Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham took center stage Wednesday at the top of a lineup of party heavy hitters on the third night of the Democratic National Convention, stressing the need to invest in clean energy jobs to avert “the environmental annihilation” posed by President Donald Trump’s administration.

Delivering her speech from a solar array in New Mexico, Lujan Grisham talked about the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back climate agreements and environmental protections at a time when Democratic voters are becoming increasingly concerned about the coming tidal wave of climate change.

In the parched Southwest, where the oil and gas industry props up much of New Mexico’s budget, climate change is an especially hot-button issue. But that didn’t curb strong words from Lujan Grisham, whose speech aired before addresses from vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former President Barack Obama.

Lujan Grisham was on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s shortlist for vice president before he tapped Harris, a senator from California.

Lujan Grisham touted Biden’s plans to rejoin the Paris climate agreement after Trump pulled out of the global accord.

“We know time is running out to save our planet,” Lujan Grisham said. “We have the chance this November to end two existential crises: the Trump presidency and the environmental annihilation he represents.

“We have the chance this November to attack the climate crisis, invest in green 21st-century jobs, and embrace the clean-energy revolution our country — our young people — are crying out for and the leadership the rest of the world is waiting for,” she continued. “The choice is clear. The choice is Joe Biden.”

According to plugged-in Democrats both nationally and locally, Lujan Grisham is still being considered for a spot in Biden’s Cabinet — if he were to win the election — as secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Lujan Grisham has gained praise for her handling of the COVID-19 crisis in New Mexico, a state where the virus’s transmission rate is astoundingly low compared to surrounding Western states such as Arizona, Texas, Utah and Nevada.

Her recent prominence shows she’s a rising star in the national Democratic Party, political analysts say.

“The parties do use their conventions to identify up-and-coming talent — Lujan Grisham certainly qualifies, given that she also was in the mix to be the vice presidential nominee,” said Kyle Kondik, managing editor of the nonpartisan political newsletter Sabato’s Crystal Ball for the University of Virginia Center for Politics. “She is also young enough [60] that she might be able to run for president in 2024 or 2028, although I doubt she would start the race as a favorite.”

Lonna Atkeson, a professor of political science at the University of New Mexico, said the governor is playing a key role for the Democratic Party as a means of boosting Latino voter turnout. Lujan Grisham touted the importance of Latino voter outreach in an interview with the Washington Post on Wednesday.

“They’re trying to highlight all of your groups in the leadership roles, so they want to make sure … Latino [voters] are front and center,” Atkeson said. “So I think that’s an important lineup for descriptive representation. I also think it says something about her current position within the Democratic Party, and she is on the shortlist for something in the administration.”

During her brief speech, Lujan Grisham stressed New Mexico’s efforts to hold polluters accountable. The Democratic governor touted the state’s push to create clean jobs after lawmakers passed the Energy Transition Act in 2019, which laid out an aggressive renewable energy standard: 100 percent carbon-free electricity production by 2045.

The state also is in the process of finalizing methane rules that Lujan Grisham’s administration has called aggressive but environmentalists have said contain glaring loopholes that would undermine the goal of reducing the potent greenhouse gas.

After the speech, New Mexico Republican Party Chairman Steve Pearce blasted the governor for stressing clean energy in a state where 40 percent of the government’s budget comes from the oil and gas industry. He called Lujan Grisham’s failure to mention that “a little insulting.”

“The Energy Transition Act is going to devastate the oil and gas industry, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have both said they’d ban fracking,” Pearce said.

Republicans, including Pearce, have repeatedly claimed Biden intends to ban hydraulic fracturing, although the Poynter Institute’s PolitiFact has called that claim mostly false.

Biden said he would like to ban new fracking on federal land and waters — not eliminate the practice outright, PolitiFact reported.

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(32) comments

Laddie Mills

Governor Lujan Grisham rightfully slammed Trump’s reckless “environmental annihilation” based on trashing climate change and environmental protections in order to bloat oil and gas profits. However, she didn’t mention the 800 lb. Gorilla in water-starved New Mexico, where irresponsible, self-regulated fracking rules with no respect for the climate crisis, public lands, failing water supplies, and wildlife, and leaves $Trillions in damages for taxpayers.

Covid 19 has exposed the dangers of Trump’s deregulation to our families and environment. Mitigating pollution and climate change impacts, including COVID 19, must become top priorities. It’s high time to “pause” new fracking until the “data gaps and uncertainties” cited by the EPA in abandoning their fracking responsibilities are properly addressed? Further, the industry must be held fully responsible for the collateral damages they are ignoring and make New Mexico whole again!

