Gov. Susana Martinez, newly elected chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association and recently touted as a possible contender for vice president, found herself attracting a different sort of national attention Friday after the release of a recording in which she told law enforcement dispatchers that police should not investigate disturbance complaints against her group at a Santa Fe hotel.

Martinez’s recorded dealings with police, dispatchers and hotel employees made her a wide target for criticism Friday. Her detractors and political enemies accused her of trying to bully other government employees to thwart an investigation.

The confrontation began about 1:30 a.m. Sunday following the governor’s holiday staff party in a hotel ballroom when an employee of the hotel called police to report troublesome guests “partying” in a room and to ask that police escort them off the property.

“They’ve been warned already and they’re still not quieting down. They were told to leave and we were told to call you guys,” the employee said. A dispatcher asked if the guests had weapons. “I just know that they were throwing bottles off the balcony, I believe, earlier,” the employee replied.

After learning of the complaint, Martinez personally intervened, prompting a hotel desk clerk to call authorities again, so that Martinez could speak to a dispatcher. After she was handed the phone, Martinez invoked her title and demanded to know from a dispatcher who had complained about her group.

“Hi, this is Gov. Susana Martinez,” she says, then asks why police are coming to the Eldorado Hotel and who made the complaint they had received.

“I can’t give you that information, ma’am,” a dispatcher says.

Martinez replied: “Why can you not? It’s public record. Give it to me.”

At another point in the recording, while she’s on hold with a dispatcher, she can be heard asking a hotel employee, “Has there been another resident who’s been making complaints?”

Told that was the case, Martinez pushed harder. “But no room number?”

“I’m not allowed to say. I’m sorry.”

“Tell me, what room number?” Martinez said. “Are they on the fourth floor?” As the conversation went on, Martinez persisted: “I want to know who they are.”

“I’m not allowed,” the hotel worker said. Martinez shot back: “Oh, you can tell it to the police, but they won’t tell you? You won’t tell me? I’ll get it from the cops.”

At one point in her conversation with a dispatcher, she said: “I’m sorry, there is no one on the balcony, and there’s no one throwing bottles off the balcony. And if they were, it was about six hours ago.” The governor’s voice was calm, though her speech sounded slurred. She occasionally was officious and sarcastic as she spoke to dispatchers.

Martinez issued a statement Friday evening apologizing for her actions and said snowballs, not bottles, were being thrown off the balcony.

“I want to apologize for the conduct of my staff the night of our holiday party,” she wrote. “There was apparently a party in a hotel room earlier in the night that was disruptive. Someone was also throwing snowballs from a balcony. None of that should have happened and I was not aware of the extent of the behavior, until recently. And that behavior is not acceptable.

“I also want to admit that I made a mistake when I went to speak to the receptionist and asked her about the complaint. I should not have gotten involved in trying to resolve the situation, nor should I have spoken to the dispatcher on the phone. I was wrong to speak with them like that, and I apologize.”

In an appearance on the Albuquerque television station KOB-TV's Friday evening newscast, the governor said she was “absolutely not” trying to abuse her power as governor.

“I just wanted to know what was the situation, how can we resolve it, explain it to the receptionist. It was very quiet when we went up there. And we simply were going to eat pizza and leave.”

Martinez told KOB that she had 1 1/2 cocktails over four or five hours at the party.

Santa Fe police responded to the hotel, but by then the staff said the officers’ assistance wasn’t necessary. Matt Ross, a spokesman for the city government, said police did not file a report about the incident because the hotel staff had “handled the situation.”

As for why city police officers did not write a report, Ross said: “Obviously, that’s a complicated factor, but the police made their decision based on their talks with hotel staff and hotel security. They didn’t let the fact that the governor was there impact their decision.”

Police officers referred all questions to Ross. The hotel manager did not respond to a request for comment.

