New Mexico State Police are investigating a shooting by Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies that left a suspect dead near Siler Road and Rufina Street late Wednesday night.

It was the second fatal shooting by a law enforcement officer in Santa Fe that day.

On Wednesday morning, Santa Fe police shot and killed a man on a downtown street filled with tourists. The man had been suspected in a shooting earlier in the downtown area and had fled on foot, authorities said.

State police are investigating both incidents.

In a news release Thursday afternoon, the agency said deputies had encountered a stolen black Ford Ranger truck, and the driver had tried to strike a patrol vehicle, prompting an unsuccessful pursuit. The driver evaded the deputies.

Around 11 p.m., state police said, another deputy identified the stolen truck and tried to conduct a traffic stop, but the driver fled again. Following a chase, state police said in the news release, the stolen truck stopped at the intersection of Siler Road and Rufina Court. A man got out of the truck, pointed a handgun at the deputies, and they fired several shots back, striking the man and the truck.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene by the state Office of the Medical Investigator.

The Ford Ranger later was towed away with at least seven bullet holes in the windshield.

Shattered glass and a pool of dried blood could still be seen on Siler Road after investigators finished clearing the scene.

State police have not yet released the identity of the slain man or the names of the deputies involved in the shooting.

Employees at the Hadley’s Car Wash across the street from where the man was killed said Siler Road was shut down when they arrived for work at 9 a.m.

“We could still see the body,” said one employee, who declined to give his name. “And the cop cars had a bullet hole, and that Ford Ranger had 10 bullet holes.”

It was at least the third fatal shooting by officers in the area this month.

On June 8, Española police shot and killed a man sitting in a vehicle in Ranchitos Park.

They had been responding to a request for a welfare check and found 38-year-old Louis Nathan Leyba of Española in the car with a woman. Leyba began to drive backward, dragging Officer Derrick Valdez, state police said in a news release Thursday, providing new details of the incident.

When Leyba ignored officers’ commands to stop the car, they shot at him, state police said. He was transferred to a local hospital, where he died from his injuries.

The woman, who also was struck, was treated at the hospital and released.

The last shooting involving a Santa Fe County deputy was a just over a year ago.

Deputies were called to home off U.S. 84/285 on June 9, 2020. A woman at the home said in an interview her son Aldolfo Chavez, now 44, was intoxicated and wielding knives.

When deputies went inside, Chavez came out of a bathroom unarmed, an affidavit said. After the deputies asked if he had any knives, he went back in the bathroom and came with two large kitchen knives.

He was asked to drop the knives but refused and moved toward the deputies, who fired two shots at him and attempted to tase him, the affidavit said. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment and later faced charges in the incident.

Two days earlier, a Santa Fe police officer shot 33-year-old Joseph Galassini in the parking lot of the Big R Farm and Ranch Supply store on St. Michael’s Drive. He was accused of striking a man with a machete and threatening two officers who responded to a report of the incident.

He was arrested after receiving hospital treatment for his gunshot wound.

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Please, you all voted for it years ago, the no bond law made this state a revolving door for criminals the woman should have been in jail still and I'm willing to bet the male should have been too...HOLD CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE, don't punish law abiding citizens for the actions of criminals

Khal Spencer


The other thing is, if someone is not considered a public threat warranting pre-trial confinement after the first episode of assault with a deadly weapon, do you think a judge will sorta come to the conclusion that twice makes a good enough reason to put in some sort of reasonable pretrial confinement?

You can pass all the laws you want but if criminals know they have nothing to fear, its only the law abiding public that will be impacted by increased size and dead weight of government regulation. This case in point. Get out of jail, commit another gun crime the next day.

A story that was on NPR a few years ago. A former NYC police officer who was hired as the Police Chief in Chicago was being interviewed about gun crime.

Guns are actually a little tough for crooks to get in many places so they are prized by the underworld. Some gangs in Chicago apparently ration or share guns. To get a little banger, you gotta pay for a gun and risk that you are handing money over to an undercover cop.

Well, the new Chicago chief commented to the radio station that in NYC, crooks would toss their guns in the river because they feared the judges more than the gang members when it came to explaining what happened to the gun. In Chicago, it was quite the opposite. Crooks would not toss their guns but take their chances on outrunning the cops. Why? Because they had more to fear from their gang for losing a gun than from a judge for being charged with illegally having it.

