All signs point to Democrat Joe Biden occupying the White House for the next four years as the 46th president of the United States.

The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit Friday seeking to overturn Biden’s victory, and despite repeated but disputed claims by Republican President Donald Trump that Trump is the real winner, the Electoral College is expected to make the Biden presidency official Monday.

Some Republican Party leaders in New Mexico aren’t ready to declare Biden the president just yet.

Rep. Rachel Black of Alamogordo is convinced Trump won the election.

“I don’t think he actually won,” she said, referring to Biden. “There’s too much up in the air. A lot of things don’t jive in my mind.”

Like what?

“I’ve heard from constituents across the state that have said that they didn’t feel like their vote was counted correctly,” she said. “It didn’t seem like Biden was doing much campaigning in New Mexico. I mean, there was Trump signs everywhere. It just didn’t seem like there was as much support for Biden in New Mexico that would have, you know, caused him to win.”

Asked whether he believed Biden won the election, the Senate minority whip, Sen. Craig Brandt of Rio Rancho, said the country will find out after Monday’s Electoral College vote.

“Contrary to everyone’s belief, we are not a democracy. We are a republic, and as a republic, our system is set up very different than a straight democracy where people just vote,” he said. “I think the likelihood that Biden is actually the president or going to be the president in January is very high. But we do have to let the system play out.”

Rep. Martin Zamora of Clovis declined to answer whether he believed Biden won the presidency.

“I feel like hanging up on you,” he said, jokingly.

Zamora said the “bad part” is that there are lingering questions about the integrity of the election.

“To me, what’s important is to investigate it and find out what the facts are,” he said. “I don’t think we ought to be living on speculation. We live in a country that’s better than that, and what we’re after as individuals is the truth and the facts and find out if there is any fraud. What’s wrong with an investigation if we’re looking for the truth?”

Democratic Speaker of the House Brian Egolf said Republicans aren’t expressing doubts about the integrity of the election but advancing a political narrative meant to undermine people’s confidence in democracy.

“They are petrified of Donald Trump and his followers, and they don’t care about shredding the Constitution to try to avoid angry people in the next primary that they have to run in,” he said.

Egolf said he didn’t have the words to express how disappointed he is in his Republican colleagues.

“Any elected Republican that is not speaking up right now is complicit in an effort to make Donald Trump a dictator,” he said. “I mean, the Texas lawsuit was an absurd, seditious effort to overturn the election.”

The House minority leader, Rep. Jim Townsend of Artesia, said he believed the votes that were tallied indicated that Biden won the presidency.

“I do question the validity of many of those ballots,” he said.

“If we lose the belief that our votes are valid and that they mean something, we’re in for a real rude awakening in our country,” Townsend added. “Then it becomes who can cheat the best and that’s not good for our country, so I think we all have to work hard to make sure that the ballot that is cast is the one that’s counted.”

Before the U.S. Supreme Court threw out the lawsuit late Friday, Sen. Cliff Pirtle of Roswell said he supported an audit of the election.

“I don’t think it’s, ‘Hey, we want to overturn the election,’ ”

he said. “But we do need to find out if other states operated legally within their own state law in the bounds of their statutes, and I want to know if a lot of this mail-in voting was done by people who were supposed to be voting or was there more fraud than anticipated.”

Pirtle also said it was still unclear whether Biden won the presidency.

“Until we have an audit of the ballots,” he said, “I think it’s hard to believe anything at this point in time.”

Sen. Greg Baca of Belen, the new Senate minority leader, declined to say whether he believed Biden beat Trump.

“Well, we’re going to find out soon enough, aren’t we?” he said. “I’m not going to make speculations like that.”

U.S. Rep.-elect Yvette Herrell, who beat incumbent Democrat Xochitl Torres Small, did not return a message seeking comment. The Democratic Party of New Mexico criticized Herrell for her silence “as conservative allies continue to dismiss [the] 2020 election results.”

