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Al Reed

Gender neutral is not necessarily gender equal. Women are the losers with the Mayor's gender neutral restrooms proposal: Men either [politely] lift toilet seat and leave it up or don't raise it to begin with. Think about why there are urinals in men's restrooms.

Pat Shackleford

I think the author could help minimize and clarify "misconceptions" about this issue by not using the word bathroom" when the word "restroom" is more accurate. Most public restrooms do not have baths or showers, and referring to them as such perpetuates misconceptions.

henry Griswold

does everyone mean restrooms?
many single stalls are for men having a urinal. being 'gender neutral' would simply require a locking door. aren't women's 'restroom' lines usually longer than the men's?

Pat Shackleford

Evangelo's Bar has only had one restroom for decades (since before it was known as "gender neutral", as far as I recall), and aside from sometimes having to wait your turn outside the door, I've never noticed it to be an issue with any of the other sexes. Sometimes, couples and threesomes all share the facility at the same time, which seems broad-minded and considerate of any who are waiting in line.

Pierce Knolls

Why do we need to make this a law? Why not first just try asking businesses to consider changing the signs on their bathroom doors voluntarily first? My business has three single-stall bathrooms, and none of them have been designated for a particular gender, no law required.

Richard Martinez

Most don't want gender-neutral but the mayor will get what he wants. Just like California who voted against homosexuals but the homosexuals got what they wanted anyway. God help us who aren't part of this abomination.

Mary Bonney

Not a bad idea, but I would much rather see him address the shortage of public bathrooms period - our tourist hotspots, including canyon road, are woefully short on public amenities and it puts unnecessary cost and problems onto the local business owners to provide this service to our tourists.

Joseph Sanchez


Khal Spencer

Your cap locks is on.

Khal Spencer

"Karen Cribari, manager at Tomasita’s, said her personal opinion was: “Who cares?”

No kidding. This should be a non-issue.The loo is for whoever needs to go to the john. Figure it out and keep the politics and meanness out of it.

As far as people making snotty comments on comment boards, that is the norm. The New Mexican, at least, polices its own site. Sites that use mass media comment boards like Disqus (NPR uses it) are free fire zones for all sorts of trolls and potty mouths. Anonymity is misused way too often.

Pierce Knolls

"The New Mexican, at least, polices its own site." - Sometimes, sort of.


Our last Great Mayor was Mayor Delgado
He brought Dignity, Tradition, Morality, and Respect to the city.

Since then we have become a laughing stock of the State and a disgust
To the rest of us.

Mark Ortiz

LMAO again and again and again. Your are talking about Milk Carton Larry. MIA Larry? Traveling abroad Larry? Using his position to better life for his family and friends Larry? Loved thinking he was telling jokes when he was insulting Native American and Jews, when he worked at the Highway Department Larry? That Larry Delgado.

Nice code words. Tradition and morality would mean you are anti- African American, LGBT communities and of course you're pro-nepotism.

Janet Eduardo

The hate that has been spewed in some comments shows exactly why this is an issue that needs to be addressed. The fact that some people think that gender neutral bathrooms are not important, necessary or are a joke just proves how much they are needed, especially given the items cited in the article. I have a strong suspicion that many of the commenters did not bother to read the entire article. Ignorance is bliss to some, I guess..

Mike Johnson


Khal Spencer

What hate?

Thomas Franks

Egads, such an important and exciting issue affecting so MANY people. I'm so glad our mayor is on top of the important issues of the day! NOT! LOL

Rod Lievano

"The mayor’s proposal to require every single-stall public bathroom in Santa Fe to be gender-neutral has generated the most attention, including headlines in the Miami Herald and Washington Times and stories by at least three Albuquerque-based TV stations...”

That was the objective.

Mike Johnson

OMG! You may be right, Javy as Hil's running mate…...[beam][beam][beam]

Chris Mechels

A trivial issue from a trivial mayor. He could have done this quietly, but no...

When will he deal with the ILLEGAL police force, the SFPD which uses illegal policies, esp Pursuit Policy and Use of Force, and has the worst training in the state. What will it take for him to address this??

Or, is he, as many think, just posturing and preparing for Governor??

Mike Johnson

Why does this "man" want to grandstand on this political issue? What a dope.

Andrew Lucero


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