So many 2020 presidential polls show former Vice President Joe Biden leading Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., that you have to wonder. Their campaign events have huge turnouts, greatly exceeding Joe’s in numbers and energy, to say nothing of the crowds for Booker, Buttigieg, Castro, Harris and Yang — invigorating candidates all.

Biden has more baggage than the baggage claim office at LAX. He is avuncular, yes — but inconsistent, inarticulate and bumbling. My theory is that the Russians have hacked into the system in advance of the primaries and are manipulating the polling, inflating Biden’s popularity so that he becomes the nominee. If they succeed at this skulduggery, we’ll have a match-off between Biden and Donald Trump. The Russians won’t have to meddle in the general election because Trump, though as inarticulate as Biden, has the gift of the sudden snarky attack. He will chew Biden up and spit him out.

Judy Mellow

Santa Fe

Address the issues

In Democratic state Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth’s Committee to Elect Peter Wirth fundraising email this month, he speaks of the accomplishments of the last legislative session — but are they really accomplishments? He mentions a “ ‘moonshot’ investment in education,” but nothing about the dysfunctional families that don’t care about education — or how to solve this issue. He mentions “an increased minimum wage,” but doesn’t mention the numbers of New Mexicans who might lose their jobs. Commonsense gun safety legislation, but New Mexico sheriffs who will not enforce it. One hundred percent carbon free by 2045, but New Mexico will lose 10,000s of jobs and utility bills will skyrocket. There is no direct mention of carbon dioxide and its life-giving benefits to all life on this planet. Wirth needs to address these issues.

Edward R. Brown

Santa Fe

Active supporter

The New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association’s opposition to “red-flag” and other gun control laws (“Sheriffs argue no red-flag laws are needed,” Sept 4), and the stated intent of some sheriffs to ignore enforcement of such laws, places them in league with the National Rifle Association, which began its political lobbying in 1975. Since then, the NRA has lobbied strenuously and effectively for an extremely distorted reading of the Second Amendment. In so doing, I believe the NRA has become an active supporter of domestic terrorism. No wonder the Russian government has seen fit to channel money to the NRA.

Hans von Briesen

Santa Fe

Laugh your heart out

Santa Fe is known internationally for its festivals and, in particular, those celebrating the fine arts. I am pleased to add CloudTop Comedy Festival to our city’s robust cultural offerings and to introduce the festival to Santa Feans and visitors alike. Taking place Sept. 12-15, CloudTop will bring more than 50 comedians to Santa Fe to perform at various venues. Many are well known, including Maria Bamford, Fortune Feimster and The Second City. We are also proud to give well-deserved stage time to New Mexico’s favorite comedians.

New Mexico has had a taste of comedy with individual headliners and smaller showcases. We invite you to experience something remarkably different: a weekend filled to the brim with laughter, led by superstars and followed by rising stars. New Mexico, you won’t believe what we have in store for you!

Jessica Baxter

founder and director

CloudTop Comedy Festival

Santa Fe