The episode involving the governor attracted a flurry of attention on social media after The New Mexican posted a recording of the calls and a story on its website Friday morning. Democrats at the state and national level attacked Martinez, a 56-year-old former prosecutor, as someone who considers herself above the law.

“We are deeply disappointed in Gov. Susana Martinez’s behavior, but, unfortunately, we are not at all surprised,” said Joe Kabourek, executive director of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Martinez’s spokesman, Chris Sanchez, issued a statement earlier Friday in which the governor expressed an element of contrition.

“Gov. Martinez regrets the way this situation was handled by her and her staff and will further address that later today,” Sanchez wrote. Asked in phone and email messages for particulars of when she would speak about what had happened, Sanchez did not respond.

Sanchez in his initial email also provided a description of the party involving the governor that was far more tame than the one described by hotel employees. He described a gathering in the hotel room with a half-dozen people eating pizza and drinking Cokes.

“On Saturday evening, the governor held her annual staff holiday party in a hotel ballroom. There was a live band, food, dancing, and more than 200 guests,” Sanchez wrote.

“The governor spent most of the time dancing with her husband, Chuck [Franco], and the many children who attended with their parents. Once the band wrapped up for the night and the governor and staff helped clean up the ballroom, she and Chuck went to a staff member’s private room to eat pizza along with several other guests.

“Unbeknownst to the governor, there had been complaints about noise and someone throwing what turned out to be snowballs from the balcony of that room earlier in the night while the governor was in the ballroom.

“While the governor was in the hotel room, she was informed a complaint had been recently made, and was also made aware of the earlier complaints. At that time, the other guests left and the governor went downstairs to the front desk to find out more information about the complaints and assure the hotel staff that those who had caused those issues had long ago left, and there was no longer a problem.

“While she was downstairs, she took a call from the Santa Fe Police to inquire about and respond to the complaints. The State Police detail was present with the governor and believed the situation was under control.”

Ross said one part of the governor’s account was wrong.

“In the interest of accuracy in the record, we are correcting an error in the statement from the governor’s spokesman. At no point in the evening did the Santa Fe police call Gov. Martinez for any reason,” Ross said.

The past two months have ranged from wrenching to heady for Martinez. She acknowledged that her political adviser, Jay McCleskey, the man she credits for her election as governor, is being investigated by the FBI for payments from Martinez’s campaign and inaugural committee to companies that he controlled.

Then Martinez and the rest of New Mexico watched as one of her political allies, former Secretary of State Dianna Duran, pleaded guilty to stealing campaign donations to feed a gambling addiction. Duran entered the Santa Fe County jail on Friday to begin a 30-day sentence. Martinez’s troubles at the Eldorado Hotel pushed Duran’s story off the top of newspaper websites and television newscasts.

Duran’s conviction and the federal investigation of McCleskey were tempered to a degree by Martinez winning election as chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association, a fundraising apparatus of the GOP executives.

She also got a morale boost when Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a Republican presidential candidate, said during an appearance in South Carolina that Martinez was vice presidential timber. Her name has been mentioned occasionally in other Republican circles as a possibility for vice president, though Martinez herself acknowledged that the last GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, did not interview her.

She has said she has no interest in being vice president. Even so, the Democratic Governors Association pounced on Martinez’s conduct at the Eldorado Hotel to pronounce as dead her chances of landing on the GOP presidential ticket next year.

“Today, Gov. Martinez’s vice presidential aspirations went out the window faster than you can say ‘pizza party,’ ” said Jared Leopold, a spokesman for the rival governors association. “We look forward to the nation’s Republican governors and candidates campaigning with an RGA chair who attempted to use her power to intimidate local police.”

Similar digs at Martinez abounded on Facebook and on comment boards under news stories about her telling police they needn’t investigate the Eldorado Hotel’s complaints about her group.

In her statement Friday evening, Martinez said: “I believe in people accepting responsibility and that is why I’m owning what happened, and I sincerely apologize.”

