it doesn’t even matter.

From your science background I’m assuming you understand mask, distancing, and vaccine efficacy and what kind of effect compliance with those mandates and recommendations would have. In all cases, increased use of those should lead to lower infection rates. Which counties have high infection rates? In general it’s in the counties that have had folks in various positions loudly and publicly proclaim their freedoms to stay open during quarantine or not wear masks, or that such mandates wouldn’t be enforced and/or are homes to notable Trump supporters. Not that those directly involved in those incidents control the counties, either. They just speak loudly to the general political sentiment in those counties. In the data above, the cases per 100,000 are well below 86 but they are significantly above Santa Fe or Los Alamos county’s 18 and 19 per 100,000 cases. Correlation isn’t causation but it would be interesting to see how that correlates with party preference and vaccination status on a per county basis.

At any rate, it seems reasonable to me that if New Mexico has bad numbers, it’s more likely because of the people not following the mandates and their generally correspondingly low vaccination rates, than it is the fault of those that are getting vaccinated and masking properly. Since MLG has been pushing for behaviors/actions that reduce those infection rates, why do you fault her instead of the people that are ignoring the recommendations and mandates and driving up the numbers?

Khal Spencer

The question is, are mandates necessary and are indefinite emergency orders necessary? Seems other states are doing OK without them and relying on voluntary compliance. I think it should be a campaign issue for the public to vote on. If the public likes what MLG is doing, she will be re-elected. Frankly, I don't have a lot of confidence in the GOP running a campaign worth a bucket of warm spit, but that's up to the other party, not me.

As far as masks and vaccinations? We have better control on vaccinations since everyone gets a vaccine produced in a medical quality control program. Same cannot be said for masks, (home made to KN-95 and everything in between) so I think to some degree there are a lot of variables in play. Sure, no doubt anything that stops aerosols or drops their concentration is a good thing!

Khal Spencer

The other thing is there are variables besides masks and vaccination rates. No two states, or counties, for that matter, are equal in all other respects, so as you know as a scientist, this is far from a controlled experiment. Poverty, ethnicity, diet, education levels, genetics, etc. That's the same problem I have with all these studies comparing different state's gun laws. All states are not the same.In fact, locality matters more than state boundaries. Suspect the same goes with covid rates.

Still, one has to ask at what point is Covid the new normal and we have to get on with our lives as being a new normal? I don't have the answer, but I think the public has the right to ask the question.

Ann Maes

Well, at least he has chutzpah!

Brad Doubles

If anybody here is serious about experience, leadership and the ability to get the job done, please check out Greg Zanetti. Not a "celebrity" weatherman but hey, who knows? New Mexico might just have a real chance at improvement with a competent and logical guy at the helm.

Robert Fields

Mark Ronchetti already told us all we need to know about him during his senate run attempt — Ronchetti adores and supports an insurrectionist and traitor who tried, and is still trying, to overthrow a valid US presidential election.

Charles W Rodriguez

OMG! What a clown. He's scary.

B. Rosen

The GOP will lose with Ronchetti, and by a landslide.

Tim Herrera

I love all the naysayers on here. These are the same people that said Susana Martinez couldn’t win against Denish and King. How’d that work out for you? Time for a change. MLG must go.

Nicanor Hererra III

Exactly Tim!

Jonathan Owen

Hilarious timing, Mark. After the website blunder you announced your run on the day of a huge press conference. I wonder how you’d handle the pandemic? How many more New Mexicans would be dead if you’d have been Governor?

Chris Mechels

He's certainly right in that our NM government doesn't listen to us, and doesn't want our input. An example is the rampant non-compliance with the NM Rules Act, which is intended to allow the public access to Rules Making, the implementation of our laws. Under MLG most rule making is illegal, and invalid, and her government just holds us in contempt, daring us to sue them. We are corrupt right up to our eyes. Can Mark address this? I don't know, but the Trifecta certainly WON'T fix it, as they are the problem.

Khal Spencer



PRAYERS ANSWERED. we'll get a few laughs, he'll get a few votes, go down in ignominy. he wont be given yet anther chance to jump like a bean in front of his weather screen if channel management will bar the door finally.

Dottie Butler

So Mark, did Joe Biden win the 2020 Presidential Election?

Did any of the people currently being prosecuted for their activities during the January 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection deserve to be prosecuted?

Was the January 6, 2021 insurrection really an insurrection?

Do you support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President in 2024?

Tell us the reason why you personally are the best choice for the Republican nomination for New Mexico Governor. What's wrong with those other Republican candidates?

Will you promise not to go back to being a TV weatherman when you lose this election?

Robert Fields

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Dottie!

Carolyn DM

Hilarious!! The clown show has resumed!! We don't need another TV actor in office, given what a four year clown show we just got out of. And why don't you admit you were forced to resign, Wrongchetti?!!

Nicanor Hererra III

The clown show is people driving around town by themselves wearing two masks in there car. Arent you one of them "Carolyn DM"? Tell us Carolyn DM, what does DM stand for? Double Masker?

Robert Fields

Are you following those people to know where they are coming from and where they are going? Many are fine with the mask requirement and simply forget to remove them or mask up early/once so they don’t forget to put them on.

Have you bothered asking them? It’s doubtful they think they get much protection wearing their mask in their cars. Maybe they are Uber or Lyft drivers whose passengers expect them to wear masks.

Have you seen people without masks in places where they are required? That’s possibly what those folks are trying to prevent. I’ve walked a few steps from my own car before realizing I left my mask. Maybe they are just trying to prevent that.

You don’t know the answers, do you, Nicanor?

And here you are, baselessly making fun of people going the extra mile to make sure they protect themselves and others. What a fine example of citizenship you must be, Nicanor.

Floyd Cable

There have been other comments about how some people think other people foolish for wearing masks while in their cars. Well, lots of people have found it hard to find masks that fit their faces correctly, and have to put the masks on very carefully. If you are running errands that talk you to more than one place, it can be easier to keep wearing the mask. This is particularly true if your mask has loops that fit over the back of the neck and one's head, and not over one's ears (the former often provides the most snug and best fit). Women who are careful about their hair have an added challenge when they put on and take off such masks (as I know from my better half). The immunocompromised need to be especially careful, even if they are vaccinated. Also, the less you have to touch a mask, the better protected you will be. Sure, some folks may overdo it, but there are good reasons to not remove a mask while driving when out and about and running errands.

Floyd Cable

(Typo corrected) There have been other comments about how some people think other people foolish for wearing masks while in their cars. Well, lots of people have found it hard to find masks that fit their faces correctly, and have to put the masks on very carefully. If you are running errands that take you to more than one place, it can be easier to keep wearing the mask. This is particularly true if your mask has loops that fit over the back of the neck and one's head, and not over one's ears (the former often provides the most snug and best fit). Women who are careful about their hair have an added challenge when they put on and take off such masks (as I know from my better half). The immunocompromised need to be especially careful, even if they are vaccinated. Also, the less you have to touch a mask, the better protected you will be. Sure, some folks may overdo it, but there are good reasons to not remove a mask while driving when out and about and running errands.

Andrew Lucero

Let the games begin...

Sabine Strohem

Ugh. No thanks.

Stan Biderman


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