State GOP chairman Steve Pearce tweeted about his support for President Donald Trump on Saturday, calling Trump ‘our President FOREVER.’ Pearce later deleted the tweet.

Steve Pearce is standing by his man.

Although GOP support for President Donald Trump has begun to falter on the national level after last week’s deadly Capitol invasion, Pearce, the head of the New Mexico Republican Party, said his loyalty to the president remains steadfast.

In a Twitter post Saturday, Pearce said Trump “will be our President FOREVER and no one can take that away from us.”

The message has since been deleted, but in an interview Tuesday, Pearce mounted a defense of the president, contending Trump’s accomplishments far outweigh anything for which he could be criticized. The state GOP chairman was unwilling to acknowledge Trump may have played a crucial role in the stunning attack on the Capitol, where five people died and many of the nation’s elected leaders took cover in fear for their lives.

But these events forced Pearce into an odd form of communications gymnastics — with the onetime congressman from Hobbs condemning inflammatory comments made by Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin during the demonstration-turned-riot, then rejecting the notion Trump riled the mob with his rhetoric.

“You can read his comments both ways,” Pearce said of Trump’s speech to the restive crowd that had poured into Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 in response to the president’s repeated and unfounded claims of a stolen election.

By contrast, Griffin threatened bloodshed, Pearce said, referring to a Facebook video the Otero County commissioner posted that has since been removed.

The state GOP opposes all calls for violence, whether they come from conservatives like Griffin or people on the other end of the political spectrum, Pearce said.

“When people turn their peaceful demonstration into a violent one, it’s wrong on both sides,” said Pearce, who’d communicated mostly through news release in recent days. “And we’ve been pretty consistent on that.”

As House Democrats and some Republicans began pushing to impeach Trump for his words and actions before the mob stormed the Capitol — the third-ranking Republican in the House, Liz Cheney, said Tuesday she’d vote to impeach — Pearce decried what he called a divisive action in a country in turmoil.

“Our nation needs to reunite as a democracy and the healing process must begin,” Pearce said in a news release.

Pearce’s comments drew a strong rebuke from state Democratic Party Chairwoman Marg Elliston, who in a statement said the state GOP’s call for unity was “hypocritical and disingenuous, especially given their ongoing support for the president and their willingness to continue to spread the same misinformation and lies that led to rioting and destruction less than a week ago.

“If Republicans truly want to move toward unity,” Elliston added, “they must denounce President Trump and his violent rhetoric.”

When asked about Trump’s divisiveness, Pearce said Democrats engaged in their own political war.

“They did everything they could to destroy him during his four years in office,” Pearce said.

Trump, Pearce maintained, built a “tremendous economy” by forging tough trade deals with Europe and China, cut taxes and melted cumbersome bureaucracies. He claimed Trump “inherited nothing from [former President Barack] Obama,” although there’s little question Obama left office with a strong economy.

Trump’s campaign on Monday withdrew a lawsuit challenging the legality of using drop boxes to collect mail ballots in New Mexico. The state GOP had collaborated with the Trump team on the lawsuit.

Courts at every level have either ruled against Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud or refused to hear them due to lack of evidence.

Pearce said he stands by his allegations there were widespread voting irregularities state election officials refused to address. He insisted Trump’s doubts about a fair election have merit and vowed to continue the fight outside court.

“We in New Mexico still have questions and will pursue them off the radar,” he said.

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David Martinez

Steve, please clarify, "Trump will be our President Forever", I'm sorry but I don't understand? Trump was voted as President for a set time frame just like all the past gentlemen who chose to serve this office.

Are you referring to infinitum of his Presidency? I would think not, so maybe you need to re-phase, so people do not misconstrue your exact meaning.

To help you out, no one, not anyone can be something forever! If this is exactly what you meant, then explain all the past Presidents and those going forward. How do you view them and how are we to follow what your view of the role of these gentlemen ?

I just can't come to a rational conclusion on your statement, unless the press got it wrong!

