Pearce, Texas Dem introduce immigration bill that aims to keep families together

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce

New Mexico’s lone Republican in Congress, U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, introduced an immigration bill Thursday with Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas that would allow U.S. citizens to sponsor immediate family members who have been barred from entering the country.

But immigration reform advocates say chances are slim that Congress will pass any immigration-related proposals by the end of year.

“I have long said that we should never split up families, and today’s proposed law allows the careful and sensible evaluation of cases where American families have been wrongly separated,” the Southern New Mexico congressman said in a news release.

The proposed law would allow an immigration judge or the Department of Homeland Security to review cases and give relief to people who have been barred from entering the country legally because of an immigration violation on his or her record and who have immediate family members who are U.S. citizens.

“I have heard countless heartbreaking stories of families in my district forced to live apart because of arbitrary laws with punishments that do not fit the actions and serve no public interest,” said O’Rourke, who represents a border district in Texas.

The Texas congressman first announced his intention to introduce the American Families United Act when he attended a wedding in August, held at the Texas-Mexico border. Edgar Falcon, who is a U.S. citizen, married Maricruz Valtierra, a Mexican citizen who was barred from entering the country for the rest of her life after her sister lied to immigration officials years ago, saying at a border check that they were both U.S. citizens.

Under current immigration rules, when someone lies about his or her immigration status at the U.S.-Mexico border, the would-be immigrant can get barred from ever applying to enter the country legally. Currently, Valtierra lives in Ciudad Juaréz and Falcon lives in El Paso.

“For American families like mine, with my beloved wife Maricruz in exile, this is encouraging,” Falcon said in the news release.

The proposed bill, however, would not allow anyone with a serious criminal record to have a case reviewed, even if they have immediate family members who are U.S. citizens.

Members of the House have routinely introduced stand-alone immigration bills as opposed to what has been done in the Senate, which passed a comprehensive bill in June that would create a pathway to citizenship and increase border security.

House Republicans have rejected the Senate bill, but GOP lawmakers have not agreed on how to deal with the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country.

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Dave Francis


Looking at the polls, especially Rasmussen polls it’s likely that many of the politicians who run this country will be searching for a job elsewhere, seeing they went against the majority of Americans in pressing for an Immigration Reform package, sanctioned by the Senate. Do not need any fortune teller’s crystal ball, to see which way this controversial issue is blowing? Many involved will be terminated from Congress, unless the Democrats can use the illegal vote of non-citizens as they did in the presidential election. Illustrating this is Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina disturbing drop in popularity.

Sen. Grahams reputation plummets after year-long press for amnesty
In a new poll from Winthrop University finds that Republican Sen. Grahams esteem is decaying in his home state plummeting after co-authoring legislation that would grant amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens and double annual legal immigration flows. According to the poll, only 45% of GOP voters of those who have supported the job that Graham have been doing. It would never surprise me if Sen. John McCain of Arizona slips in popularity; then there are the Liberal-Democrats who are just as venerable to the fury of loyal Americans.

Dave Francis

Last February, after the Gang of Eight had announced their principles for immigration reform, but before the bill was drafted, Graham approval rating among GOP voters was 72%. His approval rating was 57.5% in April just before the Senate began debate on Grahams amnesty bill, S.744.

You have to wonder whose next to “bite the bullet” I see new faces arising especially in the ranks of the GOP. I don’t think anybody is safe, except for the growing numbers of TEA PARTY upper echelon of Legislators, who are rearing up against the gangsters in both parties who are adjoining on the counterfeit Immigration Reform proposal With the numbers of illegal aliens involved is subsequently cannot claim its not an AMNESTY in the populace mind. No population numbers are truly available from this ailing government, as it’s unknown how many foreigners eluded the Census counter. But it must be over 25 million or more according to grassroots organizations. The whole thing stinks of conspiracy, when millions of American jobless will be targeted by scrupulous weasels in the Special Interests, so they can legally obtain another 30 million under the new Senate bill. This AMNESTY is a market for cheap labor, while for the Lib-Democrats blocks of votes.

Dave Francis

According to what I have read that under the Obama administration exclusive non-deportation policy, that 99.5 percent of illegal aliens have been granted permission to stay,


There is an assured, easy way to disunite the job market from the thousands of illegal aliens arriving here daily. The TEA PARTY who believes in American Sovereignty and the “Rule of Law” demand for—ALL THE PEOPLE—ALL THE CITIZENS—(Lawful Residence have a green ID card) a bio-metric Social Security ID card, that will cut the illegal foreign workers incoming to a seeping ooze; stopping election fraud by non-citizens and halt criminals stealing credit, welfare and other citizen entitlements. Its obvious to me that Obama’s thrall have exceeded the requirements of the law, by lifting restrictions on the criminal undocumented, allowing them to apply for Food Stamps.

Dave Francis

A programmed digitized SS card would allow the holder to slide a your card through a machine, just the same way you slide a credit card through, also denying illegal alien parents from appropriating billions of dollars annually in child credits. It really is time to re-evaluate the Citizenship Law, which an illegal alien parent can claim for an unborn child, once inside the jurisdiction of the United States. This has been reassessed in the majority of industrialized nations, including Canada:

After February 15, 1977: It states that Canadian citizenship is not granted to a child born in Canada if, at the time of his/her birth, neither of his/her parents was a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident and either parent.

Crazy U.S. citizenship laws, which were for the freedom of descendants of slaves, have been fabricated include non-citizens; a law financially abused. It has been a troubling issue for years that has still to be resolved by the high court. This should certainly be determined in any immigration reform, mainly because a child of illegal alien parents and foreign visitors who “OVERSTAY” their expired visa or just cross borders, supplementing income with major cash payments and public assistance.

These extra dollars would go a long way in caring for our incapacitated, homeless and the veterans that are being denied services. This citizen digital document could not be counterfeited, even if stolen nefarious reasons? Your picture, your thumb-print and even an iris scan would distinguish you from everybody else.

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