“Republicans’ attacks on legitimate electoral processes are dangerous and irresponsible, and it’s time for Yvette Herrell to make it clear if she agrees with them,” Marg Elliston, the Democratic Party chairwoman, said in a statement. “The people of southern New Mexico deserve to know if their Congresswoman-elect supports these unsubstantiated attempts to undermine our democracy, even as she accepts her own victory as legitimate.”

Of several Republican lawmakers interviewed Friday, only Sen. James White said he believed Biden to be the winner.

But White acknowledged others don’t share the same belief.

“That’s always going to be the case, no matter who wins,” said White, who lost reelection in the June primary. “The loser always thinks that they got cheated.”

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Al Chavez

President T**** has become an addiction for a massive number of voters in this country. Anyone who has dealt with an addict knows there is no rational way to talk them out of their alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. The only way they beat their addiction is to hit bottom and hit it hard. And even then they may not get that they are lost; witness people who are dying of COVID even as they swear to the end that COVID is a hoax. We can only hope enough of them come out of the spell they're under to keep the country intact.

Jeff Vigil

It is time to "STOP THE SQUEAL" and get back on track

John Tallent

Where do you get the 68% error rate. You seem to be requoting somebody or something but giving attribution to the source data.

Robert Bartlett

"A forensic audit of the presidential vote tally by Dominion Voting Systems software used in Antrim County, Michigan, showed a more than 68% error rate, with auditors claiming the system intentionally creates the errors so the machine can have them "adjudicated" – allowing individuals to change the result.

The error rate is astounding considering the Federal Election Commission allows a maximum error rate of just 0.0008 percent for computerized voting systems.

"We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results," the audit report prepared by Allied Security Operations Group read."

Just saying.

Jim Klukkert

Just saying is all you are saying, Robert Bartlett. Until you reveal the source of your quote, how is anyone to know if you are not just making this up.

You go to the effort of putting up this information, but waste that effort when you do not attribute it to a source.

Just saying.

Anita McGinnis

Jim Klukkert. You're obviously ready to discredit and dismiss any source but yourself.

Jim Klukkert

Not so Ms. Anita McGinnis, but Bartlett repeated posts quotes, likely from the internet, without affording us a clue as to the source. If Bartlett does all that work, why would he not want to share his sources.

Unless, like you, he is pulling this stuff from QAnon, and other discredited Alt-Right Disinformation Sources. [beam][cool]

Jim Klukkert

Ms. McGinnis, now the we have seen Jeff Vigil's research into the source for Robert Bartlett's comment, it seems that you work hard at cloaking your ally's attempt to foist misinformation on the readers of these pages.

How Alt-Right/QAnon of you! Thanks for your work, supporting the high treason of undermining our democratic rights and our electoral process.

If you missed that comment that laid bare Bartlett's partisan claim, here it is again:

Here is the link debunking this. Allied Security Group Operations, is a shadowy group at best.

Anita McGinnis

The more you say Mr.Klukkert and the way you say it shows more about you. We don't need sources to tell us about who you are and what your about. You are a great source of information.

Anita McGinnis

Oh, I've got a cited quote and a video easily available on the internet: "We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history of American politics." Source- Joe Biden.

Jim Klukkert

As skilled as you are with innuendo, sarcasm and insults, Anita McGinnis, you do not seem to understand how to annotate a source.

Please include the name of a widely known publication, an Internet address, or some other way for folks to verify what you post.

A cursory look into the net shows that you are likely drawing the alleged Biden quote from Sara Carter, a Sean Hannity favorite who forms much of her work based on 'undisclosed' sources, "in reports drawing increasingly sensationalistic conclusions." []

This is a practice that Hannity regularly "blasted outlets like CNN, the New York Times and NBC News as 'fake news.'...Why? Mostly because he argues that stories posted by those mainstream outlets are false, inaccurate and biased due to... their use of unnamed sources."

"While many of those Carter/Solomon pieces were straightforward reporting framed in a certain light to push a specific narrative, a trend developed in Carter’s individual pieces since [Trump's election is] the use of anonymous sources in reports drawing increasingly sensationalistic conclusions." [Again, Mediaite]

So great, you have a quote that is likely part of an Alt-right fantasy created by Hannity minion Sara Carter. Meaningless to a learned readership.