How can you as an individual chose those words? Do you realize it would cause division and confusion? What is your strategy here going forward? I would like a simple explanation. Please communicate to your fellow constituents and all other New Mexican's what you mean and your strategy going forward with "forever recognizing Trump." Ten years from now he will be forgotten as President - leader, but remembered for the negative behavior he created for the U.S.

Waiting to hear back from you!

Julie Berman

Not sure what flavor of KOOL-AID Steve Pearce drank, but when I find out, I PROMISE NEVER TO EVEN TAKE A SIP!!!

Khal Spencer

All snark aside (yeah, its tough, but someone has to do it) what I do not understand is why Mr. Pearce, as head of the state GOP, continues to tie his fortune to outgoing President Trump. Isn't it time for some fresh ideas that are relevant to New Mexico?

Even putting aside the last two months of deceit regarding the election, President Trump lost badly in New Mexico. The GOP lost the last governor's race in a thrashing and is now minority party in both houses, with GOP legislators complaining, like Rodney Dangerfield, that they don't get no respect. But if you give the other party a supermajority in both houses, the other party can do as it pleases.

I think continuing to waive the bloody shirt over this election will certainly appeal to Pearce's base, but it also means the base, and its elected representatives from a few districts, will be increasingly irrelevant in governing this state. For those of us who value a two party system, my question is this: will a viable third party advocating for center-right positions please raise its hand and be identified?

Archer Hill

WRONG! He may have been your president but was NEVER mine! Good riddance..

Donato Velasco

stay strong in two years elections will clean house again and will have the country back..

Angel Ortiz

Donato, that sounds familiar. Trump once said "stand back and stand by". That didn't work out too well for him. Our country is back.

Paul Groh

Who would have thought...that Mr. Pearce could render himself even more irrelevant?? And yet.....here it is!

Chris Arrott

This is a disgrace for the State of New Mexico. He is traitor as much as Trump. He should never hold office in the future in our state. He is weak and has no ability to lead for the people of our state. The fact that he would post his support for Donald Trump and then delete his post on Facebook shows he does not stand by his convictions or does not have the marbles...


100% [thumbup]

Rachel Thompson

This is not about this story, but more a general question. I don't understand why you all bother to attack each other here. It's not like you're going to change minds. Just seems like a waste of energy to me. But maybe it's just not my way.

Khal Spencer


rodney carswell

Rachel, I ask myself that frequently, even when I perhaps posted a comment that day. Too much time on my hands?

Rachel Thompson

That is something I can relate to for sure.

Edwina Gardner

"It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings." Ghandi So happy Pearce has tied himself to a man who demeaned voters (elections were rigged), ridiculed women (who called his lies ....lies, and who nurtured an insurrection. It's all on tape. It's all on Twitter. Pearce supports this. He also thinks (and Trump and his followers) that New Mexicans are not cognizant of the damage done to our country. I am sure Pearce will start criticizing President elect Biden for a Republican/Trump tax plan that is going to hit everyone next year, the virus, immigrants, and a wall that was only extended 12 miles. False news they will scream....but thankfully, cooler heads prevail in our state where country and the health of our nation comes first. Not to a man who encouraged a desecration of our government or the Constitution of the United States.

Janet Eduardo

"Will be our President FOREVER" and "will pursue them off the radar"? Someone needs to explain to Pearce that this is NOT Russia and we do not have Presidents for life nor do we approve of sedition and insurrection against the country and it's duly elected government.

These types of comments are meant to call for further violence and I for one will be sure they are reported to the FBI as it certainly does appear that Pearce is calling for insurrection against the US and should suffer the consequences.

Carolyn DM

Oh, great! Another brainwashed Radical Republican that supports a dictatorship! We have made sure Mr. Trump will never be a pretend president again, Mr. Pearce. Thank goodness you have lost all your most recent elections!! Our democracy has no use for immoral goons like you!

Amy Christiansen

We all still stand by our President Trump!!! He is the best President ever! When biden starts making you angry and making you all pay bigtime, we dont want to hear any whining!!! You asked for it!

Jim Klukkert

Amy Christiansen– We did not ask for a Biden/Harris administration, we VOTED for it. An American tradition that continues despite President Trump's efforts. Get used to it.