Anna Cheevers

This is a joke right? I lived in Nyc and CA I pay for my recycling here and there isn’t a single tesla store and god knows no one has picked up the phone to call starlink to fix our broadband issues. This state so is behind it’s painful. There was composting even composting pickups in brooklyn!! Plus this governor is withholding reopening while every single metric has been met. My fathers company in Atlanta has been open my tenants in nyc are going through their 100 paged guidelines to reopen the film industry and they’re working on school reopenings. Meanwhile here our health department Dr is driving policy and said yesterday that he doesn’t see a full opening until fall 2021 based on the majority on New Mexicans getting vaccinated. The premises of these assumptions is absurd. A group of doctors and I laughed at it. The vaccine rate of success may only be 50-60 percent and I’m betting the compliance rate will be low, so if he’s betting on herd he better open the schools. He also said he doesn’t like opening and closing. Well, guess what. That’s your job. There will be bumps but there is absolutely zero excuses based on our states metrics to not open more immediately. The icu rate has always been low and the whole point was to expand the hospitals. That went so well Lovelace laid off employees. This state has zero bragging rights and the idea that a state that’s #49 in healthcare, #1 in suicides, #1 in substance abuse deaths, #49 in schools and the healthcare plans here are majority managed care plans makes me wonder how insane our gvt is to think this woman may have a health cabinet position. Healthcare here is absolutely a joke. Every doctor I know is penning letters to their local politicians to reopen schools.

Jim Klukkert

Beth Klein- You are so right, "This is a joke." The joke is that you would come here from your privileged life and think you can lead us out of Egypt to the Promised Land. New Mexico is a beautiful place, and to be sure, has suffered for decades with a set of complex issues. It takes a compassionate person with a deep familiarity with our history to even begin to work up solutions for a better life for us all.

Then too, there is the rambling, disjointed nature of you musings. Until you better research and better organize your comments, there just is too much to unpack in this posting.

I would have thought that someone from New York City would have a better understanding of the hoops we are collectively jumping through in order to flatten the curve. Instead, you laugh at our leadership, who are doing a great job when compared to our neighboring states.

I am glad that the good folks in Brooklyn are getting urban gardens together on a grand scale. I suggest you go back there, compost the your commentary, and see if there is a mature product next spring.

Thanks Beth, but no thanks.

Anna Cheevers

Um, when did I say I was leading us out of Egypt? All I did was present the actual facts and statistics surrounding where we are at. If you would like to clearly debate those facts I just posted knock yourself out teacher/ activist. Your an old man activist banging on the keyboard when I’m trying to cite our actual statistics and standing in this country. We’re in deep trouble in this state. Have fun debating that fact sir. Facts don’t have feeling sir.

Jim Klukkert

Well Beth, the only thing you have right is that I have ventured into being an elder. Do you have a problem with growing older. It is the only strategy for a long life, to which I am partial.

Facts do not have feelings, but folks do. I find your attitude to loving here dismissive. I find your concern for not having a 'Tesla store' laughable, and a sure sign that you are not in touch with the troubles of NM.

No doubt we are in deep trouble in NM, and in fact we are in deep around the world. I would love to discuss that with you, but you do not seem to be able to organize your information.

That and your snarky attitude [knock yourself out teacher/ activist; Have fun debating that fact sir] do not lead me to believe such a discussion would be fruitful or entertaining.

I will be back should you post distortions or misrepresent the efforts of the good folks here to flatten the Pandemic curve and make progress on the many issues facing New Mexico and the World.

In the meantime, good luck getting high speed internet any time soon. Some of us have been working on that since before the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company became Qwest. Ah the benefits of old age! With luck, you may be able to someday experience those benefits.

Anna Cheevers

You just deflected from the facts I presented. All states have problems. I grew up in the murder capital that was Atlanta in the 1980s. I also went through 9/11 and watched both cities under right leadership turn everything around. I understand extremely well flattening the curve, I’m married to a doctor. We’re here because healthcare was lacking and this state has mass shortages of doctors the ones that are here and haven’t left bust their butts. We need more. The pressure on nurses to replace doctors is insane. Leads to burnout. I also know we have a 40 percent increase in benzo perscriptions, a uptick in suicides and 20 percent increase in overdoses. We’ve exceeded every single metric for reopening yet are the third most restrictive state in this country. For all your huffing puffing slight anti semitism remark to mr out of the gate you clearly have no idea what this states metrics are. The original point of this article is a joke. This state is not in shape to be so arrogant to promote green energy when basic companies like Tesla aren’t here. We don’t even enforce recycling. What kind of green policy is that? What state do you think they go to? Texas. We’re losing out here. This woman may take a cabinet position. She deserves dissident which clearly seeing how you, a retired out of touch keyboard warrior/ activist don’t like. I’m fully aware of what challenges look like. This state if it remains closed is in very big trouble. If you are complaining about the internet yet still defending this leadership you are drowning in cognitive dissonance. Your leaders are failing you. The press is even pushing reopening over 700 small businesses may close. Rich retirees moving here is not a sustainable model. We need new business and youth to move here that can pay taxes to lift up paying for improvement programs. People like me that can work and pay taxes or bring work to the state must move here. Keep clinging to your feeling while the ship sinks. I moved here because I saw potential I saw the film industry move in. That’s normally the first sign of professionals relocating and locals being lifted up. They use locals goods and services. What I found was great decisions on the front end shut down on the front end and a dumpster fire on the backend. I rest my case. Go troll someone that doesn’t know how to read metrics because you clearly don’t understand ours.

