Elizabeth West, center, of Santa Fe stands next to a ‘Leaving New Mexico’ sign at the corner of West Alameda and Guadalupe streets Friday while protesting Los Alamos National Laboratory’s new offices in downtown Santa Fe.

Elizabeth West, center, of Santa Fe stands Friday next to a 'Welcome to Los Alamos' sign at the corner of West Alameda and Guadalupe streets while protesting Los Alamos National Laboratory's new offices in downtown Santa Fe.

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Bernadette Gonzales

What’s the purpose of printing this? At least interview the protesters to see why they’re protesting. LANL has been here forever. Some are mentioning the Chinese. Why is this a Chinese issue? I’m confused.

David Martinez

Protest??? I PROTEST to this protest... I don’t have anything else better to do and I assume the first protesters don’t have either..

This protest seems very trivial and baseless, I would say stupidity but I am probably going to get my comment taken off. Sorry to be so transparent with my opinion.

Since there is so much animosity for hatred of the Democrats and hatred for the Republicans, how about if we turn this issue over to the Chinese government and let them handle it. All these protesters will come and get it knock on their door at night and they will either disappear or be put in enslavement camps.

Let’s ask the Chinese government to intervene!

Chris Mechels

What a totally brainless response to a serious issue. Too typical of US citizens.

In fact the Chinese got into nuclear weapons in 1964, because the US kept threatening them with nukes, and they got tired of it. Now they have some hundreds of nukes, to keep from being bullied by us, and have foresworn "first use" of nukes. They have offered to get rid of nukes, if others will.

The problem is NOT the Chinese, its the US. We have spent some $8 trillion on nuclear weapons and are intent on spending more, while they make us LESS safe. Its a gigantic fraud by the military industrial complex.

I am retired from LANL and worked in X-Division for a time. I never found any concerns there of the ethical/moral use of nukes. Its simply jobs.

I personally don't care about the new offices. I'd like to close LANL, full stop, as its an existential threat to humanity.

Khal Spencer

Hi David. Hope you are having a good day. My spouse is somewhat of a fellow traveller of AOC et al and you should have heard her comments on reading the story in the print edition. "Stupidity" came out with both adjective and adverb modifiers that would trigger the automatic nastiness filter on this comment board.

Khal Spencer

If folks want an actual intelligent challenge to the idea of LANL being good for the local or regional economy, read my friend Greg Mello's comment on the adjacent article (link below). Basically, Greg doesn't simply ask about jobs provided or money spent, but about overall cost/benefit wellness gained to the region. Food for thought.

That said, if we didn't have these giant defense contractors, we would have to come up with something else and so far, our esteemed Democrats and Republicans are too busy feeding at Uncle Sam's trough to come up with a decent alternative. Defense spending per se is fine with me if it is necessary. But not as a pork barrel substitute for real intrinsic growth.


Barry Rabkin

I'm thankful that LANL exists and respect their patriotism. In the real world, the US should have the most lethal military and that includes the strengthening and development of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. As soon as Russia, North Korea, China, and Iran remove all of their nuclear weapons and stop all of their research and development into nuclear weaponry, I'll rethink my position. But until then: I highly respect what LANL does and I'm proud that they do their job in New Mexico.

Joe Fuentes

Why would you protest them filling an empty building you need to find a hobby.

Khal Spencer

Oh, but its that icky place LANL...you know, that detestable lab that provides over three thousand high paying jobs to prop up the Santa Fe County economy?

If folks really want to put nuclear weapons out of business, that is fine, but I think its a global issue regardless of what we do here. IIRC, unilateral disarmament or reliance on pieces of paper alone never worked very well in the history of the human race. Ask Neville Chamberlain.

Heather Nordquist

Not to mention all the non-weapons work we do. Of course, no one ever talks about that.

Khal Spencer


Kathy Fish

So talk about it?

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