Jeff Vigil

Here is the link debunking this. Allied Security Group Operations, is a shadowy group at best.

Jim Klukkert

Hence Robert Bartlett's lack of citations in his post, as well as Ms. Anita McGinnis' scolding of me for asking for same.

Thanks Jeff Vigil, for your work on this. The right wing nuts like Bartlett, McGinnis & Koyama provide endless opportunities for fact checking.

I find my work today, bucking firewood, far more enjoyable.

Anita McGinnis

Rather than using a link to one particular site, you can easily find one page conveniently full of videos from many different sites. Simply enter in the search bar: " Videos of Joe Biden We have put together... " In a few of these videos, it was explained that Joe was taken out of context. Yes he was stammering a lot and seemed confused. But he, as president-elect, needs to take the responsibility to speak and explain for himself. I would like to say one other thing. If anyone doesn't have cable and would like to expand their availability to other news information, you can find on the internet: and SkyNewsAustraliaUSA .

Jeff Vigil

Do you know if the Allied had access to the voting machine software or logs to see if there actually was an error?

Richard Irell

I just love unattributed quotes. They are oh, just so believable.

Jim Klukkert


Anita McGinnis

Here is an attributed quote in a widely available video of Joe Biden speaking: " We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history of American politics." Source: Joe Biden.

Jim Klukkert

Ah now it is a video Ms. McGinnis! Wish you would be more thorough in what you post, but right back at you (again)!

"Fact check: Joe Biden misspoke about his campaign's voter protection efforts, USA Today 29 October 2020...Biden said he created a large 'voter fraud organization.'"

"Since the beginning of his campaign, Biden’s foot has been no stranger to his mouth. The self-described “gaffe machine” is under fire again as Republican leaders promote a recent quote as a confession of wide-scale voter fraud.

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Biden said in a clip posted to Instagram Oct. 24.

"Biden made the statement while on the liberal podcast "Pod Save America." The Oct. 24 podcast, video recording and transcript show Biden was discussing countering voter suppression rather than encouraging voter fraud."

So President-Elect Biden misspoke. He does that now and again. You will make of it what you will, Ms. McGinnis, but most of us understand such efforts are only part of the Alt-right's long and disingenuous campaign of distortions, half-truths and outright lies.

Anita McGinnis

The following is a quote, shown in an easily accessible video, straight from the source: "We have put together, I think the most extensive voter fraud organization in history of American politics." Joe Biden. Doesn't it make anyone wonder why he would say that?

Jim Klukkert

What I wonder, Ms. McGinnis, is why you keep posting the same old horse potatoes, and why it is that you cannot fully attribute those same road apples.

Perhaps it just is not worth the work.

Gerald Montoya

Mr. Bartlett - your story is BS. Your report is cut and pasted right out of the Detroit Free Press but you failed to include that the Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG) have been discredited time and time again. ASOG are the same guys that headed up by a cybersecurity analyst and former Republican congressional candidate that mistook voting jurisdictions in Minnesota for Michigan towns in one recent flawed analysis of voter turnout in the Nov. 3 election. As a Forensic Auditor with more than 40 years experience, these clowns wouldn't an audit if it hit them between the eyes. Making up lies to suit your agenda is not a Forensic's just it's just plain old misinformation to keep people like you stirred up so can continue to support the real illigit president of all time.... Trump. Just saying..

Angel Ortiz

The NM GOP and Donald are really just poor losers. Take your loss and please go home. Enough with conspiracy theories. It is really getting frustrating hearing this whining everyday. Reminds me of the kids who her cut from their little league teams when I was a kid. Sad and pathetic!!!

Khal Spencer

Although Hawai'i has yet to vote, the Electoral College has spoken. Its over and Biden has officially been elected by the Electoral College.

Mark Brown

with duel electors, Trump still wins as ultimately with the Congress make up, they would split votes and neither side would have 270 so then it would be a contested election and TRump wins SO GREAT for our nation

Richard Irell

Please hold your breath until that happens.

