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Khal Spencer

I was getting my hair cut today and the lady who cuts my hair said she just got her concealed carry permit. I don't blame her and suggested training, training, and more training. With snapcaps, if need be.

With scum like this carjacker roaming loose, we might have to deal with these bums ourselves. After all, the progressives in this town want to defund the police.

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Khal Spencer


Khal Spencer

Looks like the newspaper is censoring based on point of view rather than violations of the rules. In other words, if the paper doesn't like your point of view, you can be deleted.

Rob Morlino

How would carrying a gun have resulted in a better outcome here though? I am not completely against the practice with proper licensure, but let's game this out. If the victim had preemptively drawn a gun and shot, he may have been found legally not to have reason to. If he was threatened with a gun and then pulled one, he likely would have aggravated the attacker even more, maybe the attacker would have fired more shots into this guy. Unfortunately, he was probably not was in a state to get in a gunfight after the initial wound to his face and, again, now at a tactical disadvantage, the attacker (now fearing for his own wellbeing) would likely have fired more shots after the victim drew. The "good guy with a gun" narrative turns out to be true pretty rarely. Just on a logical and scientific level, more people carrying seems to complicate the issue and often worsen it. You're more likely to end up in a deadlier incident than successfully protecting yourself. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/hsph-in-the-news/do-guns-make-us-safer-science-suggests-no/

Khal Spencer

That is a whole lot of hypothetical, Rob. I assert that training matters a lot but when trouble is seconds away, the cops are minutes behind or as the New Mex said a year or so ago, high priority response rates to 911 calls were over ten minutes. And as the story says, this guy was shot in the face anyway.

Self defense is a human right. If the criminal justice system isn't going to be able to control violent criminals, citizens have the right to choose for themselves how to defend themselves. I don't advocate anyone going armed unless they are trained, educated, and willing to use deadly force. But I would not categorically rule it out.

Prince Michael Jauregui

Mr. Spencer, I can concur with your comment to a degree: Back in July 2015, I attended a birthday party with my girlfriend in Montana - an open carry state: Long story short, wannabe Billy Bad***, drunk and with a .45 on his hip, decided to fight with the out-of-stater with black-hair and a tan, for no other apparent reason. After he sucker-punched me, he did O.K. until he removed his holster, and got left-hooked from the living-room to the kitchen floor, K.O.'ed. I swear I would've pistol-whipped him with his own gun, but his buddy picked it up first.

Bottom-line: EVERYONE is a bad-A** when they're packing. Without? Daddy's Girl.

Khal Spencer

Prince, I've never entirely embraced the idea of open carry. No standards, no guarantee that someone knows the rules of deadly force. A CHL in this state involves two full days of training including the law of deadly force, good vs. bad shoots, proper handling and wearing of a firearm, and a range practicum to ensure folks know the muzzle from the breech and can hit a target. I would say that training is bare bones but the whole process (application for the permit, submitting fingerprints and a happy face, waiting for the investigation and classroom certificate) weeds out a lot of people and those who go through the hoops tend to be reliable, as a couple studies (Michigan and Texas, I believe) strongly suggest.

Back to Rob's comment, if someone accosts you with a firearm (threatening you with deadly force) and demands you car keys (grand theft auto), it is highly unlikely a DA or grand jury would not call that a justifiable shoot. But I'm not a lawyer and don't play one on TV.

My best solution would be to keep these felons in the jailhouse but for some reason, New Mexico seems to have taken on the belief of letting them roam the streets.

Khal Spencer

p.s. Open carry vs open carry. Its one thing to open carry while hunting or working on the ranch. Quite another while wandering the plaza. Let's leave it there.

Khal Spencer

Here is the full context of that Hemenway quote from the original source. It appears David is talking about dueling and puts the modern context of dueling as a couple of street knuckleheads getting into a beef and pulling out the smokepoles. He has a point with that, as a lot of street violence seems to follow that model. Or Prince's model of the drunk with the .45.

Hardly anything to do with an armed robbery, home break in, or carjacking. But here it is, as I like to find two sources.


Khal Spencer

And Hemenway is anything but a dispassionate scientist on this topic. Believe me.

