Bedonie billboard

A billboard supporting Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Karen Bedonie is located in Torrance County. Republican activist Brett Kokinadis has filed an ethics complaint alleging the billboard violates campaign finance laws.

A billboard has triggered an ethics complaint against Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Karen Bedonie and an unregistered entity known as “Private Persons of New Mexico,” which reportedly paid for the advertisement.

The complaint, filed Thursday by Brett Kokinadis, who is the first vice chairman of the Republican Party of Santa Fe County and director of the Stop MLG political action committee, alleges unlawful coordination, among other violations.

The billboard, located along Interstate 40 in Torrance County, states “FREEDOM. BEDONIE Governor 2022” and includes a photo of Bedonie and her official campaign logo. The billboard states it was “Paid for by Private Persons of New Mexico.”

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