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Chris Mechels

A question which needs to be asked. What were her State Police escorts doing while this was going on? Holding the coats of the bottle throwers??

Last I heard they have the Duty to enforce the law, or don't they?

Or only when Susana "wants" the law enforced.

In any case, this needs to be asked...

mark Coble

Drinking, eh? Using her "power"? Those in power almost always abuse their power. Most of the time by NOT acting on behalf of the people. See our DA and her lack of resolve in going after big banks for their crimes here in Santa Fe.

Michael Grimler

Dear Governor,

Next time, don't have a party at a public place. Take it to the Governor's residence, got Pete's sake. Then you can make as much noise as you want.

Your friend,


Stan McDaniel

I was not a big fan of Gov. Richardson, but he is Mrs. Martinez' intellectual superior many times over with an unmatched resume of accomplishment.

It isn't unusual to see him analyzing complex foreign policy questions on national Sunday morning news shows...the same ones Martinez' handlers won't allow her near because she is likely to say she can 'see Mexico from the mansion' or something else Palinesque.

Pierce Knolls

Bill Richardson was at least smart enough to not get his corruption and bullying caught on tape.

Peter Romero

I agree, especially when democrats have run this state into the ground. They have controlled the law making in N.M. since 1912. Just like our county of Santa Fe and the city of Santa Fe. All run by one political party, only one way to point the finger. Democrats are ok with not knowing how to read to pass to the next grade, then complain that the graduation rates are low and we are last in education.

I don't feel bad about what to governor did, she is human and make mistakes. Compared to cheeseburger Bill she is a saint. At least this wasn't a premeditated attempt to rob the tax payers of millions of $ like Bill that lives in another state Richardson.

Carolyn DM

This state has too many crooked, good ole boy politicians. People need to stop voting on name recognition, eeee, he/she's hispanic, let's vote for them. Yeah, the democrats have run this state in to the sewer but the republican'ts have run the entire country way beyond bad.

Jack Kelly

What a disgrace, drunk and demanding she shows why New Mexico is dead last in every category. I was embarrassed to see this state re-elect someone who is so vicious and demeaning to others.

Everyone knows people like Martinez, she is so inept that she should be truly embarrassed for her behavior and demeanor.

Rick Dumiak

Complete embarrassment to the people of New Mexico and no I'm not a Democrat.
Shows a complete lack of respect to the office she holds.

Stan McDaniel

I left the Republican party a few years ago because of the recurring hypocrisy and hatefulness we see again now in Dianna Duran and Mrs. Martinez. The former ran against corruption and got convicted of corruption; the latter ran in support of law enforcement and got caught disrespecting it.

Thank goodness Donald Trump is permanently destroying what's left of the GOP from within. President Reagan would be appalled by the behaviors of Duran, Martinez and Trump.

Comment deleted.
Michael Grimler

Ms. Denish, and things were SO much better when you guys were in charge for years and years, right?


john coventry

The other day I listened to the super-liberal Martinez-hating Richard Eeeeds' radio show when another self-proclaimed reformed alcoholic City Councilor Signe Lindell was the guest. I thought that their conversation about banning mini bottles of booze because of litter was sanctimonious at best. But listening today to him gloat over the Governor's "Drunken crime that has world wide implications" was beyond sanctimony ... it was un-Christian.
Come on you jerks give the woman a break and show a little charity to the young geeks that work for her; believe in her and believe in Democracy and public service. I for one am glad that she is a human who can party. I didn't vote for her and wouldn't vote for her but not because of this incident.

Dominic Montoya

You are missing the point. No one cares that the Governor was drunk after a Christmas party. We have all been there. The problem comes when this Governor felt she could use her office to intimidate people that were just doing their job. The only people that deserve a little charity in this situation are the dispatchers and hotel front desk staff that kept their cool and remained professional with an obviously intoxicated, obnoxious, and vindictive official on a power trip.

john coventry

I guess the official procedure for this kind situation is to have the police call the news media and 'tip' them about someone was being mean to them ... poor abused Democrat law enforcement dispatcher.

