Less than two weeks after an SUV smashed into Jambo Café, scattering tables and injuring several lunch-hour diners, a white Nissan Sentra on Tuesday evening crashed through the glass exterior of an adjoining clothing store in the College Plaza shopping center.

No one was struck by the vehicle in the latest crash, which occurred around 6:30 p.m., Santa Fe police Lt. Sean Strahon said. He identified the driver as a woman in her 40s who did not appear to be seriously injured but was taken to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center for examination.

Strahon said the case was still under investigation, but police suspect the fact that the driver was wearing a leg brace might have played a role in the accident.

Swaleh Obo, manager of Jambo Café, said that at the time of Tuesday’s crash he was in the parking lot of the shopping center on Cerrillos Road at St. Michael’s Drive, explaining to customers of Jambo’s food truck why his restaurant was undergoing reconstruction.

Obo said that’s when the car shattered the front of the Cato clothing store next to Jambo Café.

He said that just moments earlier he had been describing for Arizona patrons what had happened in the March 2 crash. “I think that answers your question,” he told them.

Michele Fresquez, who said she witnessed Tuesday’s incident, told a reporter for The New Mexican, “I’m sure you could cut and paste from last time.”

A police spokesman said last weekend that the Santa Fe Police Department is continuing to investigate the March 2 crash and considering whether to charge 81-year-old Eiko Fischer, who had backed her gray Subaru Forester into a parked car before twice plowing into the restaurant, sending patrons diving out of the way and pinning one diner against a wall before debris halted her vehicle’s progress.

A friend of Fischer’s told The New Mexican there was nothing malicious about the crash, and that Fischer had been concerned about everybody afterward.

Obo said that shortly before Tuesday’s accident he had seen the white Nissan Sentra parked in front of Cato and saw the driver leaving the store.

Obo said it will be a couple weeks before Jambo Café is ready to reopen.

A Cato employee inside the store on Tuesday evening declined to comment through a police officer.

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