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Fred Kline

To Republican Trumpers: Just move on now, get on to Texas with the horse you rode in on--P.S. The horse can come back and is most welcome.

Richard Bull

Ah Amarillo the sights and smell of Cadillac Ranch and Stock Yards, a great metaphor for Republican's head in the sand to escape the stench.

Russell Scanlon

The Republicans need a total colon cleansing after 4 years of Trump. Sadly, by going to Texas it does not appear that they are on the right path.

Irene Edwards

Well, after all, most of the Republicans meeting in Texas are likely Texans anyway.

Bill Becher

Republicans please stay there. Poor New Mexico. So far from heaven...so close to Texas.

Angel Ortiz


Craig Meyer

Sounds like for at least three days the average IQ in New Mexico is going up.

Paul Chadwick

"New Mexico Republicans"… Isn't that an oxymoron?

Alexis Martinez Johnson

Ask 46 percent of New Mexicans.

Lynn k Allen

Can we use any of the pandemic relief funds to assist them to moving there permanently? Minimally it would benefit our covid rates.

Angel Ortiz

One of the best ideas I have heard in a while.[thumbup]

Alexis Martinez Johnson

The minority is not leaving because you want them too. Many of them were born here and to ask them to leave is insulting. Why would you ask any minority to leave New Mexico? Because you disagree on some values?

Jim Klukkert

Alexis Martinez Johnson- Some cash is being offered to defray moving costs.


Douglas Dasher

Some of this data has already been presented, but here is some additional info comparing states.


Death rates from coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States as of April 19, 2021, by state (per 100,000 people)

South Dakota – 221/100K; New Mexico 191/100K; Texas 171/100K; Florida 160/100K


COVID 19 Positivity Rates & testing rates

South Dakota – 14.3% 191/100K; Florida 10.5% 363/100K; Texas 6.7% 176/100K; New Mexico 2.3% 439/100K

States ranked by COVID-19 cases: April 14

South Dakota – 13,582/100K; Florida 9,940/100K; Texas 9,787/100K; New Mexico 9,260/100K

Without an understanding of the state’s differences in counting COVID 19s cases, deaths or positivity and correcting for confounding issues such a general health, age, rural versus non-rural, health care access, ect., all the numbers are gross approximations. For example, one state may have lower deaths, but better health care access or a healthier population to start with than a state with higher deaths.

Khal Spencer


Khal Spencer

Of course, some Democrats are milking this pandemic for all the power they can possibly acquire. Note this spat between MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Supreme Court.


Of course our legislature never considered power-sharing during a pandemic. That was dumb.

Mike Johnson

[thumbup] Agreed, our legislature was a bunch of cowering lap dogs.......

Khal Spencer

States ranked by COVID-19 positivity rate, updated 20 April.

New Mexico: 2.3 percent positive

New daily cases: 610

Tests per 100,000: 436.8

Texas: 6.7 percent positive

New daily cases: 4,477

Tests per 100,000: 175.6

Source: https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/public-health/states-ranked-by-covid-19-test-positivity-rates-july-14.html

Jim Klukkert

Thank you Khal, for the facts.

Khal Spencer

Yep. Why let little things like facts get in the way of FREEDUMB!

We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but we ain't out of the tunnel yet.

Vicente Roybal

a great place for them, maybe they could shop for property during the convention

Mark Stahl

If Texas is so great, why is New Mexico, and other surrounding places, overrun with Texans throughout the year? Seems like when a Texan gets a three day weekend, they can’t get away quick enough. Just ask Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

Lee DiFiore

But why did so many New Mexicans go to TX to get their vaccines, despite all the strutting by the governor's office about what a great vaccination job NM did?

Jim Klukkert

Lee DiFiore- Texas has extra vaccinations as many folks there are 'vaccine reluctant.'

Leo Catelli

I'd bet they're on...vacation. It's close enough to drive to, change of scenery, etc.

Don't we all do that if possible?

Prince Michael Jauregui

All my taxes, live in Texas?

Lee DiFiore

New Mexico’s COVID-19 restrictions, some of the most stringent in the nation". "Texas, which has much looser COVID-19 restrictions than New Mexico". NM, 14th in the country in covid deaths per capita. TX, 23rd in the country. And the governor's office in NM is finger wagging?

Prince Michael Jauregui

Amarillo, by mourning?

Gilbert Archuleta

Most New Mexico Republicans think they're Texans!!!! They will be right at home in Amarillo!!! Most of them should become permanent residents while there!!!!

S. Ulrich


Alexis Johnson

No we don’t think we are Texans. Somos nuevo mexicanos and we’re not going anywhere.

Dottie Butler

I'm hoping the Republicans going to Texas won't be allowed back into New Mexico.

So called New Mexico Republicans just want to turn New Mexico into a province of Texas. That's not going to fly. I'm sure they would love to merge New Mexico into Texas if they could. They can't.