Dominic Montoya

I guess the official procedure for a Republican Governor of the State of New Mexico is to forget that they have security detail that could have easily settled the situation without anyone knowing what was actually going on. Then, go downstairs to the front desk, demand that they call 911 dispatch again, then get on the phone, use your office title to push your weight around prior to even knowing what the situation is. Demand information that a former prosecutor should know could not be made available at that time. Then contradict yourself numerous times. Then eventually demand that the police, dispatch and front desk personnel do not follow through with their duties because you are the Governor and you said so, and you have all of the authority in the world to make that decision even though you can't even string together a simple well understood sentence. Yeah, that totally makes sense.

Mr. Coventry, I hate to break it to you buddy, but the Governor had every opportunity to have her fun, and not make this a big deal. Her security detail could have easily handled this situation, but it was the Governor and Governor alone that made this horrible decision and now she has to deal with it. At least she obviously won't lose her support from the typical uninformed voter like yourself. Maybe you and the other handful of supporters she still has left can call her up, book a room and enjoy some pizza and coke!

Stan McDaniel


Bill Roth

show a little respect for a working person, Cove. She was just doing her Job, and Gov. Martinez was abusive and demeaning- no one who's just trying to earn a living deserves to be treated that way- try another straw man argument, will ya? The issue is she tried to throw her weight around and came bacck to bite her in the ass and rightly so. How an elected person in this day and age can be so ignorant of the power social media deserves all the blow back she/he gets- no matter what their political affiliation is. Stupid is as stupid does, Cove...

john coventry

I will bet you a buck i know more informed reasons to vote against Martinez than you can come up with. I'm worried about the soul of the Democrats that are so filled with hate and the people who get pleasure from other people's trouble. Merry Christmas Mr. Potter ... I mean Mr. Montoya.

Dominic Montoya

I am not joyful that our Governor is an embarrassment to our state. I am extremely disappointed that her true colors came out in this fashion. Her actions, now she has to live with the consequences. Unfortunately, we will all continue to suffer because we put another failure in office. Political party aside Mr. Coventry, any individual that does not see this as an embarrassment to the State of New Mexico obviously is biased in some way or another. I'm sure you have your reason to defend such ridiculous behavior. That's your business. I would wish you Happy Holidays as well, but since you act like a child to try and get your point across with no real substance, then I'll just say enjoy the next 3 years of continued poor leadership which you obviously support.

Charlene Montoya

How interesting that she only gives her staff a party while the rest of the state employees have potlucks! and yes she does sound buzzed, you can tell she's trying to keep her composure and not slur her words! love all the memes on face book though!

Charles W Rodriguez

It's not, necessarily, that Ms. Martinez thinks it's OK to get buzzed, in celebration. It's that she doesn't realize that interfering with a police investigation is more than a misdemeanor, it's a felony.

Stan McDaniel

This morning's "New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan" blog post summarizes the problem very well:

"Rather than the compassionate but tough middle-aged lady who relishes reading to third graders and who reminds you of your favorite aunt, you have this dark, vindictive, petty personality seeking out whoever dared challenge her authority with the clear implication that they will suffer retaliation."

Katherine Martinez

We LOVE you SUSANA!! Don't let these detractors hinder you! You are the BEST.

Jack Kelly

Katherine, YOU love the drunk bully, not most of New Mexico. We are at the bottom of virtually every list of State Governance.

42 in education
49 in reading
49th in children's health
New Mexico was 49th on 24/7 Wall St.’s list of worst-run governments last year.

You are not looking out for your children nor your grandchildren by backing such a loser.

Michael Grimler

Mr. Kelly,

Please tell many years (except for Gary) were Democrats in charge, with either a Democrat governor or a Democrat-controlled legislature?