Anita McGinnis

After reading through the comments, I wonder. Does the over- reliance on and excessive use of the following types of words, sound like civil discourse that comes

from intelligent, educated citizens? Here's a summary: lemmings, bobbleheads, stupid, Trumpsters, Trumpists, illogical, irrational, rancor, mental illness, brainwashed, ignorant, cultists, low-education, obstinately stupid, morons, addicts, sore losers, bullies, without spines, delusional, buffoons, ignorant base and hypocrisy. Please can't you do better than that? How can you expect people who have a different perspective or viewpoint to listen to you? Can you make your case?

Mike Johnson

It is truly disappointing that it seems impossible to have a civil debate about disagreements here. But, like all social media, people come to vent, rant, and destroy the opponents.

Khal Spencer

I concur. It would be nice if we could keep out the personal insults. Indeed, one can go as far as to disagree vehemently without resorting to ad hominem.

Jim Klukkert

Anita McGinnis- it is a divisive environment, arguably as a result of Roger Stone/Lee Atwater inspired antics that led to the Faux news of Fox News.

But Ms. McGinnis, are you open to be persuasion. Your comments seem to be based in discredited QAnon fables, Facebook pages of distortions of UN Mission Goals and other fabrications. You accuse the 'notorious' Pope Francis of seeking to impose world wide Communism, dissolving national borders and more.

I do not seek to persuade you, rather I seek to persuade the audience between us, and also, to enhearten my comrades.

The insults I see on these pages that are the most grievous, are comments like yours that insult the intelligence of most of the readers here.

Anita McGinnis

Jim Klukkert- Your "comrades"? Thank you for saying what you're all about. Because you won't say anything more honestly or directly.

Jim Klukkert

McGinnis- You assume too much about me, and your insults, though at times subtle, do not go unnoticed.

Kathy Fish

How dare the editors of the SFNM question in their headline what's been proven in courts of law and at the polls. Second-guessing the legitimacy of the election as a way to attract readers is a shameful tact. It's possible to represent "the other side's" viewpoint without undermining our democracy. Moving on, with Joe and Kamala at the helm! Here's hoping they'll be able to model better leadership - and more ethical journalism - for us all.

Cleve Spence

trump's lemming and bobbleheads no longer believe in truth or democracy!

Cynthia Goldstone

Republican politicians should be more afraid of looking stupid rather than being terrified of what T-rump and his supporters can do to them.

Craig Meyer

Looking stupid is a feature not a bug in Republican primaries. Most of this posturing is with those primaries in mind. I don't believe this is stupidity. It's self-preservation.

Craig Meyer

I find this all so very sad. I grew up in a time of better community. Whether it was at the Elk's club or American Legion hall, civic celebrations or times of heartache we gathered. We spent almost no time talking politics except during actual election times. We lived in a country with a shared sense of our history even if it was skewed history that left out many of our warts. Now, almost half of our population has departed for fantasy island. Simple denial of what's really happening in the world. Fed by fantastical pseudo-news sites. Each competing to create the craziest land of misfit toys. Some of us now live in the real world and some in bizarro world. We call each other names, declare each other stupid or ignorant or corrupt. This is the Trump legacy. I doubt it gets much better in my lifetime. I hope younger people can get this country back on track.

Robert Bartlett

All of the desperate denial here is a sure sign that democrats do not want any kind of investigation or fact gathering. Too late, it's happening.

Jim Klukkert

Au contraire mon ami, Robert Bartlett. Democrats and others, including myself [not a Democrat really] do want any kind of investigation or fact gathering you care to finance.

We will pay attention to any conclusive findings given two conditions:

1. That any findings are from credible sources. Rudy Giulinani, not so much....

2. That those findings are credibly attributed, something that seems outside of your skill set.

Bring it on Bartlett, we love to listen to you whistling in the wind.

