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Chris Mechels

No mention of NM police training which is an absolute train wreck, and includes an illegal curriculum since 2013. Her first choice for DPS Secretary, Mark Shea, was an absolute incompetent, whose "police experience" was Albuquerque Public Schools. He stunk up the place until Sept 2020. Her current choice for DPS Secretary seems another poor choice. Michelle know's NOTHING about the police problems, or the Corrections problems, she's just hunting votes. Same with her hydrogen talk. I'm surprised she can even spell hydrogen. It's a really dumb idea, that sounds good, as the its economically and environmentally unsound. But what would she know...??

A failed attorney, and a failed DOH Secretary under Richardson (2004-2007), her "experience" as a manager is NULL. It seems she doesn't even know that the Governor is an "Executive" not a "Legislator", as she continually violates the laws passed by the Legislature. But, who's to prosecute her law breaking?? The corrupt Attorney General, Hector Balderas?? Time to sweep out the place, and let some fresh air in. And send little Michelle back to 5th grade, to study Civics.

Francisco Carbajal

Chris Mechels, here you go again spewing vomit all over yourself. The train wreck that you continue to rant about "an illegal curriculum since 2013" is not going anywhere because you have no subject matter expertise to change it, period! The "universal" police training curriculum, specifically, the use of deadly force application that is currently utilized throughout the United States has been vetted into every law enforcement academy curriculum in every state with constitutional restraints, mandates of law for each state, and due process. By the way, the former DPS Secretary, Mark Shea that you speak of in a disrespectful manner is out of line. I have known Mr. Shea for a long time and his character exhibits an honorable, high moral compass, trustful, integrity, and dignity attributes. You have no right to disrespect his name and/or others who are law enforcement officer's in our state.

Jerry Appel

I found the headline misleading. I don't understand how a governor is responsible for an increase in murders in one city. Maybe the citizens are tired of getting shot by the APD and their well-documented abuses of civil rights. Whatever the reason or reasons, it's nice to know that Gov. MLG thinks more state troopers will mitigate the issue along with bail reform, whatever that really means. Finally, reporting that there were protestors is not news. Had these protestors interfered with the meeting would be news. That there were no protestors would be news.

John Cook

Hydrogen energy is certainly complicated and not fit for all purposes. However, one of the very good uses of hydrogen is the cheap storage and transportation of energy. Solar and wind energy can be transferred into hydrogen where it can be stored indefinitely without loss and transported cheaply. Utah already has a project like this to supply their wind and sun to California. When New Mexicans can do this we can truly transition to clean energy. And become a much richer state! The Governor's projections are rosy; but this is an area of innovation for which she should be congratulated.

Red Eagle

Shocking that MLG final is pushing for more security and bail reform, when New Mexicans have been begging for these changes for years. Also agree that education needs a complete overhaul, which will be next on her agenda. It’s amazing what a re-election campaign will do to motivate a politician…..she is reprehensible!

John Onstad

Lujan says that hydrogen-fuel will eventually generate "hundreds of billions" in tax revenue. Petroleum industry currently generates about $2B in annual NM tax revenues, about 1/3 of NM total tax revenue. How she gets to "hundreds of Billions" is beyond me, especially since hydrogen fuel is in its infancy. Obviously been taking lessons from Gov. Bill.

Joe Brownrigg

And all reputable scientists are in agreement that the oil and gas industries and helping to destroy our earth. Even though we now depend on it for finances, it is killing us. Hydrogen might not be the medicine we need, but it might be a long-term goal. Right now, solar and wind are our best remedies.

Barry Rabkin

Obviously we need more social workers to go out on patrol with the various city, country, and state police officers ... to tell the poor folks committing crimes just not to do it again or they will face restorative justice (meaningless as it is).

Joe Brownrigg

Barry, your comment is simply rude and destructive.

Joseph Tafoya


Jim Klukkert

More cheap shots, Barry Rabkin, from the cheap seats. What joy do you reap, Barry Rabkin, from sowing division and discord?

You should know that all your efforts shall come to naught.


I really question the "hydrogen hub". In fact, I question almost everything that is promoted by this Administration. New Mexico can do much better!

Lupe Molina

Can we also have 1,000 more teachers? That way we can give New Mexico's young people more to live for and not resort to crime and drugs to begin with? This is too little too late and investing heavily in a broken police pedagogy while young people in this state already feel like they've been given up on.

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