The cause of New Mexico's dismal standings and/or performance in many many areas doesn't lie with the latest Governor or legislature.

Comment deleted.
Joseph Sanchez

Amy C,

Tu debe ser un demócrata! Los demócratas tienen cabida para hablar!
Es una fiesta de Navidad y siempre hay un Grinch en cada partido!
El incidente no es una noticia digna en todo!

Carolyn DM

Why are we, the taxpayers paying for an expensive hotel room for her to have a pizza party in? And why does she so often try to hide her normally heavy spanish accent?

Linda Garrido

I've never heard her Spanish accent. Does she have one?

Carolyn DM

Lol!! Hell yes she has one! That's how she got elected. It was very apparent on a recording that was released a couple of years back where she was bashing someone. I don't remember all the details of it.

Michael Grimler

I've never heard it...but, my bet is that it's less offensive than Hillary's phony "southern-black" accent.

Andrew Leonard

I am struck by how similar this situation is to the troubles Governor Bill Owens of Colorado had. There are a lot of similarities between the two states. No one now knows Owens was a two term governor, yet he was billed for national politics.

amy c

Her drunkenness aside, the 911 call with her haughty and condescending tone is all you need to know about Susanna Martinez.

Robert Geller

First, should not matter whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, and yes, Hillary Clinton's behavior is truly criminal. However, Governor Martinez's behavior isy an embarrassment. Her behavior at her Holiday Party and how SHE handled it is a reflection on this state. We have a serious alcohol problem in this state, and now we have a governor on multiple recordings making a total ass of herself. She is not special and deserves no special treatment. The fact that she tried to use her position to receive special treatment is clearly indicative of many of the issues we have within the NM government. The fact that she used her sister demonstrates a serious personal flaw. Instead of being number 49 in the country, at least this week, we will be the country's number one laughing stock. Obviously, she will not resign over this, but at least there will be no more VP talk! SHE IS TRULY A DISGRACE TO THE PEOPLE OF NM

Katherine Martinez

Oh hush. Bill Richardson's drunken escapades on a boat made national headlines also. Just leave Susana alone, you are jealous.

Mike Palaima

Yes Katherine, however Bill R actually accomplished a few things, positive to the state of NM and the nation. His escapades contained not much, if any, bullying, hubris, or a sense of entitlement unearned. Susana 'Tejana's' did, has and will. She is incapable of escaping herself in these things.

Gloria Mendoza

Democrats have no room to criticize.

Sabine Strohem

No room to criticize, Gloria? Why's that? Because democrats all behave WORSE? This isn't a cross town rivalry. YOU aren't judged by the governors' behavior and democrats are not judged by the behaviors of democrat politicians. Except when we keep re-electing these goofballs.

Joseph Hempfling

I think it is a ploy to detract attention away from Bernie, going along with the NDC's covert actions like scheduling tonights Saturday debate opposite the NFL !
BUT IT AIEN'T GOING TO WORK. They must be feeiing the Bern and we have only just begun.

Pierce Knolls

The NFL didn't have any games on Saturday, did they?

Comment deleted.
Mike Johnson

Sour grapes much Di?

Greg Schneider

After 2 years as an assistant DA,12 years as a DA, and 6 years as governor, Martinez would have us believe that she didn't know that her bullying of hotel employees and the police was neither legal nor ethical.

Or she was drunk.

Which explanation seems the most plausible?

How many OTHER times has she exercised her authority as governor while she was impaired? What assurances can New Mexicans have that the governor will be sober while on the job for the rest of her term?

Dan Chase

Curious how the press found out about this? My guess is the less than professional commanders of SFPD! Who once they found out had to call their buddies at the New Mexican. Susana just the latest victim of media nonsense.

Rod Lievano

That's precisely the role of the press. You would prefer secrecy and special treatment for celebrities and politicians, I suppose.