Jim Klukkert

Beth Klein- I never deflected and you are the troll.

We probably have more that we agree upon than not, but your unorganized rant does not qualify as a post that merits extended dialogue. Check into using the 'return key,' and perhaps write your posts off-line.

Throw in a couple of insults, your obvious issues aging, and yes you privileged newbie, you are the TROLL.

I have been working hard and paying my dues for quite some time. Pardon me if I do not feel compelled nor all that safe in this space to substantiate my credentials, but please, substantiate your charge that I am 'an old man activist banging on the keyboard.' You just cannot do it, because your charge consists of a specious insult, nothing more.

Just like the Troll that you are.

Let's get to your credentials: Your medical education comes from being married to a Doctor. Wow, really. Have you long defined your worth in terms of the man to which you are attached? Please see Gloria Steinem for appropriate growth opportunities.

And I am making anti-Semetic comments? Wrong again. I lifted that from one rabbi speaking to another learned man regarding the latter's smug attitude. I will be sure to seek out icons from outside our shared heritage in any further remarks to you.

Please lighten up, or better yet, go away....

Bonnie Cox


Emily Koyama

Beth, Klukkert is a card-carrying uber-liberal.

He won't challenge any of the facts you presented in your commentary, instead finding it easier to dismiss your words as poorly organized rants.

He is completely in bed with everything on the liberal progressive agenda....won't stand for criticism, and loves5 to hurl insults and call people names, but whines when they do the same. His buddy David Ford chimes in often too, as if they are in the same room pounding on the keyboards.

Donato Velasco

[ohmy] she is smoking again, for one they will not give up fossil fuels and what industry has she champion to make it happen look at the state its oil driven..

Molly Mix

I’ll take her seriously on climate when her streets aren’t littered with mini bottles and trash isn’t piled up on every inch of New Mexico.

Jim Klukkert

Really Molly Mix, you would hold the Governor responsible for our NM tradition of drive ups dispensing minli bottles complete with plastic cup, cubes & slice o' lime.

This problem goes way back, long before MLG's election.

Human beings are not properly genetically disposed to correctly disposing of food wrappers. Consider that only 50 years ago, here in NM we wrapped goods in corn husks, and in Central America, with banana leaves!

The arrival of short term cheap, long term very expensive, plastics, have changed the deal.

Thanks for your concern, which I do totally share.

Lee DiFiore

OK, I'm confused. In her dnc speech, mlg said that "NM has punched above its weight in our successful response to covid-19". Last week there was an article in the New Mexican that said in part NM was 1 of only 3 states to still not allow indoor dining. That would seem to indicate mlg thinks things are worse here than in 47 other states. Which is it? Or why does grishy continue to keep her knee on the neck of the restaurant industry, tens of thousands of unemployed workers and other businesses in the state?

Jim Klukkert

Lee DiFiore- Really tired of your insults, such as calling our Governor "grishy." If you disagree with someone, make your case on substance, not school yard name-calling.

As the case you make is marred with that sort of insult, you really do not merit reply.

Though I will mention that our Governor and her team obviously make decisions on the best science and Public Health Policy available to them. What drives there decisions is how the Pandemic is responding to the measures taken.

If you want to dine indoors you might do well to try Stillwater, Oklahoma, where OSU students are returning to campus to crowd bars and restaurants. One of the results: the Pi Beta Phi sorority house had at least 23 positive tests on Friday. Or visit the campuses of Notre Dame or UNC Chapel Hill, now being closed because folks cannot follow Public Health Orders.

Lee DiFiore

I made my case citing mlg's speech last night and a conflicting statement in an article in the New Mexican last week. And neither you nor grishy have answered my question. Which is it?

Jim Klukkert

Lee- You made your case! Well LOL!

The Governor has been perfectly clear that she thinks that the majority of New Mexican's have been making a good faith effort to follow the PHO’s. We all know we can do better in our collective effort.

That you think the Governor might ‘think things are worse here than in 47 other states,’ is a matter of your own conjecture.

