A woman suspected in a downtown shooting was arrested and an armed man believed to be her accomplice was fatally shot by a Santa Fe police officer late Wednesday morning as he was fleeing on foot down a section of Old Santa Fe Trail filled with tourists.

The pair of shootings led to lockdowns of nearby buildings, including the First Judicial District Courthouse and the state Capitol, as a safety measure.

Law enforcement agencies also shut down stretches of downtown streets surrounding the Inn and Spa at Loretto, where the suspect’s body lay motionless as police conducted an investigation.

New Mexico State Police is investigating the shooting by the Santa Fe officer. Neither the officer nor the slain suspect has been publicly identified.

City officials said in a news release the incident began just after 10 a.m. at De Vargas Park, where 20-year-old Kalin Addison is accused of shooting another woman before handing the gun to a man, who fired at the victim before fleeing.

Deputy Chief Paul Joye said two women had begun arguing in the park, and Addison joined the escalating fray. She later told police she had fired the gun at one of the women, he said.

Addison was still at the park when officers arrived, Joye added, and witnesses identified her as the shooter.

Addison is facing a charge of attempted murder and counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and tampering with evidence.

Santa Fe police provided aid to the woman wounded in the shooting, who was taken to a local hospital for treatment, and then began pursuing the man who fled, the city said in the news release.

“A short time later, the armed suspect was located by officers searching the area. Officers engaged with and shot the suspect. The suspect is deceased,” the statement said. “Officers and bystanders were unharmed.”

Witnesses reported seeing the armed man heading down East Alameda Street before turning left on Old Santa Fe Trail toward East Water Street, just two blocks from the downtown Plaza.

He died on a sidewalk in front of the Loretto Chapel.

State police said in a news release officers rendered aid to the man until emergency medical responders arrived. However, the man was pronounced dead at the scene by the state Office of the Medical Investigator.

Throngs of visitors, tourists and residents were out roaming the downtown area during the incident. People also were eating at outdoor cafes and restaurants, shopping and sitting in parks.

Kaori Fukushima, 55, a resident of Houston vacationing in Santa Fe this week, said she was leaving the Inn and Spa at Loretto when she saw the man with a firearm running down Old Santa Fe Trail.

She stepped back into a corridor and hid behind a wall, where she heard police yell, “Stop!”

“And then I heard the gunshots,” she said. “Maybe three or four.”

Sascha Anderson of the District Attorney’s Office released a statement from District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies on Wednesday saying the agency “pledges full transparency in our handling of officer involved shootings, which is critical for ensuring public trust in the justice system.

“While we encourage and await the results of a full investigation, the preliminary reports appear to show that the suspect had a gun and that officers were in danger,” the statement continued.

Carmack-Altwies added that the first shooting in the downtown area Wednesday reportedly occurred near her agency’s offices. “We are heartened to report that all in our office are safe,” she said.


A Santa Fe Public Safety Aide directs traffic around the scene of a shooting downtown near the corner of Old Santa Fe Trail and East Alameda Street on Wednesday.

Barry Massey, a spokesman for the state Administrative Office of the Courts, said the lockdown at the district courthouse prompted by the shooting lasted less than an hour and briefly interrupted a jury trial.

“Following what their standard procedure is for lockdowns, the jury was moved to a deliberation room,” Massey said. “The judges and court staff go to their offices and then other people in the building remain in place wherever they are in the building.”

While New Mexico ranks high among states for its rate of fatal law enforcement shootings, incidents involving Santa Fe police officers are uncommon. The last two fatal shootings occurred within weeks of each other four years ago.

Andrew James Lucero, 28, was killed in May 2017 in a driveway near Eldorado as Santa Fe officers were trying to subdue him following a pursuit of a stolen Mercedes-Benz. Police said after a scuffle, Lucero got inside a patrol vehicle, which began to move forward and pinned an officer to a tree.

The officer fell and suffered a leg injury but then got off the ground and fired a fatal shot.

In July of that year, officers with a Santa Fe police SWAT team killed 24-year-old Anthony Benavidez after an hourslong standoff. Benavidez, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, had been evicted from an apartment due to unpaid rent and later broke into the unit and refused to leave.

He remained barricaded inside during the SWAT operation until officers smashed a window of the apartment unit and fired 17 shots at him.

One officer said he opened fire through the window because Benavidez was wielding a knife.

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Stefanie Beninato

PS If you want to engage in restorative justice with those who vandalized the obelisk, there is a form on the DA's page which you can fill out to be part of the process. A little easier than CHART.

Stefanie Beninato

You may not like Webber, Maria Bautista, but please get your facts right. Danny Maki has run campaigns for many years. His father was a lobbyist. Politicians he has worked for included Vigil-Coppler (your favorite) as well as Ben Ray Lujan. He is NOT as far as I can tell a spokesperson for the DA. When your facts are wrong, you lose credibility.