Mike Palaima

@ Dan, this is not the first time for Susanna 'Tejana'. She brought a lot of this on herself. Why would not the news be all over it? It is newsworthy, and funny, watching her backpedal, after being less than governor like.

Gregory Kubas

"Latest victim of of media nonsense," kind of like Diana Duran (don't forget to pronounce with a "heavy Spanish accent"; please roll the r). To politicians, press, etc, and everyone that slings racial slurs: my wife and I do love and respect hispanics, BUT please do not embarrass NM any further.

Stan McDaniel

Q: What would happen if you or I called 911 to make demands for details about an ongoing investigation and issue orders to people not in our chain of command?

A: We would be cited (or worse) for interfering with an investigation.

Santa Fe PD should cite Martinez and the DA should follow through.

Note to Susan Martinez: You have zero authority over SFPD, its staff or our Mayor; Don't tell the what to do.

Pierce Knolls

Stuff happens when you party naked.

Greg Schneider

…and you're drunk.

john coventry

"Stuff happens when you party naked."
Oh no, Now I know I'm totally twisted ... not only can't I stop thinking of naked Governors from New Mexico but the those thoughts turn me on.

Pierce Knolls

You're welcome.

Comment deleted.
Stan McDaniel


Diane Gonzales

Yet another story for the Susana Martinez Chronicles. This woman is a joke and an embarrassment for the people of New Mexico. She says that the people of Santa Fe
dislike her when it is simply that we dislike attitudes such as the one she displays on a regular basis. Demanding that the 911 operator give her the name of the person complaining? Seriously, Governor?!

John Drew

What's up with female Republican governors? First Palin and now Martinez? Did the Democratic party bench not have a contender? BTW, as an outsider who loves visiting your state, Martinez' behavior is easier to swallow than Wisconsin's Scott Walker or Jersey's Christie. If she is partying, then she is not likely engineering underhanded legislation in secret, or plotting to rape state education budgets etc. Happy New Year!

Jimmy Green

Remember when drunken Richardson crashed that boat into the dock at elephant butte? Or when his driver ran over that pedistrian outside cowgirls then fled the scene? (The never did really id the passenger. Just the passengers stand in). Those were hilarious.

Greg Schneider

Pathetically lame attempt at deflection. Care to comment on Martinez's drunken attempt at bullying hotel employees and the police?

Dan Chase

This is so stupid. If I were Governor I would have wanted to know who complained and why if everything was calm and I didnt know about snowballs being thrown earlier. Just haters loving to hate on here Susana. People with perfect lives just watching what others do and criticizing every step of the way. Don't sweat it, hope it was a good time and do it again next year.
Drama lovers who probably all watch reality tv...

Alfred Padilla

Actually Martinez should run for President, compared to killery two times clinton Martinez would be a breath of fresh air. [wink]

Mike Palaima

She would be a perhaps alcoholic breath of air, and certainly not fresh!

James Baca

She wanted to know who the accuser was so her political hatchet man Mccleskey could mount an attack on that person. That is their way of shedding responsibility....attack the messenger. It is very typical of this administration.

Charles W Rodriguez

A person in a position of power and responsibility, a person who is a publicly visible elected official, needs to be held and needs to hold themself to a higher standard than anyone else. To excuse them as merely "human" is not appropriate. These people are in a position of authority. As such, they tacitly agree to represent themselves to the electorate in a manner that is above reproach, as well as be an example to teens and children. There is no excuse to behavior unbecoming the office and the responsibility to which she has been elected. If she can't handle the responsibility, she should not have run for the office.

debs debs

I'm not a fan of Martinez- some of her political choices leave much to be desired. But I can't help but read this and laugh. The woman held a holiday party and then had to deal with a huge media fallout over some dumbass throwing snowballs. Can you imagine? IF the worst our state can do is a stressed senator shaking her fist at cops to cover up... snowball throwing for the sake of not having to deal with that idiocy, then viva la New Mexico.

