Santa Fe police on Monday were awaiting results of an autopsy to determine what caused the death of a 14-year-old boy whose father told officers he found lying “cold and rigid” in bed on Friday afternoon at their south-side home.

A police report says Joshua Daigle told investigators he and his son along with friends had watched Thursday night’s community fireworks display from their neighborhood east of Santa Fe Place mall, after which Daigle and other adults were drinking at his home while his son talked with other young people in the backyard.

Daigle told officers he never saw his son, Radlee Daigle, drink any alcohol that night before they went to bed, reports said, and the next morning his son appeared to be asleep when Daigle left the house.

However, when Joshua Daigle returned at about 2:30 p.m. Friday, he discovered his son was not breathing, pulled him off the bed and tried to administer CPR, the reports said.

Radlee Daigle, listed as a student at Milagro Middle School, had never used narcotics, appeared healthy and didn’t take medication for any medical condition, his father told police.

Joshua Daigle said he had been keeping a close eye on his son because the teen had been under house arrest since his release from juvenile detention on June 10 in connection with an assault charge, an officer wrote.