Vince Czarnowski

This is absolutely frightening! The shootings in Chicago started exactly this way: one at a time. It snowballed from there, and now there have been close to 1,600 shootings so far this year. It is up to Webber and the DA to contain this.

Mark Ortiz

Chicago huh? Whoa! Watch out Vince, that sky is falling on your head.

Jim Klukkert

" The shootings in Chicago started exactly this way: one at a time."

The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step, Vince. Everything starts exactly this way: one at a time.

Richard Reinders


B. Rosen

Too many guns in the wrong hands in our community. Now we have one dead and another injured. We need to increase the number of rehab facilities for all these folks who are struggling with addiction and are living on our streets. People make bad decisions when they are drugged and drunk, put guns in their hands and tragedies are bound to happen.

Khal Spencer

Before we blame drugs or lack of rehab or addiction we should learn more about who did what and why, i.e., motive.

B. Rosen

If you look at the article about the second shooting it says that Addison had been drinking and doing meth.

Mike Johnson

Yes, and with the SF Co. sheriff killing another early this morning in a shootout on Siler, the tourists should be concerned, as should everyone else, this is like the Old West, crime and shootings everywhere.

Khal Spencer

Yegads. I missed that.

Mark Ortiz

Everywhere? Really.

Denise Jimenez

DeVargas Park attracts unsavory people. Sure, there are people earnestly seeking work on the periphery and in front of the Santuario, but there is a lot of drug dealing and crime along with the occasional murder there. Lack of law enforcement and a shortage of leo's is greatly affecting us as locals and the tourist economy. I walk past there almost daily, lucky for me it was too hot to take the dog out. Don't let us rival Murderquerque.

Paula Frank

What a crappy thing to do to a family to publish a picture of their dead kid laying in the street. The New Mexican is nothing but a disrespectful organization for tabloid trash

Khal Spencer

TV station KOB had a video of that "dead kid" pointing a gun at a cop in the instant before he was shot. Its news. I guess the new mexican doesn't want me to post the link.

Lee Vigil

Between all of the homeless and panhandlers, the screaming protestors deriding tourists and destroying the plaza, and a shootout in the streets, how long will it be before the tourists decide to go somewhere else.

Donald Apodaca

Disneyland for old folks, has become the Wild Wild West!

Andrew Lucero

Just saw the video on KOB… The guy was not following commands and was clearly pointing his gun at the cop. He also could have posed a serious threat to all those passersby. It’s very tragic and sad, but from my perspective, that was clean shooting. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Officer involved, the shooting victim, the deceased and all their families. Sad day… Sad day indeed.

JL Barry

Yup. looks like he gave the officer no choice.

Russell Scanlon

It’s nice when people get the whole story before jumping to conclusions and wetting their pants.

A Ortega

Thank you SFPD, Be safe.

Lee Vigil


Khal Spencer

I'm glad no officers or bystanders were hurt. Sounds like the gentleman pushed the envelope and the envelope pushed back. I hope the woman he shot is OK.

It will be interesting to find out more about the deceased and what laws failed to stop this.

Mike Johnson

Agreed Khal, but this will just bring out the anti-gun people who want all firearms taken away from the citizens, and there are many of these kind of people in SF.

Khal Spencer

Frankly, given the number of shops along that route and the fear that the gunman could enter a store and take hostages, I wonder how many shopkeepers are considering a CHL.

Richard Reinders

Webber admires Keller so much that maybe it is rubbing off in Santa Fe.

Maria Bautista

Alan Webber has created a venue for violence. His campaign manager is the spokesperson for the DA, where is the D.A.?

Vince Czarnowski

The DA and her vision of justice is the reason these shootings are happening on a daily basis. Criminals have realized there is so justice, so they go on doing what they want.

Jim Klukkert

Got any hard data, Vince Czarnowski, to back up your claim that "The DA and her vision of justice is the reason these shootings are happening on a daily basis?"

Or is it simply logically so?

Barry Rabkin

The criminal horror of Albuquerque continues its spread to Santa Fe.

Katherine Martinez

My thoughts exactly. I pray not....if so we are doomed....where to next? Taos?

Kelly Sanders

Look at crime stats in Taos.

Katherine Martinez

I was afraid of that too (I was half way kidding when I mentioned Taos). The entire State is headed for the apocalypse.

Maria Bautista

Laws of attraction, Webber creates divisive environment...the spokesperson for the DA is Webber Campaign manager. Restorative Justice, for who?

Lee Vigil

Interesting fact. Thanks for sharing that.

Lee Vigil

So it's probably not a coincidence that the obelisk criminals got restorative justice instead of any real jail time.

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