Lee Vigil

The public isn't outraged about throwing snowballs. They're outraged about the abuse of power, intimidation, etc.

debs debs

Leesa, I completely understand that. I just don't think this is an issue. The governor was drunk at a party... It sucked and is embarrassing for Martinez. Running down to the lobby to head off cops coming when you're in a political office? I get what she did and why she did it, and do I wish she was a kinder drunk? Hell yes- if only to spare us the secondhand embarrassment from that call. But the whole ordeal sounded pretty embarrassingly human.

Mike Palaima

Operant word being 'human'? Implying human traits of emotions, not sociopathic in actions and by nature.

Charles W Rodriguez

A person in a position of power and responsibility, a person who is a publicly visible elected official, needs to be held and needs to hold themself to a higher standard than anyone else. To excuse them as merely "human" is not appropriate. These people are in a position of authority. As such, they tacitly agree to represent themselves to the electorate in a manner that is above reproach, as well as be an example to teens and children. There is no excuse to behavior unbecoming the office and the responsibility to which she has been elected. If she can't handle the responsibility, she should not have run for the office.

Jay Joseph

Our Republican governor thinks she's above the law.

John Wilson

This is so creepy and distasteful that I wonder if she is not getting her game on to lock up the VP position with Trump.

How do you spell scha·den·freu·de? I am ashamed and joyful.

Stan McDaniel

No, this is as high as her star will rise. Good politicians may be rude, demanding, arrogant and gruff in private, but are smart enough not to get smashed and call recorded 911 lines. As Khal Spencer implied, drunken calls to 911 rarely end well. Just ask former APS superintendent Winston Brooks.

Martin Heinrich has nothing to fear from Susan Martinez.

Comment deleted.
Lee Vigil

Remember, they were just letting loose, eating pizza and drinking cokes.

Mike Johnson

I don't understand what state of mind, or maybe it was drink, that made her drag her disabled sister into the explanation of what was happening. So now disabled people can be used as a sort of charm to ward off evil intentions and wild goings on in your hotel room?

Comment deleted.
James Baca

your defense of her is peculiar.

Mike Johnson

Truly disgusting display of political elitism, arrogance, and entitlement by Susie. I expected more from her, and that apology on KOB was pretty insincere, listen to the tapes, that is NM politics as usual, just like the left wing Ds she fights with all the time.

Stan McDaniel


Marsden DeLapp

Wow. Sounds like abuse of power.

And note to Susana, you should avoid making drunk phone calls!

Stan McDaniel

Agreed...especially when you're a mean drunk.

Beverly Harris

I admit I didn't vote for her, but I thought she was a person of good character. I guess I just bought into her political messaging. What I heard was bitter sarcasm, pompous intimidation, bullying, a manipulator willing to take advantage of her sister's disability status by parading it publicly, and disrespect for others as well as our men and women in blue and the people who employ them.

I just want to know: why doesn't our state deserve a good governor? Oh that's right, we had a good one: Gary Johnson. Gary, come back....

Lee Vigil

I agree with you, up until the part about Gary Johnson. But we're all entitled to our opinions.

Bill Roth

Gary is way too decent a guy to make it in todays sick political environment. And he is way too socially liberal for the current theocratic republican party.

Khal Spencer

These stories rarely end well.

Daved Thomson

THIS woman is the Governor?! So why didn't the police remove them from the property as the hotel employee requested after having warned them earlier? It sounds pretty clear to me that the Governor is intoxicated. It is also clear that the only reason for knowing the name of the person reporting the incident to the police, would be to use her position as Governor to intimidate the person reporting it. Quite sadly, it appears from the recording that she succeeded in intimidating both the police that arrived "to remove them from the property" AND the hotel employee that made the request. THIS is an example of a Governor who clearly thinks her title provides power that it does (or should) NOT!

john coventry

Did YOU misspell your OWN name???