Mike Johnson

Of course you can't fix partisan stupidity. On clear display here, as it was in the last election. When cries of an illegitimate election and President, "Russian Interference", and "Russian Collusion" echoed around the country from otherwise rational people, all driven by illogical and irrational partisanship at losing an election. How, they said, could the most qualified person ever to run (as certified by Obama), and a ground-breaking woman, with the majority of votes nationwide, have lost to a heathen, reality show star who never had run in his life for anything! John Lewis immediately called Trump "an illegitimate President", and 70 Democrats from Congress boycotted his inauguration, as well as flooding the streets with people protesting his illegitimacy in funny pink hats and #Resist was trending for years, as were investigations and an impeachment. I am looking forward to the day when a losing candidate and their party will accept defeat gracefully and unite our country as Americans first.

Russell Scanlon

It could start today

Khal Spencer

Hear, hear!

Richard Irell

As of this moment 35 electoral college votes have been cast, Trump leads Biden 28-7. Clearly Trump is the winner! But expect a bunch of fraudulent votes to suddenly be cast in the next few hours to steal the election from Trump. Please keep repeating and spread the word until you have convinced yourself that the electoral college vote is fraudulent.

Bonnie Cox

Biden hid in his basement for six months prior to the election. Shameful. How could anyone legitimately win an election hiding from the public. He knew, his party knew, it was in the bag. Why risk letting him out.

Jim Klukkert

Bonnie Cox- please, Bonnie Cox? Really? Grabbing genitals, Shameful! Terrorizing Immigants, Shameful! Caging Children, Shameful! Repeatedly Lying, Shameful! Shirking the prime presidential duty of defending this nation, in this case from the Pandemic, Shameful!

How has Biden even begun to approach this level of Shame? Please, let us know!

Jeff Vigil

And how many people in Joe Biden's inner circle have or had corona virus? How many people have been infected after his limited rallies? Compare this to T Rump who went out and infected hundreds

Richard Irell

And , of course, no facts.


28 votes wins every time!

Tom Ribe

Have you noticed that all of this nonsense about fraud in the election comes from Donald Trump. All of the rancor and racism and conflict over the last 4 years comes from him alone. He is the sole source of this BS. Of course his followers go along, including powerful people in Washington. But Donald's mental illness is the source of huge damage to our country. I hope the media stops obsessing on him now that he's done.

Carolyn DM

It also comes from his brainwashed, ignorant cultists. Just like Mr. Trumpf, none of them can provide a basis for their BS claims. "It just doesn't jive in my mind". Seriously?!!

Emily Koyama

Oh, they will continue to obsess on Trump, but now it will be to blame him for every one of Biden's failures over the next four years, just as the media blamed Bush for all of Obama's failures.

Simultaneously, of course, the LWM will fawn over Biden and Kammy, extolling their virtues nonstop, while they try to recommit to the Iran nuclear deal (which is no "deal" for the free world, as it allows the leaders of Iran, a very patient bunch, to get nukes in 10 to 15 years).

The duo will also bankrupt the US by rejoining the Paris accords, forcing us to pays hundreds of billions to "developing" nations, decimate the military, and fling open the borders to any and all. China's rear end will get routinely kissed, too, so let's all watch and weep...the only thing that will stop it is the midterms.

Jim Klukkert

EK- do you believe yourself to be a visionary, or are your unsubstantiated speculations just the expressions of a narcissist?

Emily Koyama

"Unsubstantiated"? Biden has already expressed a desire to save the Iran nuclear deal, rejoin the Paris accords, and relax immigration policy. It's no secret that the Dems want amnesty and a path to citizenship for "dreamers" and other undocumented...(future Dem voters). Get back to me in a few I'm right. No narcissism...just facts.

Do you even read the news?

Thanks Jimmy!

Alexander Brown

Republican Election Officials everywhere stand behind these counts.

There is zero evidence of fraud.

A President who says , " I could shoot somebody on 5th Ave and not lose voters." " Grab them by the Pu__y". "We do no business with Russia ". 8X.

His son says ,"we do tremendous business with Russia. "

A " billionaire who promises to release his taxes and never does.