It is perfectly obvious that this conjecture is your silly, opportunistic effort to pose a problem where none exists, in a transparent effort to score political points. You are clearly not interested in the health and economic viability of New Mexicans, nor are you interested in the Governor’s opinion.

You can get an answer to how New Mexico is doing in its response to the Trump Pandemic on many Internet sites.

You political machinations will be answered in November. You will have to wait until then for that, as you deserve no better. I am sure the answer will be a thunderous rejoinder.

Thanks Lee.

Lee DiFiore

Gee Jim, you who calls everyone on this forum who doesn't agree with you a "racist", you're whining about name calling? Typical leftist loon.

Jim Klukkert

Lee- you have taken positions regarding Native Americans that clearly are that of a Racist. Now that we are away from those posted comments, you want to quarrel with my detailed indictment of your white skinned racism?

Great timing, but I do not think you have covered your tracks well enough to escape my charge.

You sir, are a Racist. No name calling, just a simple fact.

Thanks for the opportunity for greater clarity, Lee.

Joseph Tafoya

Grisham needs to confer with California Governor Newsom on this clean energy commitment. He has publicly stated that it has been a failure because California is going thru rolling blackout during their recent heatwave. Their commitment to solar energy cannot deliver. Just yesterday PNM issued a statement that read, “PNM is asking customers to reduce energy usage as temperatures stay high throughout the week. They say pockets of clouds could reduce solar energy generation and are asking customers to turn up their AC to 78 degrees or higher and to use certain appliances such as dishwashers and dryers only after 9 p.m.”. Is this what her vision is?

Jim Klukkert

Joseph Tafoya- Once again you deliver over-simplification and distortion as critical comment. As such, your comments are without real substance and are without merit.

During record setting heat levels, which will become only more common as Climate Collapse gains speed, Public Energy Companies will and should ask for consumers to reduce their consumption. Tolerating higher indoor temperatures and using certain appliances at night are the smart thing to do DURING CLIMATE EMERGENCIES!

California Governor Gavin Newsom in no way "stated that it [ clean energy] has been a failure." YOU ARE A LIAR WHEN YOU MAKE THIS CLAIM.

Green Renewable Energy, and the moderation of the American Consumerist Culture, must be accomplished, and accomplished soon, if we are to avoid heating our planet beyond its ability to sustain life.

Please tidy up your comments Sr. Tafoya, your lies and distortions do not move us forward.


David Ford

Wow Jim, you have a lot more stamina than I do in dealing with these dotards. Seriously factually deficient! Cheers[cool]

Jim Klukkert

Right back at ya David! Tic Toc! [thumbup]

James Morris

A great moment for NM. We are so lucky to have the nation see and hear her positive speech rather than the hate-filled rhetoric that so many politicians and posters here favor..

David Ford

And here with these simplistic comments is a hard snapshot of the devolution of the Alt-Right party, now known as the retrumplican party since the GOP is now dead.

Their platform is simplistic too - hatred and more hatred, a complete lack of empathy for their fellow citizens and the country, and taking care of the rich.

To quote a fellow occasional poster here....tick tock, your time is soon coming to an end, for which the real patriots of this country and its constitution will be truly grateful. We have seen your fascism and will reject it.

"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag (or groped and dry-humped by trump), and carrying a cross (or holding a bible upside down in front of a church which he rarely if ever visits, his true religion is golf)."


Lee DiFiore

Yeah, the "real patriots of this country and its constitution" have been holding their convention in dimocratic controlled Portland, OR for the last 80 plus days. If that's what you want in your city, in your community and for your children, well you know what to do in November.

Jim Klukkert

As you said Lee, "OK, I'm confused."

We would all have a better day if you would let it go at that.

Thanks Lee!

Jim Klukkert

Hello Friend! I got that from a photo of a patriot holding a sign outside the WH: " Tic Tic Mother......"

all the best to you!

Mother Klukkert[thumbup]

David Ford

[beam] the new phrase for "dimocrats...."[beam]

Emily Koyama

A little history lesson, Mr Ford....the Dems and GOP trade off power in cycles, and even if Biden is elected, the cycle will inevitably go back again. Tick Tock.

Jim Klukkert

Emily Koyama- The GOP is dead thanks to Make America Grope Again.

Tic Toc right back at you.


Emily Koyama

You'll be eating crow in four, or, if you're lucky, 8 years. Heck maybe in a couple of months! You'll need your meds for sure if that happens!

So is Biden's slogan "Let me sniff again"?

This Covid thing is cramping his style big time. Must be making him a little crazy, no?

Robert Bartlett

Grisham goes to the convention to declare that she wants to shoot New Mexico in the foot. The good news is that New Mexico cannot be ranked any lower.

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