Khal Spencer

Good old impartial David Hemenway: "Hemenway appeared at a forum hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation and made the following statement in April 2013, "Instead of it being the mark of a real man that you can shoot somebody at 50 feet and kill them with a gun, the mark of a real man is that you would never do anything like that. . . . The gun is a great equalizer because it makes wimps as dangerous as people who really have skill and bravery and so I’d like to have this notion that anyone using a gun is a wuss. They aren’t anybody to be looked up to. They’re somebody to look down at because they couldn’t defend themselves or couldn’t protect others without using a gun."[6]"


Prince Michael Jauregui

Compelling comment Mr. Spencer. When My Beloved Brandon Michael was a little boy he once asked, "Poppo Michael, is it true you can kill a man with your bare hands?" "No, Brando. Just like when I shake a man's hand, I only need one." Ah, good times.

Richard Reinders

If the person being car jacked shot the perp it would send a big message to the rest of the criminals that Santa Fe is not an easy target regardless of the lack of law enforcement. When our own Mayor Webber and police step back and allow people to commit crime, we as citizens better be prepared to defend ourselves.

Russell Scanlon

“Defund the police” ? No. Channeling funds into education, social services, drug rehabilitation, housing the homeless—yes.

Don’t make a tragic situation worse by trying to score cheap political points.

Once the police are called it’s about ten years too late.

I am a “liberal” and I support the police. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. This is like using Matt Gaetz as an example to say that all Republicans are sexual predators.

Khal Spencer

The City P.D. is already understaffed; I don't know about the County Sheriff's Dept. Pulling funding away from sworn officers for other social services, which is what many of the "defunders" assert is the right thing to do, will just make the response time worse and coverage thinner.

As far as education, social services, drug rehab, housing, sure, those are important. I thought Antoinnette Sedillo-Lopez's safe storage bill was a step in the right direction too, but would have made gun safes tax exempt.

But I doubt any of those other things will change the heart and mind of a hardened criminal willing to shoot an unarmed 73 year old and steal his car. Be interesting to see if they catch the perp and if so, what his rap sheet looks like.

Maria Bautista

Not defund, reorganize, police in Santa Fe live in ABQ, they cannot afford to live here. We pay them an extra 500. to live in RR. plus car, all they spend stays in ABQ. With so much hype about building, our own cops cannot afford the rent. Defund means, build a police dept that knows where the evidence is kept,

Andrew Lucero

Oh Dear God… My thoughts and prayers go out to this poor man and his family… Things are quickly starting to spiral out of control in this town. Violent Crime and theft are going way up. We are in desperate need of some REAL leadership. City Hall is a broken mess. Our Mayor and his overpaid lackies are a Joke and our Police Force is an even bigger joke. Our District Attorney’s Office is grossly incompetent and our Judges are weak and soft on crime… If things don’t drastically change soon, things are going to go from Very Bad to Extremely Worse.

Prince Michael Jauregui

You're always a gentleman, Mr. Lucero. Indeed, prayer for the victim and his family. Andrew, stay blessed brother.

Stefanie Beninato

Your comment is irrelevant. This incident occurred in the COUNTY. It was a sheriff's deputy that was nearby. I don't see you complaining about the ineptitude of the COUNTY SHERIFF's OFFICE--get the jurisdictions straight please

Richard Reinders

Your right this happened in the county, but the people in the city and county comingle and if part of the area is infected with a lack of law enforcement it affects everyone in the area. The lack of law enforcement becomes a magnet to some types.

Lee DiFiore

Actually, I believe if you look at a map of the city limits you will see that the 599 rail runner station is within the city. Else, why would the Santa Fe PD be the investigating agency, particularly since a county sheriff was on scene?

Dan Frazier

Um, maybe, after the second shooting in two weeks at Railrunner stations, it is time to beef up security at Railrunner stations.

Khal Spencer

Transit Authority police, like in NYC?

Nancy Lockland

town not down

Nancy Lockland

What is really going on in this town. This down is riddled with drug addicts looking for something to steal so they can get their next fix. This is truly disturbing as well as disgusting.

David Brown


Stefanie Beninato

Again, Nancy, as with Andrew Lucero--this occurred in the county--please read correctly before you start making generalized statements of despair. And yes we have a drug problem. So does the county, so does ABQ etc

Khal Spencer

I wonder if with the train not running, some people consider the stations as a good place to do their drug transactions. Do the stations have video monitoring and is anyone watching TV?

Carmela Baca

Your comments are nothing but contradictions and inciteful. If the problems are more than you can bear, why haven't you been proactive in making change instead of bitching, moaning and complaining. Will we see your name running for political office to inspire and provoke change?

Nancy Lockland

I guess I don´t understand your reply Stefanie. Who cares if it happened in the county or the city, my point is Santa Fe in general is getting extremely bad.

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