Most of you reading this pay more than DT . $ 700..

End HealthCare , reduce Social Security. DT Policy is all about the 1%. Wake up friends.

A bully, a braggadocio, a sexual predator. A pathological Liar.

Some things to remember :

DT got 48% of the vote and Media reports he's a force forever. Gerry Ford got 47% of the vote. A decent man, retired with Honor and Dignity .

Something this president can not buy, hustle or comprehend.

History will not be kind to MAGA. (note the NM would not let me print the President's words for profanity)

John Cook

My Democratic friends in the State Senate have told me that Cliff Pirtle is a smart guy. He doesn't sound very smart.

Janet Eduardo

"I mean, there was trump signs everywhere." Trump does love his low education supporters. Besides the fact that a so-called representative of the people doesn't seem to know that signs don't VOTE.

Sabine Strohem

The GOP is dead. Trumpism has replaced it. Trumpists aren't interested in the democratic process.

David Gunter

It tickles me to no end that the 2016 "Get over it" morons cannot stop whining and get over it.

Khal Spencer

Hey, David. Recall that "Sore Loserman" bumper sticker from 2000?

Al Chavez

These people want to investigate until they get the result they want. Nothing, no court, no legal process, will convince them of the error of their ways. They are addicted to Donald Trump.

Now, addicts can't be cured unless they hit bottom. These people are a long way from bottom, and like raging alcoholics they may drive our Democracy to ruin before their bottom comes.

Russell Scanlon

In grade school, we would call these people sore losers and bullies. Sadly they still are. Or they are just completely without spines.

B. Rosen

There really is little one can do to reason with completely irrational people. Trump lost and by a lot. If DJT, the worst pathological liar in our nation’s history,is your source for truth, you are not the sharpest tool in the kit.

xavier deherrera

Ms. Black saw more yard Trump yard signs in Alamogordo than Biden yard signs and therefore President Elect Biden couldn't have possibly carried the state. That's the basis of her claim that somehow the election was rigged. What a buffoon.

Carlos Vasquez


Anita McGinnis

Are you looking down at Alamogordo?

xavier deherrera

Nothing against Alamogordo, Anita. Simply pointing out that Ms. Black seems to forget that Alamogordo isn't the only community that votes in New Mexico. If Ms. Black had travelled north during the run-up to election day she no doubt would have seen more Biden/Harris signs.

Jim Klukkert

Good reply to Anita, Xavier deherrera. Ms. McGinnis comes on with simple, one line questions, just prior to bringing out the alt-right brass knuckles.

Donato Velasco

it was key targeted states that fraud took place in now you have the machines so show the proof that that is how it happened and evidence where votes were cast twice I hear lots of accusations but no evidence that has been reported, if the courts refuse to hear the evidence then publish it make it public .. and if you do not like the system that you allowed to be put in place then take steps to remove those policies by identifying them ..

David Ford

It's break out the tin foil hat time folks. I am going to buy a ton of Alcoa stock - $$$ time!

Henry R.

If the tables were turned and we had a sitting democratic president currently in office who was refusing to concede, the republicans would be up in arms and shouting every where they could about how unconstitutional and unpatriotic the president is being. The hypocrisy, ignorance and unwillingness of republicans to do what is right and just, is precisely why Joe Biden won the presidency. It’s time for republicans to stop being delusional, use their own minds to think and stop being afraid Trump and his ignorant base.

David Ford

Good points Henry and also their heads would literally explode while Sean and Tucker would have coronaries live on the air.




the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Carlos Vasquez


Robert Bartlett

Finally, the SFNM acknowledges the elephant in the room. It's a start. And by the way, it's not just "some Republicans," it's over half of the American people. The truth will come out in spite of the media this time.

Al Chavez

As Twitter likes to say, "This claim about election fraud is disputed."

But it's actually more than disputed; it's simply not true.

Patrick Brockwell

The claim about election fraud is fraudulent?! Of course it is if it came from trump(ers).