My guess is New Mexico is more like Chicago than New York City.

Matthew Martinez

"She said the other woman hit her and the two began fighting, and then a third woman — whom police believe was Addison — came up and grabbed her 9 mm pistol out of its holster and hit her with it."

The fatal plaza shooting would NOT have happened had the " good guy with a gun" not had a gun. They almost killed her with her own gun when she decided to fight the meth heads.

Khal Spencer

I'm a little confused. Was Addison open carrying or concealed carrying?

I recommend that anyone who carries for self defense, even if open carry, should have taken the New Mexico concealed carry class and thereby have learned the law of lethal force and deescalation techniques. Based on the article, Addison will face criminal prosecution for her actions, which seem unlawful to me although I am no expert. Using the gun as a club and having it go off by "accident" ain't how it is supposed to work. In fact, one thing one learns in the sixteen hour class is how to de-escalate a situation rather than use deadly force. Closing with a gun risks having it taken away from you and makes you the aggressor unless you can demonstrate you are acting to save someone else from death or serious bodily harm.

Well, the jury will figure this one out.

Khal Spencer

Calling Addison a "good guy with a gun" suggests you need to get more newspapers. As reported in the Journal, "...Addison told police she had used methamphetamine and drank alcohol earlier in the day, court documents say. She had just been released from the Santa Fe County jail the day before on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a controlled substance. .."


My guess is if Addison was not already a prohibited person, she will be in short order. The actual "good guys with guns" wouldn't be seeing their names in the papers in this manner.

Lynn k Allen

Enormous THANK YOU to the law officers. Pointing a gun means that person is out of their mind and dangerous to all. Thank you for bravery, decisiveness and protecting us.

Too many drug crazed, gun toting criminals.

Dan Frazier

I don't think the shooting in Española should be considered in the "area" since it is 25 miles away from where this shooting occurred. "Area" is such a vague term. It could apply to a block, a neighborhood, a zip code, part of the state or even the entire state. Mentioning the shooting in Española in this way may give a false impression to those who are not familiar with local geography. You make it sound like Española is a nearby neighborhood.

Matthew Martinez

Maybe because half of Espanola sits in Santa Fe county?

Angel Ortiz

Both incidents are tragic and could have been avoided but when people choose to engage a law enforcement officer bad things happen. Prayers for the families involved and also for the officers who had no choice but use deadly force. The other issue is that there are way too many guns on the streets in the hands of very irresponsible people.

Steve Martinez

The big question is this, how do we take those firearms away from those irresponsible people?

Khal Spencer

First you have to find out how they get them. Phil Cook did a big study in the Chicago area but I suspect the "time to crime" and mechanism varies by state. Here is his paper.

Results of the Chicago Inmate Survey of Gun Access and Use

January 2018

Philip J. Cook, Duke University

Harold A. Pollack, University of Chicago

Kailey White, University of Chicago

Brian Weiss

I believe that pointing a gun at police will generally result in an unpleasant outcome for the perp. No big loss to the gene pool. For those in an advanced state of hysteria and convinced the sky is falling, two incidents in close time proximity does not exactly constitute a "crime wave" or trend.

Khal Spencer

From the DPS

OIS involving the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office

Written by Officer Ray Wilson 06/24/2020

Santa Fe, NM - On June 23, 2021, the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau was requested to investigate an officer involved shooting in Santa Fe involving the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office (SFCSO).

Investigators learned that on June 23, 2021, SFCSO dayshift deputies encountered a stolen black Ford Ranger truck. The truck attempted to strike a SFCSO patrol unit, and a pursuit ensued. That pursuit was ultimately terminated. SFCSO dayshift deputies issued a be on the lookout (BOLO) for the stolen black Ford Ranger to SFCSO evening and graveyard shifts.

Later that same evening, at around 11:00 p.m. a SFCSO deputy encountered a black Ford Ranger and identified it as the stolen black Ford Ranger on the BOLO that had led deputies on a pursuit earlier in the day. The deputy attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle, but the vehicle evaded deputies. After a pursuit lasting several minutes, the Ranger stopped at the intersection of Siler and Rufina Court. A male suspect got out of the vehicle, pointed a black handgun at the deputies. Deputies fired at the suspect, striking him.

