The amount of medical cannabis that licensed producers in New Mexico are allowed to grow would more than double under a bill filed in the state Senate, and patients in the state program would be permitted to possess more marijuana.

“The bill will help guarantee that there is an adequate supply of marijuana for our patients,” state Sen. Cisco McSorley, D-Albuquerque, said of his Senate Bill 8.

McSorley, who in 2007 helped get a bill passed to authorize the state’s Medical Cannabis Program, said the new bill also would “cut some of the red tape” for patients enrolling in the program and renewing their registrations. It would set into law a requirement that the state Health Department issue ID cards to patients within 30 days, and would extend the term of an ID card to three years for a patient with a chronic, debilitating condition. Under current law, all medical marijuana ID cards expire in one year.

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