Janet Eduardo

The truth HAS come out and the truth is that there is absolutely NO proof of any irregularities. Forty plus court cases, including two at the SCOTUS, no proof whatsoever.

Richard Irell

You people have no facts. All you have are a bunch of whining losers repeating baseless rumors. The truth is out, but Republicans are the enemies of truth and enemies of American values.

Anita McGinnis


Anita McGinnis

To be clear: The thumbs up are for Robert Bartlett's comment.

Patrick Brockwell

Robert, It is not "over half of the American people". It is less than half of the voters, and much less than half of the American people. It means some 260,000,000 people did not vote for trump. This election has a very clear outcome, Democracy won. Biden moves into the office.

Emily Koyama

And, we shall see how long the "sniffer in Chief" will last there, once his usefulness to the rabid Left has run it's course....

Richard Reinders

There is no doubt that there was issues with Software issues, late vote counts and vote harvesting, the only thing the courts have said is Texas does not have the standing to bring this suit not that they didn't have evidence. People only hear what they want not the whole story. We need to be very careful that the election process is fair to both sides and that we can't make up the rules as we go along or allow a foreign country held software program is doing our counting and the principals in this company are no where to be found..

Janet Eduardo

You mean like Russia did in 2016 to get trump elected?

Richard Irell

You conveniently ignore the dozens of other court cases that were rejected as being laughable.

Jeff Vigil

Once again where is the proof? If it is widespread as the Repubs say there should be tons of proof. I suggest until proof is shown it time to shut the disinformation machine down. The voting machine company has sent legal notices to the media outlets so they can put up or shut up let's see what happens

Leonard Trejo

Dsrn 126 republicans just got shot down in the Supreme Court a Court your lying cheating President put in place what more do you need you people are as dumb and sad as he is wake up do your job

Robert Bartlett

In reference to your continuing struggle for the truth, it would be nice if the SFNM reported on this too:

"New incriminating information is coming to light in the probe into Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son.

According to Saturday’s reports, Hunter Biden received nearly $500,000 to sit on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma, but the money was never disclosed in his 2014 tax return.

The discovery only adds to the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter, which has been ongoing since 2018, despite media silence on the matter.

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden confirmed the investigation into his tax returns after he was contacted by a U.S. attorney in Delaware. The subpoenas will not only be looking into his Burisma relationship, but also his various business dealings in China."

Donato Velasco

he will be pardon by father or Kamala that's the end of the story..

Jeff Vigil

As will trumps children who have already looked into pardons

Janet Eduardo

Hunter Biden did not run for any office. And trump's taxes have been under investigation for YEARS. Your point is?

Jim Klukkert

Bartlett- cite a source, or else we might believe that you are making this up, or even worse, that you are using the same source that led you to predict a Trump landslide! [beam][whistling]

Richard Irell

That has nothing to do with the election. Just another red herring.

Jeff Vigil

OK so will Ivanka and Jared and the other siblings be investigated in 2023 if T Rump runs again. They have tons of deals in china as Ivanka was there several times during the first months of the T Rump Presidency. Didn't hear anything about that from the Repubs. I am sure they take their queues on Taxes from their Father who has not paid taxes in years. Once the Manhattan attorney general is done investigating, what will the Repubs say about Trumps Children's business dealings?

Emily Koyama

Jeff, I bet you're one of those that hung their hat on the nothinburger Russian collusion/Steele dossier impeachment fiasco that cost the taxpayers tens of millions in wasted time on fruitless investigations, too.

Jeff Vigil

Since these Repubs can't provide proof and have brought frivolous if not down right laughable lawsuits, these Representatives should be impeached or locked out of the House for Treason. Their job is to uphold the constitution and not support a King or wanna be King. If lying was illegal no Republican would be in office

Charles W Rodriguez

MIGOD, I don't understand the obstinate stupidity of republicans. this country is doomed.

Gretchen Baltuff

Disgusting how many Republicans refuse to acknowledge reality and prefer to believe all of Trump's lies and false accusations. Approx 55 Courts have spoken, and Trump crack legal team couldn't convince any of them fraud was committed.

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