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Linda Garrido

Milan's explanation of ranked-choice voting is inaccurate. Not enuf room to explain it here.

And the movement in the U.S. for electing President by Popular Vote means states would agree to cast their Electoral College votes for the candidate that receives the NATION-WIDE popular vote. So say NM's voters choose the Democratic Nominee, but the Nation-wide voters choose Donald Trump, then NM's Electoral votes (we have 5, I think) would go to Trump. New Mexico has already signed-on to participate in that use of Electoral College, but I believe we need about 6 other states to achieve the majority of electoral college votes.

So, don't discount either Ranked Choice voting (which saves tax dollars that fund run-off elections) or using the National Popular Vote solution to electing our Presidents with the Popular Vote.

Barry Rabkin

I think it is quite likely that the SCOTUS will state that the National Popular Vote is unconstitutional. Our Founding Fathers intended the US to have a check-and-balance system which includes the Electoral College.

Mike Johnson

Well said, Ranked choice voting is undemocratic and unconstitutional, it should be banned.

Dan Three

Mr. Siminick states that with the Electoral College candidate’s only campaign in states that are needed to win. Not true if you eliminate the EC you only need to win CA, NY and TX. NM would never see a Presidential candidate again. Here's an example of what could go wrong with eliminating the EC. Comrade Bernie gets elected by popular vote and decides to make all farming communal. I don’t think the farmers in the middle of the country would be real happy about that. This push to do away with the EC and with many states passing laws mandating their EC votes go the winner of the popular vote will certainly be regretted in the future. Just look at how Harry Reid’s Nuclear Option has made it so easy for the Senate to confirm President Trump’s judicial selections. Ranked choice voting is a joke and in no way can it be compared to the Electoral College. In our “Republic” each state votes for the President as a state that is part of the union of states. Now with these new laws mandating that a state’s EC votes must go to the winner of the popular vote they are telling the voters even though candidate X won our state we must pledge our EC votes to candidate Z. Why have states?

Linda Garrido

"Why have states?" There are MANY other reasons to have States!!!!

Barry Rabkin

One person, one vote might be fairer in the eyes of many people. That is irrelevant.

Our Founding Fathers did NOT create our country as a republic governed by a direct democracy. Not when it comes to electing a president. Our Founding Fathers created our republic as a representative democracy. That includes the Electoral College.

Feel 'rankled' about it? Read more about how our country is governed and structured.

Jeff Hayduke

What is the concept of change? What's an amendment? (Rhetoricial food for thought for you, Barry)

Robert Ball

States' Rights were strongly defended during the drafting of the U.S. Constitution in order to safeguard against a centralized power. That's why so little of the Constitution delegates powers to the federal government. I would not recommend taking away States' Rights and starting another Civil War. If I vote republican and NM votes for a democratic presidential candidate, then I don't want my state to help determine the outcome of a presidential election just because New York City and the Left Coast also vote for the democratic nominee. Take away those two areas of the country and Trump wins the popular vote too. Historical thought for you Jeff.

Barry Rabkin

The opportunity to change the Constitution is available. Just proceed along a legal, constitutional process to add or change an amendment. However, it is likely that the SCOTUS will determine the National Popular Vote to be unconstitutional.

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