You might as well stay in Texas, Republicans. You'll still going to lose at the ballot box no matter what you do.

I hope you're all vaccinated (I know you're not) because some of you are going to get Covid if you go to Texas, you'll bring it back and give it to the people you're closest to and if you're as careless as I think you are some of you will die as a result.

Alexis Martinez Johnson

To say "some of you will die as a result" is extremely offensive. Let us not say that about the humans on our southern border 104 of which tested positive for COVID headed to various cities. We would never wish any type of disease on another human.

Mike Johnson

Why not? The Guv banned all the state's university sports teams from practicing and playing in NM, and ruined their seasons. Who wants to put up with her secret police.

Craig O'Hare

And the delegates to the convention will be driving there at 120 miles per hour because they feel that speed limits also are an infringement on their "Constitutional freedoms."

Lee DiFiore

Yeah, but they do support immigration laws.

Mike Johnson

120 is a nice cruising speed.......

John Wilson

They are just not that good as science for the most part. Those with some scientific understanding will have beaten it into submission with faith, conspiracy theory, and prejudice.

Prince Michael Jauregui

Generalize, much?

Alexis Martinez Johnson

To say that 46 percent of registered voters who just voted are not good at science is a ridiculous statement. No many people have not been "beaten into submission" just because they have values or ideas that are different than yours. Many people believe in freedom of religion, we do not believe in conspiracies, and are not prejudice.

Michael Kiley

That will reduce the pandemic risk and increase the average intelligence in both places.

Leo Catelli

I'd bet on average, there are more people with higher IQs in Texas compared to New Mexico.

People here are cartoonishly portraying them as all low IQ rednecks, but the reality is Texas is an incredibly diverse state. Lots of diverse industry there, plenty of high-caliber universities, etc.

Sure, there's plenty of the cliche rednecks people lament about here. But we have our share of uncultured idiots.

Plus, Northern New Mexico is full of trust fund washed out hippies from the West Coast that think they make a difference in the world by virtue signaling online, when in reality they've probably barely accomplished anything significant in the modern world.

Jim Klukkert

Just when the comments page was getting to be fun. Kill joy!

zach miller

sounds about right, complaining we aren't texas is all they do anyway.

Cheryl Odom


Dan Frazier

Moving the convention to Amarillo may be legal, but it violates the spirit of the law and is inappropriate during the pandemic.

The Governor's press secretary is quoted: "'If an organization can’t be bothered to adhere to reasonable health guidelines in a pandemic, by all means, spread the virus elsewhere. Hopefully I don’t need to elaborate on the inherent risks to health and safety posed by mass gatherings amid an ongoing pandemic.”

While some residents may have similar thoughts, such sentiments are shocking coming from the Governor's Press Secretary. After all, these are fellow New Mexicans and fellow Americans we are talking about. We should not be wishing them ill even if it results from their own foolish decisions. And of course, if they become infected in Amarillo, they may well bring their infections back to New Mexico.

Richard Reinders

The science shows states like Florida, Texas and So. Dakota that has been the most open with year round schools infection rate is lower than New Mexico, New Mexico can do what it wants because it is independent of other states, but we are continually falling behind the economic and education curve. The hotel has mandated to wear mask as a large group and don't think it will be a super spreader event like mob riots of which no one criticizes. Just remember New Mexicans have been streaming to Amarillo by the hundreds if not thousands getting covid shots and I haven't seen a spike in infection rates? Mixed messages, we will never know the truth.

Paul Davis

"Just remember New Mexicans have been streaming to Amarillo by the hundreds if not thousands getting covid shots" ...

Yep, the impatient are everywhere. And yes, before you tell me about your 75 year old relative or friend who still has not heard from NM DOH ... all human organizations make mistakes, whether they are private corporations or governments (or not-for-profits, or charities, or ...). You know what they say about "the exception proves the rule".

John Cook

You make a good point that they will bring the virus back to New Mexico. I'm old enough to remember the right-wingers during Vietnam war protests demanding: "America, love it or leave it". Should these right-wingers take their own advice as it relates to New Mexico? Amarillo would be proud to keep them as permanent residents.

Khal Spencer

Norma has a way of sounding like the last job she should have in the world is press secretary for the Gov. But maybe that just reflects the gov. My wife, a devout Democrat, is even getting sick and tired of Madame Governor.

John Cook

In November of '22 your wife will discover (as I'm sure she already knows) that elections are a choice. I dare say she will find our Governor the better choice. I say that even though I also have disappointments with the Governor. But imagine the Trump spouting excuse for a politician the Rs will nominate.

Khal Spencer

True, John. I am not optimistic about the GOP choice to run against Gov. Lujan Grisham.

Alexis Martinez Johnson

How can you know a better choice if you do not even know who the other candidates are? Everyone is a person and the continuous Trumpsplaining of candidates really removes any candidate from consideration if you cannot even say their name or know who they are because you have dismissed them based on a previous president.

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