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Lloyd Dobber

So what you're saying is if you go to school and get an education you'll make money and if you do or of school or Jane a criminal history you won't. Brilliant. Atleast people can still blame everyone but themselves for not succeeding.

Most of los alamos and most of espanola work at the lab. You get rid of this evil lab and those scientists with PhD's will find work. How do you think santa fe and espanola will fair?

Lloyd Dobber

Amazing that for the last two months I've been contacting and begging the new Mexican to cover a toy drive and other charity causes in the area but the have time to publish a bunch of trashy rhetoric with no factual basis that is as offensive as it is ignorant. Well done new Mexican. Found a way to lower the bar past the mud you're laying in.

The lab employs and gives jobs to most of Northern new mexico. You want to get mad at the lab? Want to blame the elite class that went studied in school and often 8 years of college to attain higher degrees? These scientists have advanced degrees. They'll find work. Half of Northern new mexico is able to work at a laboratory and make great salaries as well. The lab shuts down and the scientist will be fine and we'll see how well the rest of the employees fair.

Most of espanola is employed at the same lab as the people in los alamos. It's not what you make as much as what you are doing with it.

Lee Vigil

Not a helpful or fair headline.

Mike Johnson

Los Alamos is an interesting case study of federal government dominated job creation and local economy control. Ever since Day 1, the NM Congressional delegations (D or R, didn't matter) have treated it as their personal pork barrel, not "largess", just pork. These Congressional reps and Senators all wanted money poured into the place for obvious reasons, just as Udall and the Lujans can campaign on all the "jobs" and money they were personally responsible for lavishing on the area. That makes for great campaign rhetoric, and unlike private enterprise jobs, the billions they pour into LA are direct and very visible, no calculations necessary. It always leads to being re-elected numerous times and shows the extreme power of incumbency, something term limits would easily fix.

John Fillmore

The glaring omission in the article is obvious to anyone slightly conversant with New Mexico. Los Alamos is a Repiblican stronghold. Rio Arriba has an abnormal 6-1 Democrat to Republican voter registration.

Even when the Republicans had a lop-sided contingent of nationally elected leadership in Washington, the Democratic machine still had an 80% stranglehold on all COUNTY elected offices and still does. And the state's economic lethargy is directly attributed to that. In a state that is Catholic to the core, it is so odd that it leans to a political platform that is so anti-Catholic.

This is a Democratic state when speaking of poverty and a lack of ambition. It is a Republican county, Los Alamos, that rivals any in the country in wealth.

Mike Johnson

I find this curious, why then is the State House Rep a left wing Democrat?

Pierce Knolls

Didn't the Democrats gerrymander the district that includes Los Alamos to cover a big swath of Rio Arriba county?

David Gunter

"But critics say an inability to diversify the economy has exacerbated income disparities."

You cannot diversify the economy in a state that has such poor education levels. The lack of a pool of educated workers in this state is what prevents many tech companies from settling here. We didn't even have enough to attract the Tesla battery factory.

Steve Salazar

Nevada was closer to Tesla's home base, and they had a sweeter pot to lure them in.

Pierce Knolls

It's ironic that this classist tripe appears in the same newspaper as this call to end classism and racism: http://www.santafenewmexican.com/opinion/commentary/commentary-class-prejudice-rears-its-ugly-head/article_5784281e-1e21-5d39-938d-1a33f9ee6a45.html

Pierce Knolls

"Nor do they tend to consider that — thanks to federal largess — they live in one of the country’s most affluent communities."

Webster's defines largess as "something given to someone without expectation of a return." That's hardly an accurate way to describe the salaries and wages earned by the skilled and educated employees in exchange for their labor on behalf of the federal government and the American people. This story just comes off as petty classist rabble rousing.

Nancy Henderson

I find this article very offensive. This article presented our town's recently renovated jewel, Ashley Pond, like it was a meeting place for nannies.I raised my children in Los Alamos. I have never heard of anyone having a nanny. I commute to Espanola, to their fine community college, NNMC, because it is the closest city where I can get the training for the job I would like at the Los Alamos National Lab. Many people work hard doing important work for the nation. Do we describe military families as living off government largess?

Steve Salazar

There are jobs in Los Alamos for people in the valley, just pass the pre employment drug test.

Mike Johnson


Rod Lievano

Typical AP ignorance. Los Alamos is an unique case, so comparing and contrasting it to other communities is irrelevant.

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