Katherine Martinez

This story is pathetic. Susana is the BEST, all of you all are jealous. King Bill's shenanigans can fill an extra large 3 ring binder, so HUSH!!

Daved Thomson

The story is pathetic? The story is what it is. Not even sure why you would try to justify the Governor's actions as being any more or less wrong than those of someone else. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Bill Weldon

Really? "So hush!"? Who do you think you are?

Sabine Strohem

Is this a HS rivalry? NO. It's our state. Comparing who's the worst is just sad for our state.

hal geary

I also love how she seemed to be trying to exploit her sister's status as disabled. (She'll say she wasn't, but why else did she allude to it.)

Stan McDaniel


Excellent point, Hal.

Was she insinuating that her sister threw the bottle? Was Dianna Duran there six hours earlier?

Was the Governor's Mansion closed last night? Why stay in a hotel?

john ramirez

was she supposed to be caring for her sister while in that condition? a referral to the appropriate agency may be in order

Emma Defresne

To John Ramirez, Stan McDaniel, hal geary, Michael Johnson, Beverly Harris, and Robert Geller:

If any Governor wants to have a couple of drinks at a weekend holiday gathering, and hopes she or he may be free from the rigors of governing at 1:30 AM on a Sunday morning, then I support this. In fact I require it. I bet you do too. Still I agree the Governor made poor choices, in the course of half an hour or so. Her feet will be held to the fire. I am happy she has apologized publicly and in private, on multiple levels. It's a good start.

Meanwhile it seems more than a few are making thoughtless remarks about the remarkable lifetime choice Susana Martinez has made to be her sister's legal caretaker. The interested reader should know that Lettie Martinez suffers from cerebral palsy. This has left her severely mentally disabled. The Governor has tended to her sister's needs since they were small. More on Lettie and Susana Martinez appears at,,20721515,00.html .

I would bet that the other night at the Eldorado, the Governor, her disabled sister Lettie, and her disabled sister's hired companion were surrounded by aides, more family, and security the whole time they were there. If the Governor was seeking sympathy in her factual statement of her sister's presence, then from where I am sitting, the reality is that she deserves it.

john ramirez

your circular logic makes her behavior appear even more embarrassing and troubling! now we also know she has a propensity for harassing and investigating those who disagree with her. glad she wasn't able to obtain the complainants identity!

Peter Romero

Why is this news ?

hal geary

Wow. She is so clearly not a person who can be trusted with power. If she abuses it in such small incidents, you can well imagine how she acts when more important matters are on the line.

Matt Swessinger

You hit the nail on the head.

Maria Norcia Santillanes

Why couldn't she just say she would make sure the group quieted down. Sheesh!

Stan McDaniel

Because that's what a rational, unintoxicated person would do.

Jay McClesky wasn't there to remind the former prosecutor that 911 calls are still recorded. Best that the dark side of Sue Martinez gets exposed in a permanent record.

Jamie Bronstein

What was she going to do with the name and room number of the people who made the complaint? Use her power as governor to mess with them in some way? Kudos to the desk clerk for refusing to back down when faced with Martinez's drunken aggression.

Lee Vigil

She's used to getting what she wants, because she's the 'Governor of New Mexico'. Trying to peddle her influence to violate the privacy of others. Clearly she thinks she's above the law. Why was she in the lobby? Someone had to tip her off that the police were on their way. Her security detail? Husband? In any event, I'm sure they quieted down after the police paid a visit.

Stan McDaniel

Woo-hoo! A pre-incarceration bash for Dianna Duran! The plainly intoxicated governor's slurred speech suggests an hint of arrogance and retaliation.

What a nice way to say "Merry Christmas" to a BFF who's about to enter the slammer for corruption.

Sabine Strohem

Well good thing the bottle throwing had been hours earlier! Whew.

Peter Romero

I wish this paper did articles like this when Bill Richardson was governor.

Sabine Strohem

Like the articles when the drunk aides wrecked the boat? There were lots of them.

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