The suspect succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced on scene deceased by the Office of the Medical Investigator. No deputies were injured during this incident. The name of the suspect will not be released until positive identification has been made and family have been properly notified. The names of the deputies involved will not be released until after their interviews have taken place.

For information on the pursuit earlier in the day, the BOLO and the duty status of the deputies involved please reach out to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office. The officer involved shooting investigation is being led by the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau. When more information is available it will be release.

Khal Spencer

Here is an update on the Siler/Rufina incident.

christopher quintana

I think most would agree that there are too many shootings, everywhere.

LeRoy Sanchez

Too many guns!

christopher quintana

"and today' weather outlook shows higher than normal summertime temperatures, 90 degrees, winds SW 6 mph, two shootings statewide, and the possibility of an evening mass shooting, in the Rocky Mountain regions."

Barry Rabkin

Obviously, we need more Social Workers walking the streets of Santa Fe to protect all of us ... and to provide 'restorative justice.'

John Cook

That would certainly be better than a police chase of a stolen vehicle and a shooting death, wouldn't it? Can we not find a stolen vehicle these days without a police chase? Our cities are too crowded for foolish wild west behavior by anyone. Including police officers.

Crystal Garcia

So you blame the police instead of the criminal? You’re what’s wrong with NM’s justice system.

John Cook

So sorry. I expect law enforcement to use better judgement than criminals and to act more responsibly than criminals.

Crystal Garcia

I don’t see how they’re not acting responsibly. They’re job is to get criminals off the streets and keep people safe. Looks like they did that x2. The guy in the plaza was literally pointing a gun at the officer. What is the officer supposed to do? Talk to him about gun safety?

Richard Reinders

What other laws do you not want enforced while we are at it, you thought process is why Chicago, NY, Portland, and Abq. are out of control.

Barry Rabkin

No, not really. Replacing police with social workers is not acceptable at all. If you have some good ideas about finding stolen vehicles, perhaps you should call your local police or sheriffs office and let them know. However, I most definitely want police to fire (live rounds) at any person who points a weapon at them or fires a weapon at them.

Prince Michael Jauregui

Clearly, while some vaccinations in "America" are effective, the plagues of Gun-Violence, Drugs and Alcohol increase, -literally- hourly.

Khal Spencer

"She told police she only meant to "pistol whip" the woman, but her finger slipped on the trigger and the firearm discharged."

Violation of one of Cooper's Four Rules: Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target

Emily Koyama

Looks like the problems facing Albuquerque right now are heading North....

Russell Scanlon

The weirdest thing was reading that a woman was involved in the shooting yesterday. . . It’s almost always a cowboy. Strange times.

Khal Spencer

The craziness is getting contageous, just like the Covid.

Andrew Lucero

Crime is skyrocketing and getting out of control... I fear it's going to be an ugly and violent summer.

Prince Michael Jauregui

In all Honesty Mr. Lucero? This will be a Summer/Year that "America" will never forget.

A Summer, to reap what it has sown.

Andrew Lucero

Could very well be my friend...Could very well be.

Maria Bautista

In all honesty!

Maria Bautista

I agree and Webber ignited the flame.

Stefanie Beninato

Come on, Maria, let's not blame all the planet's ills on Webber. It is drugs and an greatly exaggerated sense of entitlement that allow people to go around threatening and pistol whipping others with guns, thinking there should be no consequence.

Khal Spencer

Two days in a row. When did Santa Fe become the OK Corral?

Richard Reinders

When the fentanyl flowed unobstructed from the Mexico border, China's other way of waging war on us.


Careful, you could provide proof that open borders and sanctuary policies don't work

John Cook

One has to believe, Khal, that the Sheriff's deputies were feeling poorly about the police getting credit for a killing.

Angel Ortiz

John. That is absolutely one of the most ludicrous and ridiculous posts I have ever seen. Really???

John Cook

"Really???" You really know nothing about law enforcement officers.

Diego Mondragon

Well, I do know something about law enforcement officers, John "Cook", as I was one in South Los Angeles for twenty plus years, and three time war vet, so please, humor me with your hippie mentality of how law enforcement should have acted more responsible, bud.

Angel Ortiz

Johnny. Please humor me with your qualifications as a LEO. Should be interesting

Khal Spencer

That comment does not deserve the dignity of a serious reply.

Maria Bautista

Webber creates hostile environent, no police visibility.

Matthew Martinez


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