John Cook




DeeDee Downs

Thanks Jim... I feel sorry for that Amy gal... She needs to turn off Fox "news".

Jim Klukkert

Dee Dee- perhaps you meant Faux News? [cool]

rodney carswell

Amy, I recommend you wean yourself from the toxic, radical, right wing media feed tube. All that nasty, lying propaganda has distorted your field of reference. I recommend you go to Google, type in something like "most reliable or credible sources for news information"; follow your eyes and brain, read up, make your way back to reality.



DeeDee Downs




Khal Spencer

Its not a church, Mr. Pearce. Its a republic. And Trump lost. How about a little reality check for the sake of the nation?

DeeDee Downs

We need to mobilize a massive Cult Deprogramming process to rescue our fellow citizens from the cult of the great Orange Satan whom they apparently, dangerously, worship. It's incredibly pathetic...

Khal Spencer

Jeremiah 14:14-16 ESV

And the Lord said to me: “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds. Therefore thus says the Lord concerning the prophets who prophesy in my name although I did not send them, and who say, ‘Sword and famine shall not come upon this land’: By sword and famine those prophets shall be consumed. And the people to whom they prophesy shall be cast out in the streets of Jerusalem, victims of famine and sword, with none to bury them—them, their wives, their sons, and their daughters. For I will pour out their evil upon them. "

Robert Fields

Steve Pearce seems to be in denial. Even Mitch McConnell is dropping Trump like a hot potato.

Pearce might want to get a better idea which way the wind is blowing before he goes so far out on a limb supporting a seditionist and insurrectionist.

Or not. Willful ignorance is kind of a thing for folks like him and Yvette Herrell.

Harvey Morgan II

A rudderless ship doesn't care which way the wind blows.

Russell Scanlon

. . . Except for the 80 plus million of us who wanted someone else. Or the 10 million voters in 2016 who preferred Clinton or Jill Stein.

The GOP—the minority party, forever at the rate they are going.

Bruce Adams

And this is why he can't elected dog catcher. New Mexicans are too wise to fall for this guy.

Leslie Rich

Poor Steve.

DeeDee Downs


Amy Earle

And this is the man NM state republicans want to be the head of their party? Trump will be POTUS forever? I have news for you Steve Pierce, this is not Putin’s Russia. Citizens of the country vote every 4 years and collectively decide who will be POTUS. No one is POTUS forever in the United States of America. Perhaps a semester spent studying US government is in order or better yet the state republicans should consider a new, sane leader.

Robert Fields


Rachel Thompson

You can always see Mr. Couy in his video in a Jan. 9 New York Times article which he can’t take down. He said that if there’s a 2d amendment rally on the steps of the Capitol, “it’s gonna be a sad day because there’s gonna be blood running out of that building.”

In another article on the groups website, Couy says he put up a GoFundMe appeal Last February and almost overnight raised enough money - about $18,000 - to fly a group including their families to Cumberland, MD. There they rented a dozen horses and rode down the Chesapeake and Ohio national historic canal to the White House to protest undocumented immigrants. https://www.cowboysfortrump.org/photo-gallery

Carolyn DM

LMAO!! The little men are still afraid their guns are going to be taken away!!

Khal Spencer

Heh. That was Beto promising to come and take them, back when the Dems were climbing over each other's heads to get to the left of each other.

DeeDee Downs

oh for pete's sake... these people are dangerously deranged

Angel Ortiz

"will be our President FOREVER and no one can take that away from us.". Seriously? Mr. Pearce needs a reality check. Donald will be gone on January 20th. Absolutely looking forward to the Inauguration Day. Hopefully a new day for everyone to have some hope. As for Cowboys for Trump, their day has come to ride off into the sunset. They are not welcome here.

David Ford

Wow. Apparently being completely delusional is seriously contagious. He should probably start wearing a bag over his head for his and our safety...

As for CFT - "All hat, no cattle"!

Robert Fields


Rachel Thompson

Or C4T, as what it says in large letters on Mr. Couy's custom-made shirt collar.

Carlos Vasquez

Not every trumpsupporter is a bigot, but every bigot is a trumpsupporter - Chris Cuomo - primetime

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