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Francisco Carbajal

The best solution for protecting and defending the public safety and the best interests of ALL our citizen's in Santa Fe is to exhibit the "strong leadership" attribute's from our Mayor, City Police Chief, and the Governing Body of Santa Fe who make those daily decisions, period! Yet, this is a missing in action (MIA) attribute that has been going for too long in Santa Fe. In order for this to happen from a perspective of regaining control of the serious violent crime statistic's from increasing, we need a strong leader who is not afraid to step on some toes without having to appease the masses of people who want to be politically correct in every magnitude. Frankly, the Santa Fe resident's, property owner's, taxpayer's, and/or registered voter's should be demanding for nothing less. The living dweller's of this beautiful Santa Fe Community deserve to be protected and defended by the City of Santa Fe Police Department without doubt or hesitation to act, period! The reality is that our current Mayor, the City Police Chief, and the Governing Body of Santa Fe objective's and mission statement, specifically, the public safety is not a major priority issue for them to mitigate and resolve immediately at this time. The City of Santa Fe Police Department, specifically, our "Thin Blue Line" are mistreated, disrespected, spit-on, assaulted at all magnitudes, and at times, always in endangered by violent criminals daily and nightly. The City of Santa Fe Government should be providing our police officer's every available resources to combat the criminal elements being presented today, tomorrow and the next, but they continue to fail this part of being held accountable and responsible to act accordingly. They need to step to the plate and stop micromanaging the police officer ability to conduct their official duties as law enforcement officer's and get off the power trip altogether! I am pissed!

Prince Michael Jauregui

At-least 150 Americans were killed by guns - during the 4th of July Weekend alone.

Again, "America" has merely begun, to reap what it has sown:

The Summer of Lead (c)

Jason Evans

Half of those were in Chicago. No decent parents would consider exposing their children to the violence of Chicago when deciding where to go on vacation. Same goes for Portland and Seattle. SF needs tourism revenue. And a DA who will work to prosecute criminals.

Khal Spencer

It does appear the criminal element is getting more brazen. Shooting at cops raises the stakes of a confrontation to lethal force levels, obviously. I don't understand the mindset unless these people are sky high on meth or some other drug that induces violent and irrational behavior. All of these shootings appear to be justified.

Plus, it seems everyone that gets crossways with the cops is packing heat. I blame that primarily on a judiciary that does not treat armed crime as an existential threat and put people away for a longer time for felon in posession or for repeat offenders caught with a gun.

As far as everyone else, if you have handguns (which are most often what is found at crime scenes), LOCK THEM UP when you are not in control of them. Its not that hard or expensive. MidwayUSA.com, for example, sells pistol boxes for as low as forty or fifty bucks, i.e., about a tenth the cost of an inexpensive handgun. You can bolt one to a hiding place but still have quick access while ensuring someone else does not. Not to mention, that any kids roaming around the house don't end up doing DIY brain surgery.

I wish this state gave people a tax break, rebate, or some reward for getting a gun security system (i.e., a safe, lockbox, etc). Cutting off the source of guns to prohibited persons can save more than the state would spend, given the cost to society of a shooting (medical care, long term disability, prosecution, jail cells, the inhibiting of business, etc)


Angel Ortiz

It's simple. I you're in possession of a firearm, threatening law enforcement, you're going to be dealt with accordingly. Yes, there are more drugs and guns on the street. It's very sad that our beautiful city has come to this level.

Richard Reinders

All you have to do is watch the news to see crime is not prosecuted anywhere to any consequence. This I am sure is what is leading the trend. You must vote for people that are willing to do the hard job of real law enforcement.

Red Eagle


Andrew Lucero

For a city the size of Santa Fe, having three police shootings in the span of 10 days is more than a little troubling. If this exact same scenario played out in New York, Chicago or LA, those cities would be in full on crisis mode. One has to ask, why not here? Crime has been steadily on the rise in Santa Fe and has quickly grown out of control. (Especially violent crime). From what I’ve seen thus far, it appears that all of these officer involved shootings have been justified. (Primarily because the perpetrators in each of these incidents either pointed a gun at or shot at the officers). The question is, why? I don’t pretend to know the answer, but could it be that the criminal element has grown so brazenly violent and disrespectful of law enforcement because they no longer fear any meaningful punishment for their actions? In most if not all of these cases, each of these perpetrators have had long criminal histories. Let’s face it, our last three District Attorney’s and our current one, have been grossly incompetent and notoriously soft on crime. And our judges have been even softer. One thing is for certain, revolving door justice is not working. And a slap on the wrist and a stern tongue lashing from a judge is not the answer.

Lynn k Allen

Agree and are there more drugs being used?

Khal Spencer


Khal Spencer

And here I thought the Rail Trail was a peaceful place to ride my bike...

Lee DiFiore

Finally, a workable solution to the problems of recidivism and bail reform.

Khal Spencer

I shouldn't be chuckling but I am.

Prince Michael Jauregui

From coast-to-coast, in small-towns and Big-cities, America's bullets have come home to roost.

The Summer of Lead (c)

Khal Spencer

They shot him for sitting on the train tracks??? Hello???

Khal Spencer

Ok, the update clears that up. Another case of shooting at the cops. Was this an attempt at suicide by cop?

Pam Walker

Most likely Khal. I do wish this paper would stop stirring the pot. Always has to remind you this is the third time in 10 days.

Lynn k Allen

He shot at police.

Barry Rabkin

They shot him because he shot at them. Besides, there weren't any social workers available to dispense 'restorative justice.'

Khal Spencer


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